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  • 21!? - Maarja
    "I feel so old, I'm 21 Got memories, strange times were these My youth was kinda' short-lived indeed My eyes opened up too fast, may be? It all passed by as a of an eye It seems, and now it feels so far,"
  • 21?! - Marya Roxx
    "I feel so old, I'm 21 Got memories, strange times were these My youth was kinda' short-lived indeed My eyes opened up too fast, may be? It all passed by as a blink of an eye It seems, and now it feels"
  • 21 - The Shirelles
    "Can't stay out late, can't have no fun, 21 (21, la la la la oh) Folks say you have to be 21, 21 (21, la la la la oh) I'll have a dance, you just wait & see Oh I'll be 21 & fancy free Wo wo wo wo wo"
  • 21 - Szymi Szyms
    "To wszystko było tak łatwe jak beef z lekką bandą skurw* nic niema za darmo ty propsuj mi każde wejście zawsze mam tutaj miejsce zobacz dziś na mieście jestem modny odkąd głodny jestem Szymi mówili weź"
  • 21 - Annihilator
    "Welcome to the Hothouse, the game is called "21" I was in debt right up to my neck, I wasn't having any fun But then the dealer turned around, she looked me right in the eye I got no time for a messing"
  • 21 - The Starting Line
    "I've been trying to write it off But I'm doing all I can To take the slur out of my words You do your best to understand I'm keeping you in mind But I'm getting out of hand Pour the medicine that keeps"
  • 21 - Hunter Hayes
    "Well, it's your birthday Let's act like it is And just go crazy Do what we want with no reason why Life ain't long enough So let's celebrate And get drunk on good love Remember what it's like to just dance"
  • 21 - Guadalajara
    "I'm 21 my life has just begun- what great fun The girl I've got watch out Yeah that is all I care about My girlfriend ran away But since this day I am ok I wanna take revenge on her And blow her head"
  • 21 - The Paddingtons
    "She came to see me and I let her in She's in the bathroom she was drinking gin I let her out and I locked the door And took her up to the sixteenth floor She came around to go back home She's telling me"
  • 21 - Capital Inicial
    "Parece que o tempo parou Cansado de lugares comuns Um truque barato Pra maiores de 21 Saber do que gosta Sem gostar de tudo que se sabe Parece que estamos perdidos Sem saber o que dizer Quem matou John"
  • 21 - The Cranberries
    "I don't think it's going to happen anymore You took my thoughts from me now I want nothing more And did you think you could just take it all away I don't think it's happening This is what I say Leave me"
  • 21 - Turas
    "rozchodziłem wiele butów żeby łatwiej było gnać teraz biegnę korytarzem od którego bije blask"
  • 21 - H.E.R.
    "cold winters late dinners and black sprinters after-show afterparty orange juice and Bacardi I am old enough I made enough to move to Abu Dhabi and who could stop me? odl friends they comment, but where"
  • 21 GRAMÓW - Wac Toja
    "Mam 21 gramów Spójrz w moje oczy 21 gramów I pełnie tej nocy 21 gramów I ciągły niedosyt 21 gramów Ty nie płacz już proszę Twenty one twenty one twenty one"
  • 21 Years - Robert Plant
    "21 times I, slowly cry 21 times I, slowly die 21 times I, wonder how Want my baby, gone somehow - ooh Down the road I'm goin', down so far Down the road I go, I go so far alone 21 times I, sit and cry 21"
  • 21:37 - mlodypatras
    "Siedziałem smutny aż do godziny 21:37 Rozmyślałem plany pod ciemnym niebem, a jedna wiadomość zmieniła wszystko Na lepsze Siedziałem smutny aż do godziny 21:37 Rozmyślałem plany pod ciemnym niebem, a"
  • 21 Reasons - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "I rode from TJ up to Berkeley And it started out so grey Till I lost that cool protection When the sun burned it all away While the winter's light shined down on those Revivals from my day I had dreams"
  • 21 Months - Screeching Weasel
    "i tried to act as if i cared. i tried to act as if i didn't want to get out. i wasn't careful what i asked for and i got it but i hung on for 21 months. 49 days sitting, standing, not sleeping and going"
  • 21 Guns - Green Day
    "Do you know what's worth fighting for, When it's not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away And yuo feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did"
  • 21 Ounces - Goldie Lookin Chain
    "I need to shift this draw quick as f**k Flip the cash and take my cut It's really powerful, it's so strong But I'm selling it fast and it's nearly all gone I'll sell you the 9-bar or just the ounce"

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