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2. Rebelii Specjalista bit. Żwirek scratch

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2. Rebelii Specjalista bit. Żwirek scratch

  • Scratch My Back - Slade
    "Whoa-a-oh oh oh - how long can you go? Oh can you go a dozen times? How long can you smile or can you smile a dozen smiles? 'Cos every way holds something that's nice Try it once and then you'll try"
  • Start From Scratch - The Game
    "(Intro) Aight What the fuck are you lookin at self You want a piece of me Ahh man shit The story of my life... (Verse 1) If I could start from scratch I wouldn't change shit Same red bandana same 45th Same"
  • Black & White Scratch - Dj Flip
    "And now for my next number I want to return to the classic Music or the bit Let’s go! Let’s go!"
  • Scratch - BG5 (The BeachGirl5)
    "Take a little moment to real live all your tension Lose yourself to somebody else Your mind's a creator and your body is the extension give me that and I'll give it back If I scratch your back you need"
  • Scratch - Wide Mouth Mason
    "Stand back the wreck is going down Yeah I think I see it now All the mommas yelling "Baby come back!" Oil Money Water Air and guns Everybody want a piece Yelling, "Come and get it" Yeah they had you scared"
  • Scratch, Scratch, Scratch - Vic Chesnutt
    "scratch, scratch, scratch goes the cat on the carpet she stepped in the blue water bowl twitch, twitch, twitch goes my eyelid my tounge in a cavity hole I lost my passport one hairy night I think they"
  • Scratch - Elysian Fields
    "You You read my mind You twist me inside I'm weak at the knees Cuz you're such a tease You make me wanna scratch Rush the gate and shaking Then you hold me back You make me wanna scratch Vicious interference"
  • Scratch - John Parr
    "Nobody... nobody's watching - yeah!Dangerous moments, too hot to mentionPangs at midnight, sexual tensionRunning on empty, I need to fill, self stimulationNo code of practice, no rule of thumbBefore you"
  • Scratch Bring It Back (Part 2 - Mic Doc) - EPMD
    "Rewind... Heal up, real up, bring it back, come rewind... Now about to wreck shop is the man wit the plan Godamn, yo, watch me slam Taking the bassline, freaking my lines Squeezing my Reebox's pumps"
  • Scratch - morphine
    "I was once sitting on top of the world I really had things in my hand But something went wrong I'm not sure what And now I'm sitting here at home alone People they want to give you free advice Well that's"
  • Scratch - Venerea
    "Now it's time to finally sell out It's the right time for the big one There is no doubt were through Playing for weeks for crowds of ton We've lost good money on this band But now we're back at scratch"
  • Scratch - Kendall Payne
    "it's a big girl world now full of big girl things and everyday i wish i was small i've been counting on nothing but he keeps giving me his word and i'm tired of hearing myself speak do you get weary?"
  • Scratch - Allister
    "I've been sitting here for hours, I've burned an image of you in my mind Finding comfort in the words you say, But it's not the same I know you're worth the wait And I can't explain What I know is true"
  • Pogadajmy (prod./scratch: DJ Eprom) - NumerRaz, Tomasz Nowak, Eskaubei, Zbigniew Jakubek, Bernard Maseli
    "Pogadajmy dziś o jazzie panowie Pogadajmy o hip-hopie chłopcy Imprezuję jak Stańko na trąbce I puszczam w obieg ten koncert prosty ”Mo' Better Blues” z serii oldschoolowcy, To klasyk jak “Friday” I fajne"
  • Wersja Klassik 2 - Koni feat. WSRH | bit Hirass
    "Chociaż sumienie brudne to nie szukam alibi a całe moje życie wytłoczone na tej CD. Nie usłyszysz tego w radiu i nie zobaczysz w TV ale możesz się zdziwić jak bogate mam CV. Z natury hałaśliwi, tej, chyba"
  • A little bit - Chipz
    "My Friend.Ther's something going on.Won't you come along.Let's spread the word around.It's gonna down tonight.Knock on every door.What you waiting for.Let's get off the ground. Bridge:right now we can"
  • Ostry bit prezentuje - Bezimienni
    "Niech każdy testuje, ostry bit, bit prezentuje Bezimienni, Bezimienni, Bezimienni Bytom Bezimienni, Bezimienni, Bezimienni Bytom To dla wielu zrozumiane przez niewielu Niech każdy testuje, ostry bit, bit"
  • Ciebie niesie bit - Studio Sztama
    "Wst. Ciebie niesie bit i niesie bit mnie…x7 „Łoooo” Ref. x2 Mam pomysł chodźmy się wyluzować, Zróbmy sobie klimat bo po co siedzieć w domach Wszyscy są za, bo tu jest „Łoo” Zajebiście Ciebie niesie"
  • Lil' Bit (Remix) - The Game
    "(The Game) Ok, whassup, this ya boy 50 cent Yeah, And it's goin down right here, you heard me? I'm Craaaazy, Aftermath, G-Unot! (Chorus x2) Bitches only feel your shit just a lil' bit Niggas only feel"
  • Little Bit Frightening - Wanderers
    "(Parsons/Bators) lasers probe the streets curfew set at eight police with lib glass back search for those out late jackboots of the right marching in the fear if it don't affect your life you don't really"

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