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2119 ep

  • Ep - Christian Walz
    "Hey! My name is EP if that rings a bell You might think I'm crazy like my great Colonel Everywhere, I've been up, I've been down, been around I've been in heaven and hell (fr fan) Try to get away, with"
  • Ep - Inti-Illimani
    "Ya no tendr sus dolencias porque se fue de este mundo sumergida en el profundo misterio de las ausencias. De las doradas gavillas que en el rastrojo cayeran limpiando la sementera va recogiendo semilla. Ayer"
  • Heaven's EP - J. Cole
    "With every record i be asking to masses Tu tune tyour hearts to me I represent inteligent niggas that grew up harshlily But lately i’ve been questioning Second guessing Whetever ot not i’ve got something"
  • Imaginary (EP) - Evanescence
    "I linger in the doorway Of alarm clocks screaming, monsters calling my name. Let me stay where the wind will whisper to me, Where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story. In my field of paper flowers, And"
  • Forbidden Zone (Ep) - Oingo Boingo
    "Living in the sixth dimension Things get rough Living in the sixth dimension Can be tough It's so hard when your on your own When your on your own Moving in the wrong direction Brings bad luck"
  • Plans (EP Version) - The Thrills
    "Lately I'm gettin the impression That my baby Is moving down to LA For the big lights Flashing and reflecting In her big eyes Hey nothing here could make her stay Everybody's got to have plans, she said Everybody's"
  • Southtown (ep Version) - P.O.D.
    "Welcome to hard times, back again like its never been For the first time it seem to mess with my head When I realize what it takes, can I relate With whatever, but never will it drive me to hate Could"
  • Drive Away (EP Version) - The All-American Rejects
    "She's gone away but still they stay together People call him crazy, crazy His thoughs progress, he thinks about forever His mind tells him maybe, maybe I wish I could drive away to the sunset Back to"
  • Heaven Alive (EP Version) - Oceansize
    "I patiently wait for my turn While you fill the gaps with a bold empathic love. Hey... is it coming over you? Hey there... we should come together, wait on something new. And christ alive! Am I dilating My"
  • Ancha Es Castilla (Ep - Mago De Oz
    "Si crees que todo cuanto has escuchado No tiene contigo nada que ver, Ests amigo equivocado, prate a ver, prate a ver. Todos soamos con ser Un caballero y tener Algo por lo que luchar Y un amor que defender Si"
  • Painful Thing (Ep Version) - Wheel Catherine
    "You don't know anything at all Excuses always seem to fool you I cannot come in case you call All I can really say It drags me down, down I'm hot and cold all over I'm hot and cold all over Your love weighs"
  • Bleeding Heart (EP Version) - Adam Green
    "When I wake up in the morning, I smell your smell God knows that I'm not doing well You're my Clementine, my sweet sunshine A sparkling diamond in your eye Bleeding heart, my bleeding heart Won't"
  • Computer Show (EP Version) - Adam Green
    "Oh I stumbled in all wide-eyed To the computer show I didn't have a passport So they turned me into snow They turned me into snow Follow you follow you follow you follow you Into every store Follow"
  • Why Wait? (EP Version) - Rufio
    "growing old, and living for the moment, you're searching for something you cannot find, the truth inside will reveal all, that you're living for Thinking all is gone? It's Gone why wait for you to come"
  • Vienna (from Movement EP) - The Fray
    "(Slade) the days last one-way ticket train pulls in we smile for the casual closure capturing here comes the downpour there goes my fare thee well theres really no way to reach me cause im already gone theres"
  • Intro C&C EP - Ariana Grande
    "Welcome to this Christmas Only comes one time a year, don't miss this I just wanna welcome you to Christmas Let me sneak into your speakers, listen I'll be singing oh, oh, oh, oh I'll be singing oh, oh,"
  • Thinking About You (EP Version) - Radiohead
    "Been thinking about you, your records are here Your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there But I'm still no one and you're now a star What do you care? Been thinking about you and there's no rest Shit"
  • Thinking About You (EP Version) - Radio Head
    "Been thinking about you, your records are here Your eyes are on my wall, your teeth are over there But I'm still no one and you're now a star What do you care? Been thinking about you and there's no rest Shit"
  • Perfect Girl (EP Guitar Mix) - Black Lab
    "nobody ever, ever could tell her what it's like to fall in love tired of searching, she wants to be perfect nothing's ever good enough and i watch, i wait catch her eye and look away nobody ever, ever"
  • Deckchairs And Cigarettes (EP Version) - The Thrills
    "Well, what can you do When all that surrounds you Says slow down Deckchairs and cigarettes (Theyre sayin) Lets go to San Diego Hey thats where all the kids go Just don't change a thing Just don't change"

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