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  • I Hate Girls - Slapstick
    "i saw her thursday at the jawbreaker show since then i still think of you almost had the guts to ask your name now i guess i'll never know i smoked a cigarette and looked your way wishing i could be more"
  • Hang On St. Christopher - Tom Waits
    "Hang on St. Christopher through the smoke and the oil Buckle down the rumble seat let the radiator boil got an overhead downshift and a two dollar grill got an 85 cabin on an 85 hill hang on St. Christopher"
  • Cauld Frosty Morning - Robert Burns
    "CAULD FROSTY MORNING (Robert Burns) 'Twas past ane o'clock in a cauld frosty morning, When cankert November blaws over the plain, I heard the kirk-bell repeat the loud warning, As, restless, I sought for"
  • Theodore - Oblivion
    "My friend Theodore, my friend Theodore, my friend Theodore Won't talk to me no more. She'd rather be with friends who think it's funny when shes Laid out on the floor. She is passed out on the couch a-watching"

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