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  • Pak Man - Yung Joc
    "(Intro: Joc's high pitched alter ego) See in my hood, we got monkey bars... and candy cars I'm the man right here, everybody know my name in my hood They call me Pak Man shorty (Chorus: repeat 2X) In"
  • 10 PAK - rusina
    "Pay now, teraz mam coś Ona jest dla mnie zmienna Pay now, teraz mam coś Ona jest dla mnie zmienna Nie martwię o nic się, taki mam stan Raczej przez to, że ojebałem jar U nas się nie robi grr, pow U nas"
  • Pak Die Snol! - Osdorp Posse
    "Een snol is een snol, ik dol niet voor de lol, dus hol, want ik heb hier mijn buik van vol. Ze hebben jou kracht in hun macht had je dat gedacht je smacht naar een nacht of acht met je lul in haar schacht maar"
  • 12-Pak-599 - Grandaddy
    "Won't somebody please Take away my keys Drunk again And running in to memories' trees Curtains in the sky Certain they will cry But you would too For your friend who Just spilled it when he tried Stage"
  • Pak Maar M'n Hand - Nick & Simon
    "Kijk maar naar de huizen om je heen Ze zouden nooit gebouwd zijn zonder steen En zitten er geen vleugels aan een vogel Vliegt het toch nooit ergens heen Ook al krijg je nog zovele kansen En gaat er altijd"
  • Lean Back Freestyle (Feat. Pak-Man) - Canibus
    "Canibus) Yeah! New York City You are now rockin with the best, the 'Bus And I'ma test this once (yeah, yeah, yeah) Let's go, let's go Aiyyo I'm so updated niggaz get frustrated I'm the best that you ever"
  • Your Savior Freestyle (Feat. Pak-Man) - Canibus
    "(Canibus) Yeah, MicClub Yo We got off to a cold start, let me warm shit up You're now listening to Can-I-Bus Why would you do that? Your view too black You must have smoked something I used to call"
  • Paki paki - Skrewdriver
    "Take no shit from anyone because Great Britain rulesWe will fight the Communists, because Communists are foolsTry to take our nation, and give it to the PaksWe won't take it anyomore, we're going to take"
  • Luv U 2 - Canibus
    "There's a reason why you keep callin my name out of the blue If it's because you love me, then I love you too We heard it through the Grapevine and now we know it's true Just tell me that you love me,"
  • F.T.I. 2 - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Ya got uh, that's why you gotta fuck the industry, know what i mean, cuz the industry's gon, the industrys tryin to fuck you(you better have said nothin) They never sayin nothin, war on the side, some"
  • #2 - Pat Green
    "The other night I ran into my girlfriend Sittin' at the table with another man gettin' stoned And I'm sleeping all by myself down in Corpus I think I'll buy myself a bottle so I can drink my ass back home Alright,"
  • 2 2 = ? - Bob Seger
    "Yes it's true I am a young man but I'm old enough to kill I don't wanna kill nobody but I must if you so will And if I raise my hand in question you just say that I'm a fool Cause I got the gall to ask"
  • 2:2 - Blumentopf
    "Chorus:Seid ihr bereit, fr mich und'n Mic?Ich schwr' wir kicken's fr euch wenn ihr mit dem Shit unten seidWenn wir Mic's rocken werden Schweitropfe zu EisbrockenDenn wir sind hei und kalt zugleich und"
  • 2 2 - La Renga
    "Si dos mas dos diera tres este mundo no serma como es la cuenta no darma lo que tengo en tal caso el cuatro serma rengo. Si dos mas dos diera tres este mundo no lo vermas como lo ves y en la suma inoportuna"
  • 2 Blocks down - 2 Play
    "Over the bridge...two blocks downI'm glad, we kept a line through the things i've said and doneAnd i know just what i'm like, when it comes to this..I can't say what i really want, i can't show how i really"
  • Master part 2 - 2 Play
    "He's the m.a.s.t.e.r. of disguiseHe can change in front of your eyesHe's the master, master of disguise He don't playChanges faces everydayThe one who always saves the dayAnd no one can do what he can"
  • Closer 2 u - 2 Unlimited
    "I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I'm gonna get closer to youCome closer!I see you watching me boyLike I've been watching you andI think it's time that we get downWe're talking big attractionWe're"
  • Hymn PaKI - PaKA
    "Słyszysz, że Kraków To miasto jest ponuraków Co siedzą w ciemnych piwnicach I blade skrzywiają lica I zawsze są na nie (nie, nie) To zaśmiej się, po prostu: Zaśmiej się Spakuj się! I na pakę z nami pędem"
  • 2 x 2 - Bob Dylan
    "One by one, they followed the sun, One by one, until there were none. Two by two, to their lovers they flew, Two by two, into the foggy dew. Three by three, they danced on the sea, Four by four, they danced"
  • 2 + 2 = 5 - Radiohead
    "Are you such a dreamer To put the world to rights I'll stay home forever Where two and two always makes a five I'll lay down the tracks Sandbag and hide January has April showers And two and two always"

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