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2 chaimzwe own it

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2 chaimzwe own it

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2 chaimzwe own it
  • 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa We Own It (Fast & Furious)
    "[2 Chainz:] Money's the motivation, money's the conversation You on vacation, We gettin paid so We on paycation, I did it for the fam It's whatever we had to do, it's just who I am Yeah, it's the life"
  • Brotha Lynch Hung Welcome 2 Your Own Death
    "As I bail through the woods of the southside Terrors on nine milli chrome kill alone cause I trust no snitch When I peel a dome and bail Gone like hell right through the do I'm rollin' a fat sack of red"
  • House Of Large Sizes I'm My Own Grandpa (Pt 2)
    "Had it been any other day You moved your things to California And had I seen another way You need to feel that loving embrace Since they commenced it I've been against it I'm glad to be another mile I"
  • The Polyphonic Spree Section 2 (It
    "SUN Take some time, get away SUN Suicide is a shame SUN Soon you'll find your own way SUN Hope as come, you are safe And it makes me cry Because I'm on my way On my way On my way Hey, it's"
  • Prince On Your Own
    "Yeah Oh, yeah, yeah U probably wonderin' why I called U here Somebody told me, mm, U were cryin' tears Now I wanna know if this is true Then tell me, baby, tell me, tell me Why U wanna do the things U"
  • Jay Sean My own way
    "First year passed me by I didn get to speak my mind (no way) and they gave you everything put my integrity on the line But now that its 2 years later im on the road heading in my diretion no one, nothing"
  • Pinnawela Your Own Love
    "If you want to give some love you have to find yours first (your own love) to you, my dear ,from you to you, my love, from you (your own love) to yourself 1. being with you is a paradise I dont ever want"
  • Tech N9ne My Own Hell
    "(Intro 1 (Taken from Freaky)) I really don't have to tell you much about this one because the song is like the song is like self-explanatory. You know what I mean? It's called My Own Hell. Story about"
  • Babyface On Our Own
    "Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons (1990) Performed by bobby brown Spoken: You want something done You gotta do it yourself Yeah I think this is gonna be another one of those funky ones If"
  • Freeway On My Own
    "Um uh um uh here we go now (Hook) Repeat It's because I'm all on my own, now You can leave him out hear alone, now Ya'll need to really watch ya'll tone Now you see the chrome Im a blast it for ya I'm"
  • Raekwon Own My Mind
    "It's like... real niggaz blow off a fucking head Ya'll niggaz don't know provides, this the real story Six degrees all the way to the black Lee's, the mac squeeze Catch you in the open, click-clack,"
  • To Each His Own On My Own
    "No penned up frustrations about you or anyone else. Found out all the things I needed to do, I can do myself. Through one simple thought, I've found true freedom. Wash away those negative thoughts, cause"
  • Plies ft. Ne-Yo Bust It Baby (Part 2)
    "Ay can I please talk to my BUST IT BABYS real quick homie, Let me bring you in my world (plies) and Let you kno what I call a bust it baby She got me speedin in the fast lane, Pedal to the floor man,"
  • Busta Rhymes Take It Off, Part 2
    "(feat. Meka) Yeah .. Come fuck wit us .. Yeah, ya'll know what to do to this shit Yeah, haha, streets We bout to do it again We bout to do it again We bout to do it again niggas I hope ya'll ready Check"
  • Blog 27 2 Fast 2 live
    "I won't change it coz' ur waiting for that day so long Tell me how it is to live the life so sad Just lost in your own lies And it seems like I'm becoming one of you Too fast to live Too quick to die Trying"
  • Jeen O'Brien 2 AM
    "Snow falls on the city White on white It's the color of hope On an unforgiving night You kissed me into ruins Sin on sin Now, I've gotta love your love letters written on my skin I can't tell the stars From"
  • Gang Starr 1/2 & 1/2
    "(feat. M.O.P.) Here comes the revolutionist, executionist Flip a triple six into three nines, cause a crucifix Each man holdin, no man foldin Coast is clear and Premier's in the green tank rollin Prepare,"
  • Rainsford 2 Cents
    "Got a sore throat and i keep choking I didn’t say what a mess i am in Hard to speak up when i am so private Give me 2 cents like i asked for it The way you see it It seems so far away You know i feel"
  • Jakalope Anthem 2
    "Uh-oh, did you slip? Oh no, lost your grip Oh, just go with it Don't be a secret You were born for this Be contagious Be elated The next reigner Be a believer You were born for this No such thing as"
  • Iron Maiden 2 Am
    "I get in from work at 2a.m. And sit down with a beer Turn on the late night t.v. And then wonder why I'm here It's meaningless and trivial And it washes over me And once again I wonder Is this all there"

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