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24 horas'julio iglesias);

  • 24 Horas - Julio Iglesias
    "S de un lugar, yo s de un lugar lejos de casa, lejos de mi ciudad, que quiero tanto como a mi hogar, yo s de un lugar. Quiero volver, yo quiero volver ver los amigos que hace tiempo dej y andar las calles que"
  • Addicted (Enrique Iglesias) - Enrique Iglesias
    "Have I told you how good It feels to be me When i'm in you I can only stay clean When you are around Don't let me fall (Oh, No) If I close my eyes forever Would it ease the pain, Could I breathe again?"
  • 24 - Emmy The Great
    "you are watching a programme for exactly an hour all of these hours they will add up to a day you will sit there till they're done but there are 24 to play there'll be rims around your eyelids by the 7th"
  • 24 - Curse
    "Eine Minute hat 60 Sekunden. Eine Stunde hat 60 Minuten. Und ein Tag hat 24 Stunden. Das Leben eines 24 jhrigen hat 8.760 Tage und 756.864.000 Sekunden. Es kommt alles zu seiner Zeit, in der Zeit in ders"
  • 24 - Jem
    "Been given 24 hours To tie up loose ends To make amends His eyes said it all I started to fall And the silence deafened Head spinning round No time to sit down Just wanted to run and run and run Be careful"
  • 24-24 - Cabaret Voltaire
    "Turning out, beggars to eat meCutting wood, coming to lure usBeggars watch to pull you inLure them back in front of youEat it up and spit it outWhat you saw is sweet nothingComing to lure you inFor 24,"
  • 24 - ICP
    "(die bitch, fuckin die!)ALL NIGHTFind me robbin your jewelsSettin firesDamaging, and breakin into schoolsIN THE DARKNESSIts much easier to be heartlessBreak the window out the LincolnAnd screwdriver start"
  • 24 - Insane Clown Posse
    "(die bitch, fuckin die!) ALL NIGHT Find me robbin your jewels Settin fires Damaging, and breakin into schools IN THE DARKNESS Its much easier to be heartless Break the window out the Lincoln And screwdriver"
  • 24 - Snowsera
    "Such a mediated life coming through the screen, Tabloids leading you on to believe, Spin the story to, the press or magazine, You can take it to, the top to be what you see. Twenty-four, twenty-four hours"
  • 24 - Red House Painters
    "So it's not loaded stadiums or ballparks And we're not kids on swingsets on the blacktop And I thought at fifteen that I'd have it down by sixteen And twenty-four keeps breathing in my face Like a mad"
  • 24 - Etherdust
    "Help rise me from this pain My will to change this time I move up from this pain My will to change I take your life I wanna know everything Wish you'd be born again Help fight me from this pain My will"
  • 24 - Edna's Goldfish
    "It's like somebody put a gun in my hand Told me to pull the trigger wherever it lands it lands It's like I'm beating my head up against the wall Bruised and burning my eyes can't see at all My indecision"
  • 24 - Switchfoot
    "Twenty four oceans Twenty four skies Twenty four failures Twenty four tries Twenty four finds me In twenty-fourth place Twenty four drop outs At the end of the day Life is not what I thought it was Twenty"
  • 24 - Koda Kumi
    "Me ga sameru to ukabu your smile Tokimeku mune yo yeah Omoitsunoru day by day Yume no kuni e tsurete itte Mada bed kara detakunai Sono tsudzuki mou sukoshi Me wo tojireba one more chance Awasete hoshii Sou"
  • Addicted (Enrique Iglesias) - Ronan Keating
    "Just one more kiss, and I'll be gone I won't write, I won't call you No more girl, I swear that I'll be strong Just One more taste of you, And I'll be fine Girl I mean what i say today But tomorrow I'll"
  • Beautiful (ft. Enrique Iglesias) - Kylie Minogue
    "You, you are so beautiful It used to be, you and me Love like no other Our world around, could fall apart But we had each other Saw you walking, you were smiling And it hit me like the first time Feels"
  • Naked (feat. Enrique Iglesias) - Dev
    "You got a girl That doesn't look a thing like me The girl, your mother always said it would be So, you could say that, you could say that I'm hopeless But that ain't the girl That ain't the girl I want"
  • El Perdon (ft. Enrique Iglesias) - Nicky Jam
    "Dime si es verdad Me dijeron que te estas casando Tú no sabes como estoy sufriendo Esto te lo tengo que decir Cuéntame Tu despedida para mi fue dura Será que él te llevo a la luna Y yo no supe hacerlo"
  • Messin' Around (ft. Enrique Iglesias) - Pitbull
    "She’s got me like nananananana She wants to Messin' Around Talk to I heard it from a friend I heard it from a friend I heard from another that you’ve beed Messin' Around I'm hoping that your friend,"
  • 24/7 - Bebe Rexha
    "Can you let me be a girl? Can I put my lipstick on? Yeah sexy for myself, you can't tell me it's wrong And if I wanna cry, I'll be crying like child Because sometimes it gets hard, being a woman 24/7"

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