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  • 1990 - Jean Leloup
    "Mesdames et messieurs attention je vais vous faire une chanson le sujet en est ambitieux de mon image je suis soucieux en 1990 c'est l'heure des communications depuis le dbut de ce sicle nous avons vu"
  • 1990 - Madrugada
    "well I heard the bee that hummed of the USA well I heard the bee that hummed of the UK the brand new school will keep you read it anyway you want you need to make sence be a millionare be sharp, hey be"
  • 1980-1990 - Barcelona
    "forever gets you down time stands still time runs out i'm not afraid of the millenium i will not be here when you come to earth forever gets you down time stands still time runs out i'm not afraid of the"
  • 1990 - Sick - Spice 1
    "Chorus: Kill 'em all (x4) 'cause everybody dyin' on this muthaf**kin' album Kill 'em all (x4) Don't kick up in the dirt when I'm puttin' in work Kill 'em all (x4) 'cause everybody dyin' on this muthaf**kin'"
  • 1990 Nightime - Idlewild
    "I'm back in the hotel The worst time of my life Do you ever get the notion That you're not born sometimes It's bad dreams for you every night Until the end (ten years later, I still miss you) I see no"
  • Pasjans 1990 - Andrzej Sikorowski
    "W starej szkatułce dwie talie kart Szkatułka z perłowej masy Pokryte kurzem od wielu lat Czekają na lepsze czasy Damy, królowie i cały dwór Sen taki śnią najczęściej, Że jest tam gdzieś zielony stół I"
  • Pasjans 1990 - Pod Budą
    "W starej szkatułce dwie talie kart szkatułka z perłowej masy pokryte kurzem o wielu lat czekają na lepsze czasy damy królowie i cały dwór sen taki śnią najczęściej że jest tam gdzieś zielony stół i graczy"
  • Greatest Hits (1990) - Crests
    "{{Album |fLetter=G |Album=Greatest Hits |Artist=Crests |Released=1990 |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • May 1, 1990 - Adrian Belew
    "I lived inside a tear Time magnified my fear That the world around me Was only getting more severe On may 1, 1990 Something changed inside me And I saw the stars align And I knew that it was meant to be"
  • Indestructible: Innocence 1990 - Angkor Wat
    "Angkor Wat Miscellaneous Indestructible: Innocence 1990 It's totally psychological Motherfucker It's totally psychological Motherfucker Hate and war and blind despair Tell me you love"
  • Amy's Eyes (1990) - Charley Pride
    "Charley Pride Miscellaneous Amy's Eyes (1990) Amy left the crayons on the table yesterday So I called her in and asked her to help put them away And I noticed on the table theres a picture she had drawn It"
  • Southern Star (1990) - Alabama
    "Alabama Miscellaneous Southern Star (1990) Oh, southern star, how I wish you would shine And show me the way to get home Well I'm blue-collar branded, and stuck in a mill Hard work is a way of life for"
  • Unsafe Building (1990) - Alarm, The
    "Alarm, The Raw Unsafe Building (1990) Declare yourself an unsafe building Suffer the indignation of your world, To climb the ladders you've gotta suss out the snakes Remember your height remember to never"
  • 1990 Medley Mix - Paula Abdul
    "Lost in a dream Don't know which way to go If you are all that you seem Then baby I'm movin' way too slow Straight up now tell me Do you really want to love me forever oh oh oh Or am I caught in"
  • Fri ( Eurovision 1990 ) - Beat
    "Oo yeah... Fri, om jag frgar dig, sger du ej nej Frihet har vi vl Men, om du frgar mig, vad vr frihet r Svarar jag s hr: Fri, vem av oss r fri? Fri att tnka sjlv, att rligt och stolt vara den vi"
  • Macedomienne ( Eurovision 1990 ) - Philippe Lafontaine
    "Quand elle pleure, c'est tout l'Adriatique Qui se dchane dans ses yeux Quand elle dort, c'est pas trs loin d'Ohrid Elle fait des rves au bord de beaux lacs tout bleus Je la revois, petite fille aux"
  • Best Of Crests (1990) - Crests
    "{{Album |fLetter=B |Album=Best Of Crests |Artist=Crests |Released=1990 |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Peta Strana Svijeta (1990) - Dino Mrlin
    "{{Album |Artist = Dino Mrlin |Album = Peta Strana Svijeta |fLetter = P |Released = 1990 |Genre = Rock |Length = |Cover = |star = Green }} # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Enjoy the Silence (1990) - Depeche Mode
    "Words like violence Break the silence Come crashing in Into my little world Painful to me Pierce right through me Can't you understand Oh my little girl All I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in"
  • Policy of Truth (1990) - Depeche Mode
    "You had something to hide You should have hidden it, shouldn't you Now you're not satisfied With what you've being put through It's just time to pay the price For not listening to advice And deciding"

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