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28 love')

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28 love')

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28 love')
  • Tora Tora 28 Days
    "I don't know what you might've been told But the rumors are here But my girl gets away with a ball and chain And I can't see what you want from me We're runnin' out of time That girl she never tells me Just"
  • J Church 8:28
    "You're in and out and about, At best you act suspicious, I can accept if you don't love me, Please pretend for my sanity, Just make it through this season, I can't give you any reason, You can say that"
  • Beseech Sunset 28
    ""..This song is dedicated to Jennifer Berg that lost her world 00-05-28" Carry on even if it's hard, with love Klas Give her love and protection Give her all, all the things she need Give her faith and"
  • LFO 28 Days
    "28 days till I see you I know it seems to long but listen I gotta do what I gotta do And the wheels on the bus go round And it makes me wonder, what kinda spell we're under What would jack and diane do?"
  • Strachy Na Lachy 28 (One Love)
    "Miłość to biegun ciepła Transcendentna energia Miłość to późna godzina Absolutna przyczyna I moje serce czasem też Czuje jej rytm Kiedy zamykam oczy Gdy nie dzieje się nic Taka miłość jest jedna Ty jesteś"
  • Pidżama Porno 28 (one love)
    "Miłość to biegun ciepłaTranscendentna energiaMołość to późna godzinaAbsolutna przyczynaI moje serce czasem teżCzuje jej rytmKiedy zamykam oczyGdy nie dzieje się nicTaka miłość jest jednaTy jesteś jednaJesteś"
  • Alicia Keys 28 Thousand Days
    "Blood in my eye, hand on my heart Feet on the ground, head to the sky 'Cause trouble ain't no friend of mine I'm not giving it up, no more wasting time If you had 28 thousand days Who would you love? Where"
  • Aterciopelados 28
    "La sangre no llegó, en el da 28, la posibilidad de vida en mi vientre se instaló, mi cuerpo, todo respira, de orgullo, y esperanza henchida, la naturaleza belleza gruesa y espesa se sienta a mi mesa, viene"
  • The Polyphonic Spree Section 28 (Guaranteed Nightlite)
    "Guaranteed nightlite where everybody shines I wanna try to wake up with you A social climb hideout where fantasies run dry I never want to face that with you But you never know when your love is low, has"
  • Big Day 28
    "Świnia jak można trochę więcej mieć Głupi też kiedyś miał kolegów Teraz do góry z ziemi pada deszcz Szczerość to tylko taki szczegół Czasem też mi smutno jest Czasem mi głupio Lecz to samo przejdzie"
  • Spineshank 28
    "Don't you realize that it has to be Why did you do this, consolidate my fear Face down Save face Growing out of my face, what it represents I need Why did you do this, consolidate my fears It's all inside"
  • 28 Days 28 Days
    "Right, thats all it is right Two eight days in the mother fucking house you know you get fresh within the stomach without its like D.O.P. and my name is Jay but you can call me super yeah 28 Days your"
    "sabukaruchaa tte na n jai! zen zen tonchin kanchin wakaranchin domo tocchimechin demo nandemo kandemo iu na yo denkousekka no kokuhaku kamingu auto de banzai joushinshoumei hitozuma kagekiha ni giwaku"
  • Sponge 28 Days
    "Sitting with my eyes closed Sitting with my head up And I'll do, I'll do My 28 days Everytime I look back I would have to turn Back And even another 28 days I'll be a killer I'll be a heavy calliber"
  • Otto Waalkes 28:7
    "Sohn: Du, Papi? Vater: Ja, was ist denn? Sohn: Du Papi, ich hab hier ne Renchenaufgabe, und die krieg ich nicht raus... Vater: Ja, meinetwegen, aber komm nicht so spt nach Hause. Sohn: Nein! Ich hab hier"
  • La Oreja De Van Gogh El 28
    "El 28 Llega tarde el 28 y nerviosa miro el reloj la lluvia conmigo empieza un da de pleno sol uuuuh uuuhh A lo lejos aparece el recuerdo de un amor no me ve, camina ausente hace mucho que pasó y empec"
  • Little Jackie 28 Butts
    "It's a typical day in the universe Another MC spits a puny verse I try to get through my day without saying a curse Because I curse too much and such and such (f**k) I try to improve my vocabulary I try"
  • Big Big Train 28 Years
    "Well I go a long way to the blame say what you will sing what you can I'll be there to take your hand lead you to the promised land. Well I'd only be here on earth 28 years and my life up to then had taken"
  • Buck-O-Nine 28 Teeth
    "You ever been so bored that you start counting all your teeth as you squirm around and fidget in your cluttered, lousy seat you ever been so tired that your spirit begins to sigh and you're working everyday"
  • Buck O Nine 28 Teeth
    "You ever been so bored that you start counting all your teeth as you squirm around and fidget in your cluttered, lousy seat you ever been so tired that your spirit begins to sigh and you're working everyday just"

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