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16 cerrk mary's bleed

  • Mary's Song - Karen Lehner
    "Meet me in the dark And touch me, touch me Teach me all the things that I'm not to know I will leave my childhood The maiden's armor Just give me the things that I'm not to know Hold me in your arms and"
  • 16 - Ben Lee
    "I feel had Where's the reckless spirit I'm supposed to have That was crap Your world's joke making me choke I'm so mad I thought my life would be like a John Hughes film I feel had Don't tell me"
  • 16 - Buzzcocks
    "Buzzcocks Miscellaneous 16 You know I don't like dancin' An' I don't like to bop Too much movement's exertion Makes me wish I could drop Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop An' I don't like french kissin' Cos"
  • 16 - Buzzcocks, The
    "Buzzcocks, The Another Music In A Different Kitchen 16 You know i don't like dancin' An' i don't like to bop Too much movement's exertion Makes me wish i could drop Dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' dro' drop An'"
  • 16 - Green Day
    "Every night I dream the same dream Of getting older all the time I ask you now, what does this mean? Are these problems just in my mind? Things are easy when you're a child But now these pressures have"
  • 16 - Metanoia
    "Jeszcze tylko powiedz mi Powiedz mi że warto żyć Potem pokaż lepszy świat Świat bez wad gdzie nie ma nas Popołudniu przyjdzie ktoś Ktoś kto daje wszystkim lepszy los Potem świateł nagły blask Zniknie przestrzeń"
  • 16 - Takahashi Hitomi
    "Akiramecha yuke nai Nante kiki akiteru yo Kireigoto sonna mono dewa Tsuyoku nare nakute Muryoku na wakasa wo ichiban ii toki to Otona wa iu kedo sore ga honto nara Ikisaki nante mou hoshiku nai Yakutatazu"
  • 16 - Lenny Valentino
    "Pobiegnę za Tobą a Ty uciekać będziesz Pobiegnę za Tobą tam gdzie tylko zechcesz Pobiegnę za Tobą ofiaruję ci siebie Oddam Ci ciało i to o czym nie wiesz Uciekaj siostrzyczko uciekaj siostrzyczko"
  • 16 - Nag
    "Hardcore to życie muzyka to dodatek Życie po śmierci znane z notatek Tych co tam byli i jakoś przeżyli Gdzie teraz są gdzieś się zaszyli Bo byli widzieli chcieli tu zostać Było ich mnóstwo chcieli się"
  • 16 - Baby Keem
    "Born into status, tell nobody that you never had it Don't tell nobody that you was abandoned I'm the only one that know about your tragedy I can't feel sorry when you lost random I can't feel sorry, you're"
  • Bleed - Soulfly
    "What goes around comes around... (x2) what goes around comes around you better realize you kill life, you kill life why??? why??? I see your eyes, I see your lies I see you hide, inside what goes around"
  • Bleed - Puddle Of Mudd
    "You could fly me to the moon Bury me underneath the sun I don't think that you're the only one that hides behind the gun Why don't you just sit on the couch Don't even try to move your mouth I think I'm"
  • Bleed - Limp Bizkit
    "What goes around comes around, you better realize You kill life. You kill life. Why? Why? I see your eyes, I see your lies. I see you hide, inside. What goes around comes around, now it's your time. How"
  • Bleed - The Pixies
    "As loud as hell a ringing bell behind my smile it shakes my teeth and all the while as vampires feed i bleed prithee, my dear, why are we here nobody knows we go to sleep as breathing flows my mind secedes"
  • Bleed - Fractured
    "The last mistake, you'll ever make. Lie in bed, wide awake. Troubled thoughts, plague on the mind of the life, that you have left behind. Resurrected, organs interconnected, all signs of life on-line of"
  • Bleed - Further Seems Forever
    "To every heart thats growing darker, colder and colder The heart on the sleave is getting older and older Harder and harder to beat To every soul thats burning brighter and brighter Riding the fire higher"
  • Bleed - Private Line
    "Are you ready to see? Are you strong enough to bleed? Are you ready? Are you ready to see? Are you strong enough to bleed? You are like a new star at the dawn Never seen the morning dew before When the"
  • Bleed - Deadsun
    "Waxing poetic, white moley gloom. The sea of pain consumes. I made a decision, to get away. Spread my wings and fly away. I'm feeling better than before. Relieving just the head. Don't wanna' deal with"
  • Bleed - American Pearl
    "I believe the sun will rise one day And we'll come alive and reach for something real I can feel the sun through darkest sky But all the faith inside won't take away this fear And I'll be stronger than"
  • Bleed - Gary Numan
    "Someone is talking But it's not conversation, Sounds more like a voice in my head. It says 'I live in nightmares I'm the new god of panic And I'm waiting for you to come home to me. 'So boy, welcome"

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