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1000 years

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1000 years

  • 1000 Years - Rick Springfield
    "If only we talked it out a little more You might never have gone away If only I tried Instead of making for the door You?d be loving me still today And if I?d only been a little wiser You knew I knew the"
  • 1000 Years - Pantheist
    "1000 years of solitude 1000 years of pain hardened my heart fed my poor soul with misery I can't even tell am I dead, am I alive? Don't hesitate, penetrate me with your sting I don't know how to cry I"
  • 1000 Years - Weezer
    "Starry sky, oh starry sky Tell me if you can Why do all you favorites fall? Is this in you plan? Every hour of every day She'll await for you She'll await a thousand years To save herself for you Bible"
  • 1000 Years - Status Quo
    "(Rossi/Frost) I can't wait to say all the things I want to say You don't help at all, thinking I am just a fool But one has changed and one remains, going on Even if it takes a thousand years or more Even"
  • 1000 Years - Cruachan
    "As I look out across the sea I stand proud but am I free? A thousand years have come and gone I have won, I will go on Stand firm against the storm I cannot see it but it will come And with the ghosts"
  • 1000 Years - Atticus Fault
    "I need you to know how much I want you I'm broken and I'm dying I need you to know how much I want to care I want to breathe you in like my cigarette Wanna hold you deep inside of me I need to crave you,"
  • 1000 Years Away - Andi Deris
    "A little manchild, high up at the window His trembling feet at the line Hey little manchild, do you see the people? From high above they're so kind Do you see the ravens? It's you whom they're calling: "Come"
  • After 1000 years - Infected Mushroom
    "'Est indo de um sistema a outro ento, nos desertos escuros do mundo, aonde no deve haver nenhuma vida, onde nenhuma coisa viva andou dentro de mil anos, algo est movendo-se. Recolhę-la com foras quietas,"
  • Journey of 1000 years - Kiss
    "I know just where you come from Where all your yesterdays are gone And now you're done But you've only just begun It's time you opened up the door And now it's all very clear This is a journey of 1.000"
  • 1000 Years From Today - The Beloved
    "today i woke up smiling in a misty morning mood watched your face as you were sleeping i felt sure that you understood well you know, you know how i love you so more than ever now with each single day and"
  • King For A 1000 Years - Helloween
    "Wouldn't it be nice To plunder with your eyes Whatever there's for you to see Is yours to be Let me be there Just tell me you don't care Just say you pay me afterlife However high the price I know your"
  • 1000 Eyes - Mad Sin
    "i'm feeling kinda sane when the moon shines bright and the midnight hour strikes you won't see me but i'm watching you and it fills me with delight, that forever your day is turning into night and the"
  • 1000 Miles - The Unseen
    "another show, another fight, another beer, another sleepless night no food or money it's all pay to play drive all night to work an eight hour day seven years of playin shows, where it ends no one knows there's"
  • 1000 Goodbyes - Captain Tractor
    "Captain Tractor Bought The Farm 1000 Goodbyes I've spent all my life just carrying on And for every right thing I've done ten have been wrong It's not that I'm bragging for the sake of a song But life"
  • 1000 Miles - Mark Schultz
    "would walk 1,000 miles 1,000 miles it's true I would walk 1,000 miles Just to be with You (Chorus) 'Cause you've got my heart and you've got my soul You've got this promise too I would walk 1,000 miles Just"
  • 1000 Days - Alien Ant Farm
    "Eyes they burn from stinging travel and missing you is hard to handle. Stayed away a thousand days and things have changed like a decade. Made the most of all my days and still I'm on the wrong page. Now"
  • 1000 Voices - L'
    "We purge your words of wisdom With darkness at our side Burning down your kingdom To honour those who died We never remain silent When we're ordered to We'll always be outspoken In everything we do With"
  • 1000 Souls - Dechant Anne E
    "Funny but I've watched her for so long We have never shared a word Her eyes never lift from the sidewalk Long enough for me to say You touch me so. I feel your soul And from my mother's blood And my father's"
  • 1000 Things - Jason Mraz
    "I'm overjoyed and over loved and feeling lucky Like a little boy who's hiding under covers And looking to discover any way to play the part inside his darkened cave Well the meaning of life it starts"
  • 1000 Nights - Nickel
    "It took me quite some time It had to be just right When it came I knew I'd found the perfect gift For you A thousand nights like this A stale cigartetts kiss A drink you can't resist And in your head"

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