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2 day a

  • Day 2 Day - Sean Paul
    "Sexy girl, just flex me, girl Let me, girl, just test you, girl No, mi girl, mi nah stress you, girl One ting, you a di best, mi girl Nothin' more, nothin' less, mi girl Suh mi jus waan caress you, girl An'"
  • Day 2 Day Grindin' - Chamillionaire
    "chamillionaire hook day to day grinden got a playa shinen 5th wheel reclinin on them boys see a playa hustlin comin up from nuttin strugglin trin ta come up on dem boyday to day grinden got a playa shinen"
  • Day 2 Day Grindin' - Mike Jones
    "(Chamillion: hook 2x) Day to day grindin', got a playa shinin' 5th wheel reclinin' on dem boys See a playa hustlin', comin up from nothin' Strugglin', tryna come up on dem boys (Mike Jones) I got dem"
  • 2:59 - A
    "Sunday football I got boot off the pitch Some people gamble as a way to get rich I gotta find a better way to invest in zeroes, oh They say that rents may damage your health I'd rather save it all to"
  • Ruination Day, Part 2 - Gillian Welch
    "And the great barge sank. And the Okies fled. And the great emancipater took a bullet in the head. in the head... took a bullet in the back of the head. It was not December. Was not in May. Was the"
  • Any day - Day 26
    "And it's a cold, cold night.Rain is falling.It's been that way quite a few days now.Fresh off the road.And I'm feeling this might be the day.Man, who knows?I might finally see your face baby, yeah.Pre-Chorus:And"
  • Green Day - Green Day
    "A small cloud has fallen The white mist hits the ground My lungs comfort me with joy Vegging on one detail The rest just crowds around My eyes itch of burning red Picture sounds Of moving insects so surreal Lay"
  • Boyz 2 men - A
    "(Mr.Cheeks)Hey yo well back in my south side jamaican part of townWhere us real niggas love to get downWhere you only hear g and p finesse the track up on the tapeWe stuck in queens and i aint tryin to"
  • One Day - 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
    "CHORUS: One day you'll see that you be Who you wanted to be Meet who you wanted to meet Just one day you'll see And one day you'll see that you Feel what you wanted to feel Meet who you wanted to see Just"
  • Boyz 2 Men - A Plus
    "Basically, LB Fam to the motherfuckin death Park side, Queen's niggaz represent Long Isle, how we do? They new our style Represent niggaz in and out the P now Yo, I could do this mother shit for a while I"
  • A Crumb 2 A Brick - La'Chat
    "(Chorus) x1 I flip a crumb 2 a brick A brick 2 some rocks Some rocks 2 a juice (Now we chopping up them for food) A chevy 2 a lac A lac 2 a vet A vet 2 a benz (With this dough we makin' ends nigga) I flip"
  • Shelter for A rainy day - 2 Unlimited
    "{A:} Oh....{R:} Shelter on a rainy day{A:} You may need me like I need you{A:} I see the clouds gathing in the skyWhen my worries, fill my mindWhat to call us, begins to fadeI wanna be with you when it's"
  • Same Shit Different Day Pt. 2 - Jaguar Wright
    "Why I got to be that be the bigger woman, when these bitches know they got that shit coming F**k whats wrong and whats right, Im f**king up this bitch tonight You got to think about what people will say,"
  • A Bad Day - Waylon Jennings
    "Verse 1: I guess it all started when I woke up this morning Everything seemed okay 'Til I let my pet snake get loose in the kitchen Now I've been in trouble all day Verse 2: I got some paint on the wall,"
  • A Routine Day - Klaatu
    "Verse #1: It started off a routine day I got through the morning in the usual way I caught the bus on time Good morning, Mr. Driver, drive As I sat inside my overcoat I clutched my cane And pressed"
  • What A Day - Tanya Stephens
    "I'm tired of the hunger I see on people's faces Tired of the animosity between the races Tired of corruption in high and low places And pricks with money but no social graces Tired of being judged"
  • What A Day - Acid Drinkers
    "I gave up everything Even though I was a king I sat under the crown I'm waiting for the light I won't be leaving soon 'Cause life is just waiting But I know for what It's good to know That it's only diception I'll"
  • 2 Hearts - Sugababes
    "It never seems enough baby When your head is full of stuff Then again you didnt go And thank god you didnt though Whats it gonna take baby For two of us to make it Through this one Can we make it"
  • Just For A Day - Winans Phase 2
    "When I think of all the things you've done for me It brings a smile to my face And so I close my eyes to suddenly see Memories of my sweetest days, sweetest days But I never said thank you, I never really"
  • 2 Day Ways - Bodyjar
    "Just like I said You're so easily read Keeping the score When you know that you're so far behind Remember what I said to you Only speak when you are spoken to Open your eyes in the dark you can't see Lie"

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