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2 Pack close me eyes

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2 Pack close me eyes

  • Wolf Pack - La'Chat
    "(DJ Paul) Talking AUUUUUU!! Wolfpack, GET DOWN BITCH! GET ON THE MUTHA F**KIN GROUND HOE! HYPNOTIZE GOT DAMN POSSE IN YO HOUSE BITCH! Gangsta Boo,Crunchy Blac,Lord Infamous,DJ Paul,Juicy J,La Chat and"
  • Close 2 Perfect - Gil
    "I can see you right beside me Everytime I close my eyes And I swear you're looking perfect In the moonlight of my mind But am I only dreaming Tell me, could this be for real Tell me, tell me, tell me now "
  • Close Your Eyes - DJ Limmer
    "1.If you wanna know Tomorrow morning i have to leave But wherever I may be Best believe I'm thinking of you I can't believe how much I love you All we have is here tonight We don't whant to waste this"
  • Close Your Eyes - Edward Bear
    "I dreamed she came back home last night Asked her where she'd been She said, I've been around the world And it almost did me in She said, I hope you didn't wait too long I have no sense of time See you've"
  • Close my eyes - Jordan Knight
    "Verse 1: I live my days with the nights that we spent all the love we shared, i put my heart on the side for a while knowing you're not here, i tried to carry on to face the fact you're gone, but i need"
  • Close Your Eyes - Liberty X
    "Ever wanted to take a ride, See it from the other side, Leave reality behind, For a place called satisfied. Ever wanted to take a chance, Be a slave to circumstance, Let me tie up both your hands, I'll"
  • Pack Your Shit - Melanie B (Melanie Brown)
    "Pack your shit And get the hell out Don't come back around here no more Boy you gotta Pack your shit And get the hell out Don't come back around here no more Can't you see it now baby With the tears in"
  • Close 2 me - Beenie Man
    "Intro: Beenie ManYo yo, Zeh, official ham fah, this is it, hit musicWe make it, cultivating, Beenie ManAlongside mama Marcia GriffithsChorus: Beenie Man & Marcia Griffiths("In line 3 where you see girl"
  • Close 2 Me - Naturally7
    "I took a chance, I went without your love But now I'm coming back, cause I had enough Of being lonely, you're my only source of strength It won't matter how much farther, If it's you, I'll go the length.... Take"
  • Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) - Ween
    "Don't quiver little boy, your daddy's with you now It won't be long anyhow It's just around the corner The destiny that I embrace with you Don't get too close to my fantasy Don't be afraid to clutch"
  • Close To Me - Sean Paul
    "Intro: Dutty dem a kill it yo yo, Sean-A-Paul deh yah pon di go All a di girls dem know, know, know , know, know Dutty dem a kill it yo yo (Sean-A-Paul) Sean-A-Paul deh yah pon di go (Pon di track)"
  • Close - The Browns
    "Maybe I am not that one and only guy Whose touch will thrill you to the sky And bring the lovelight to your eyes Until the day the love you dream of comes your way Because I love you so Oh, let me stay"
  • Close - Corbin Bleu
    "Who was I to think that I would ever be ok When the one that I need Is like a hundred thousand miles away I was tripping to think that I could make It one day without you My worlds built around you (Girl) Youre"
  • Close - Paolo Santos
    "Nothing in life Holds more power than your smile I can't describe it, Even harder to define Your breath, it soothes me Your smile, it moves me Gotta move in, closer to you now. Nothing can come between"
  • Close Your Eyes - James Blunt
    "You have seen the singer And he said ' believe in me' Now let me wash my bloodied hands In this pool of ecstacy Cos you know what's required of us And you know that they're tired of us And you know That"
  • Close 2 u - Fergie
    "I just wanna be close to youThe way you look in the morningI can see your face and your dazeThe way (the way, the way) your silenceAlways has so to say, to sayWith you my king is where I belongOur castle"
  • Close your eyes - Goo Goo Dolls
    "I wish I had a saxophoneI'd play the blues 'til you came homeWith a little sadness in your eyeNow that all my time was spentIn the walk that heaven sentThinking 'bout all the nights you criedHad a certain"
  • Close my eyes - Lasgo
    "I close my eyes I tell u how much I care Then u smile and say to me Let me be your destiny I close my eyes I never let u go I close my eyes Baby, dont u understand Anything u ask me to Ill do everything"
  • Close Your Eyes - Jump
    "Tell me you had bad dreams last night 'Cause you were rolling in your sleep Tell me you hate those bright street lights Sometimes the shadows give you the creeps Please Close your eyes Please If you dont"
  • Close Your Eyes - Anita Baker
    "Stars up in the sky Said your heart won't lie to me You speak and dreams are real Free to follow what you feel Chorus: Close your eyes and see Life's no mystery Dreams become reality Close your eyes and"

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