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2 Lost Frequencies feat. James BluntLost Frequencies feat. James Blunt: Melody

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2 Lost Frequencies feat. James BluntLost Frequencies feat. James Blunt: Melody

  • Melody (feat. James Blunt) - Lost Frequencies
    "hey melody every night you play me something sweet and when I’m down you always change the key I need you now my heart has lost the beat and I’m counting on your love hey melody we both could use a reason"
  • Frequencies - Junction 18
    "If you can laugh, over me If you can laugh, over me If you can bleed, over me If you can bleed, over me Rain drops Paper cups Tears fall You're lost In a ride Dont stop Rain down your love Is it wrong,"
  • Eagle Eyes (feat. Lost Frequencies & Linying) - Felix Jaehn
    "my eagle eyes, my my my eagle eyes Marching down the street In my lightning feet And the shine's too fine to be real Fake it so i care for the glisten and the glare And now it's glare Something i'm starting"
  • Misty Frequencies - Che Fu
    "Verse 1 Local boy, neighbourhood Easy as the breeze in springtime He don't talk too much When he does the whole room gets luminous Lights everywhere He said earlier this year He tuned down real low Searching"
  • Truth Never Lies (feat. Aloe Blacc) - Lost Frequencies
    "faded lights on broken nights where lovers fight like children play there’s a shadow in your house it’s full of doubt never goes away open doors, unspoken wars the words are running round your head things"
  • Sun Comes Up (feat. James Arthur) - Rudimental
    "I wondered maybe they’d find I’ve been such a long /3x time 2 feel it swallowed by the waters around me no I took so many wrong /3x turns to see it but I dance through the blisters at night and laughed till"
  • OK (feat. James Blunt) - Robin Schulz
    "I really need you /2x Love right now I’m fading fast Not gonna last I’m really stupid I’m burning up I’m going down I win it back Don’t even ask When I found in the middle in the middle /2x Could you"
  • Change (feat. James Taylor) - Charlie Puth
    "why are we looking down on our sister and brothers? isn’t love, all that we got? don’t we know everybody’s got a father and mother the day we know we’re all the same together we can make that change look"
  • Therapy (feat. James Newman) - Armin Van Buuren
    "I can’t dance cause my feet won’t let me and I can’t love cause my heart won’t let go I can’t tell no one, the way I really feel cause I don’t feel nothing no more and I can’t hear to remember what"
  • Fixed Frequencies - Propagandhi
    "Here in the land that Abraham was promised to receive we listen to you catechize from your pulpit overseas. You mourn the proofs of our barbarity. Dry your eyes, oh Pharisee. We both speak a settler's"
  • The Veldt (feat. Chris James) - Deadmau5
    "Happy life, with the machines Scattered around the room Look what they made, they made it for me Happy technology Outside, the lions run Feeding on remains We'll never leave, look at us now So in love"
  • Blast Off (feat. Kaz James) - David Guetta
    "This is a blast off It's time to blow this up So best you run for cover! We about to self destroy Go all my people with me And none of us give a fuck So put those hands up higher Let's smash this party"
  • Reality (feat. Janieck Devy) - Lost Frequencies
    "Decisions as I go, to anywhere I flow. Sometimes I belive, a time where we should know. I can't fly high, I can't go long. Today I got a million, Tomorrow, I don't know. Decisions as I go, to anywhere"
  • Beautiful Life (feat. Sandro Cavazza) - Lost Frequencies
    "Anywhere you are and you'll go, I follow Mountains, islands, rivers, [?], I follow Take me to the bottom, Drive me in low Wherever you go Mountains, islands, rivers [?], I follow It's a beautiful,"
  • Shout 2010 (feat. Dizzee Rascal and James Corden) - Shout For England
    "DIZZEE: Come on England we need to sort it out, Put the champs down, Pull your finger out, Leave the wags alone, Set aside your ego, We're tired of bragging about 40 odd years ago, We need a victory, quick,"
  • Stole The Show (feat. Parson James) - Kygo
    "Darlin', darlin' I'll turn the lights back on now Watchin', watchin' As the credits all roll down Cryin', cryin' You know we playing to a full house No heroes, feelings want to blame While welded roses"
  • James James Morrison Morrison - Chad Mitchell Trio
    "James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree Took great care of his mother, though he was only three James James said to his mother "Mother," he said, said he "Don't ever go down to the end of"
  • How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey) - filous
    "I’m holding on To many things past To anything that’s Gonna change my memories back I’m holding on To everyone good To everything that’s Ever been the way that it should I’m holding on To things you"
  • For James - Seven Nations
    "For James (Kirk McLeod) And this is for James A guy I thought would be ahead of everyone else And this is for James Now I'm so surprised he's blown it for all but himself And it seems impossible to imagine"
  • Jessie James - Bruce Springsteen
    "Jesse James and his boys rode that Dodge City Trail, Held up the midnight Southern mail, And there never was a man with the law in his hand That could keep Jesse James in a jail. It was Frank and Jesse"

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