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  • Forever Yours - Avicii Tribute - Kygo, Avicii, Sandro Cava
    "every time I see your face there’s a cloud hanging over you in such a beautiful way there’s a fortune to your solitude you should let me love you hold me now, forevermore I’ve been thinking of you tell"
  • 13 - Osker
    "heartbroken, i watched the rain beat on the sidewalk. complete with grey skies and headlights and puddles on the sidewalk, everybody's ruined like me... it's weird now, when i look back. each day spent"
  • 13 - Bigwig
    "I finally got to change my clothes, We've spent 5 months on the road, None of us showered in days, The lucky ones don't have to shave. The desert is such a bore, I'm sick of sleeping on the floor, I almost"
  • "13" - Ani Lorak
    "I feel like I'm in pig tails and cut-off jeans I'm wearing braces and all knock-kneed One look in the mirror I gotta reach for the clearasil I get so nervous and sweaty palms I got a drawer full of training"
  • 13 - eels
    "Thats the bell, and I'm gonna be late Like I really give a shit Dont expect me to relate when you're Holier than thou Holier than thou Holier than thou Thirteen ?? going to so good Gonna take them there"
  • 13 - Capewalk
    "my wet hands in my pockets i can hardly bear the sight see her cross the schoolyard in early morning light yes they call me crazy but i only lost my mind everyday i'm waiting here to see her passing by i'd"
  • 13 - Magnapop
    "Won't you let me walk you home from school Won't you let me meet you at the pool Maybe Friday there's a chance I'll get tickets for the dance And I'll take you Won't you tell your dad, 'get off my"
  • 13 - Brian Jonestown Massacre
    "Oh yeah Well you're so pretty I'd do anything for free Well you're so pretty (Whoo ooh) I'd do anything for free 'Cause you got the kind of good looks, sugar Sink their hooks inside of me And I know That"
  • 13 - Nag
    "Normalny dzień na pokój i spokój Którego nie ma a który ma być To nie ma się śnić być realnym zjawiskiem Ty jesteś gazetą ja będę ogniskiem Pies z brudnym pyskiem dotyka i się ociera Jeden zachowuje się"
  • Divine Sorrow (feat. Avicii) - Wyclef Jean
    "Bless Them I go down to all rock bottom Now I know love in my heart is true Divine Sorrow I thank you for the joy that follow Back then my friend If only knew It is harder when you love beyond belief But"
  • Bedlam 13:13 - Public Enemy
    "Huffed and he puffed Huffed and he puffed Blew tha house down Now how dat sound Never no never Give up gotta gotta live up To my name Triple double in da rap game Cause I ain't goin niggatronic Smart"
  • Insomnia 2.0 (Avicii Remix) - Faithless
    "Deep in the bosom of the gentle night Is when I search for the light Pick up my pen and start to write I struggle, fight dark forces In the clear moon light Without fear... insomnia I can't get no sleep I"
  • Where's Exit 13? - Exit 13
    "In the underground glut you'll be lucky to find a handful of bands = that will challenge your mind! We're not a "just say no" campaign band or a commercial hoax, There's no satanic fool lyrics or scatological"
  • Residente Calle 13 - Calle 13
    "Unas piernas que respiran veneno de serpiente por el camino del viento voy soplando agua ardiente El da a da habia comenzado entusiasmado y alegre (ROLDAN) dice Pasaporte pa donde vas por ahi luminario en"
  • Back Where I Belong (feat. Avicii) - Otto Knows
    "Step off the train at dawn Back in the place where I was born And it’s been ten years since I been gone It took me ten your to know I’m wrong I’ve been everywhere and nothing is new And I’ve done everything"
  • 13 Days - Marion Raven
    "13 days since you came by Brought the dark clouds in my life You've been keeping me inside I am sleeping, ravens fly Wake me up before I change my mind Take my hand before I'm out of time I know what"
  • NOC 13 - Lil Primy & Natsu
    "w nocy bylibyśmy 13 i razy przed 13 powodów, w sumie jej 13 łez czemu 8 kobiet? ja widzę 13 babe halucynacje w głowie mają ja mam wave w nocy bylibyśmy 13 i razy przed 13 powodów, w sumie jej 13 łez czemu"
  • 13 Women - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    "Oh! Last night I was dreamin' Dreamed about the H-Bomb Well the bomb went off and I looked around And I was the only man left on the ground 13 women and only one man in town There was 13 women and only"
  • Pechowa 13 - Dudek P56
    "Utwór "Pechowa 13" pochodzi z albumu "DWA ŚWIATY" rapera podpisującego się ksywą Dudek P56. Data premiery krążka została wyznaczona na 20.09.2019 r."
  • Plan 13 - The Riverdales
    "Lucy went out on a date, they parked in Lover's Lane Makin' out to Dion and the radio broke in Said a one-armed lunatic was on the loose and Lucy freaked Feel that dryer spinnin' crazy (?), that's what"

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