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  • 1000 Meere - Tokio Hotel
    "Die Strassen leer Ich dreh mich um Die Nacht hat mich verlor'n Ein kalter Wind Die Welt erstarrt Die Sonne ist erfroren Dein Bild ist sicher, Ich trags in mir ber 1000 Meere, Zurck zu dir Zurck zu uns"
  • 1000 stars - Natalie Bassingthwaighte
    "I'm breathing in pieces Just tasting the feeling all open, suggestions Unspoken within And it takes me to another place The universe, the endless space above, above And the world is like a mirror"
  • 1000 Miles - Dave Rowntree
    "Utwór '1000 Miles' z albumu 'Radio Songs' Dave Rowntree (premiera 20 stycznia 2023r.)"
  • 1000 Ways - People Waldo's
  • 1000 Ways - Waldo's People
    "You gotta be strong now, trying understand it's Not too late, we can change the world in a 1000 ways, You gotta stand up now, for you believe it's not too Late, we can change the world in a 1000 ways (In"
  • 1000 kcal. - KęKę
    "każdy ciekawy i każdy mnie pyta co kręci mnie w rap grze najbardziej to moja kobieta hałas dla Pasze jeszcze jak kładę swój wokal i Deszczy poskleja go ładnie Dreszcze jak stoję przed wami na scenie i"
  • 1000 Years - Rick Springfield
    "If only we talked it out a little more You might never have gone away If only I tried Instead of making for the door You?d be loving me still today And if I?d only been a little wiser You knew I knew the"
  • 1000 Years - Pantheist
    "1000 years of solitude 1000 years of pain hardened my heart fed my poor soul with misery I can't even tell am I dead, am I alive? Don't hesitate, penetrate me with your sting I don't know how to cry I"
  • 1000 Eyes - Mad Sin
    "i'm feeling kinda sane when the moon shines bright and the midnight hour strikes you won't see me but i'm watching you and it fills me with delight, that forever your day is turning into night and the"
  • 1000 Dreams - Miss Kittin & The Hacker
    "A new day, a new dream Waking up, but still sleeping All the time remembering Pictures of your 1000 dreams Again and again and again and again the same dream... Is it too exhausting To be in the wondering? Don't"
  • 1000 Dinge - Funny Van Dannen
    "Johnny war ein Butterkeks, er glaubte an die Liebe Doch er wurde aufgegessen, das tat weh Heidi war ein Wohnmobil, sie wollte in die Berge Aber ihre Eigentmer fuhren an die See Die Dinge sind verzweifelt,"
  • 1000 Woorden - Yasmine
    "Blijf nog even hier, zacht naast mij Heb nog even tijd, voor wat ik je vertellen wil Hoe begin ik hieraan, het is misschien stom Maar wat ik voel is niet wat ik elke dag tegenkom In m'n dromen schrijf"
  • 1000 Oceans - Amos Tori
    "Amos Tori To Venus And Back 1000 Oceans These tears I've cried I've cried 1000 oceans And if it seems I'm floating in the darkness Well, I can't believe that I would keep Keep you from flying And I would"
  • 1000 X - Acda En De Munnik
    "Acda en De Munnik Miscellaneous 1000 X Soms heeft ze iets in haar hoofd Ik heb het nooit zo geloofd Want hetzelfde verhaal hoorde ik al een 1000 x Ze heeft het helder gezien Ze zegt dat morgen misschien"
  • 1000 Lügen - Wilde Herzen
    "Wir wollten bis zum Himmel fliegen doch es ging immer nur bergab 1000 Tränen, 1000 Lügen setzten mich Schach matt. Ich dachte echt, ich könnte siegen in deinem falschen Spiel doch jetzt weiß ich ganz"
  • 1000 Miles - Anders Johansson
    "As I hear your woice on the telephone, so far away, but yet so close. How this turns out baby I shuld have knowd, you blinded me and my reality. Its not far but too late, its not far but too late. Baby"
  • 1000 Fragen - Böhse Onkelz
    "Bhse Onkelz Miscellaneous 1000 Fragen 1000 Fragen die mir das Leben stellt 1000 Fragen ber mich ber mich und diese Welt kann ich mich finden indem ich mich verlier suche ich im Nichts bin ich blinder Passagier Woher"
  • 1000 days - Clay Aiken
    "Through my eyes I see the world start spinning like a ball Stars light up and then fall For you So then what's a man like me supposed to do? If I gave you the moon would you notice that I'm right beside"
  • 1000 Times - Course Of Nature
    "I wasn't sure of when But I knew there'd come a time When I would feel this way about someone And always need them by my side You could make me want to leave the one I'm with And I never wondered why If"
  • 1000 Oceans - Tori Amos
    "These tears I've cried I've cried 1000 oceans And if it seems I'm floating in the darkness Well, I can't believe that I would keep Keep you from flying And I would cry 1000 more If that's what it takes To"

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