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2Pac - All Out and 1>1

  • Still Ballin (Feat. 2pac) - Trick Daddy
    "Straight motherfuckin ballin Part two, still ballin Westside Now ever since a nigga was a seed Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin Ridin on these niggaz cause they lame In a"
  • All Out - 2Pac
    "(feat. Outlawz) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out, watch ya motherfuckin mouth niggaz (That's right, fuck these fag niggaz) Do it, do it, do it [2Pac] Come hell"
  • All out - Elephant Man
    "Intro: Yep! Good to go! (Dat's true) Buckle Yeah, yeah, we get di gal dem, yeah, yeah, fi di gal dem, ah, ah, we get di gal dem Yep, good to go Chorus: Man a go all out, wuk gal mek dem bawl out, bedroom"
  • Dusted And Disgusted - 2Pac
    "Verse One: E-40 I'm really not all that sure bout when things is finna mature So let me find me a nigga with a grip and hit his ass quick with one of them licks (What's the definition of a lick?) Taking"
  • Number 1 With A Bullet - 2Pac
    "(2Pac) Number one, and ya don't stop Gotta be number one, here we come, lick a gunshot Check out me and Mon (Money B) One, not two, and ya don't stop Me and 2Pac comin true, and ya don't stop (2Pac) Gotta"
  • Out On Bail - 2Pac
    "Oh, I posted bail? I'm out this motherfucker? I can go? Oh, fuck y'all eh, fuck the judge Fuck the motherfuckin' district attourney and the prosecutor (fuck you!) And fuck you motherfuckers in the jury"
  • All Bout U - 2Pac
    "(feat. Dru Down, Nate Dogg, Outlawz) [2Pac] Ahh yeah Yeauhh! [2Pac] It's all about you, one time! I'ma say it's all about you baby, yeah [2Pac] Haha, for the bitches that think it's all about"
  • Pour Out A Little Liquor - 2Pac
    "[2Pac] Yeah Pour out a little liquor for your homies nigga This one here go out to my nigga Mike Coolie (Light up a fat one for this one) How you come up man? I started young kickin dust and, livin rough You"
  • Haters (Come Out And Play) - Spice 1
    "(Chorus) Haters - come out and play-a Don't make us - get out and spray-a Bleed teeth and gums - murder and money Illegal funds - it's all part of the game (Spice 1) Ain't no nigga stupid enough to be"
  • Check Out Time - 2Pac
    "(feat. Kurupt, Syke) Ay what time is it nigga? (I don't know) Oh shit, 12 o'clock Oh shit, we got to get the fuck up outta here (hell yeah) Nigga, it's check out time nigga Hey call up Kurupt, call"
  • All Out - Sean Paul
    "Gyal cah yu phatta pon yu ever look neat seh di man dem all a rush yu cah dem kno yu unique gyal tru yu phatta pon yu ever look neat Gyal dem phenomenon yo, we go so VERSE 1 Gyal jus bruk out an push yu"
  • All Out - Tupac
    "(feat. Outlawz) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out, watch ya motherfuckin mouth niggaz (That's right, fuck these fag niggaz) Do it, do it, do it Come hell or high"
  • All Out - Mase
    "Yo, this go out to radio stations The disc jockeys, college radio Independent market And promotions street team Anybody who put a sticker up Anybody that passed the word bout harlem world Anybody that"
  • Fuck Em All - 2Pac
    "You a what? Bad Boy Killaz (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Hahaha yeah nigga, fuck em' all (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Fuck all you muthafuckers Ay Yo Biggie Put your hands up Now"
  • Fuck All Y'all - 2Pac
    "Ha ha ha...fuck all y'all...fuck all y'all...I don't need nobody Fuck 'em...Fuck all y'all Money gone fuck friends I need a homie that know me when all these muthafuckin' cops be on me I got problems"
  • Against All Odds - 2Pac
    "One love, one love, one thug One nation, twenty-one gun salute I'm hopin my true motherfuckers know This be the realest shit I ever wrote Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed To the truest"
  • All About You - 2Pac
    "You probably crooked as the last trick Wanna laugh about how I got my ass caught up with this bad bitch? Thinking I had her but she had me in the long run Its just my luck I'm stuck fuckin with wrong one,"
  • Teardrops And Close Caskets - 2Pac
    "(2Pac) (hahhh, hahaha) Hehehe, word It's like all we got left - teardrops and closed caskets (throw it up fool, hey nigga, haha) Tell me how you feel homey (Yeah, it took a week to go down) You recollects"
  • Teardrops and closed caskets - 2Pac
    "{2Pac}(hahhh, hahaha) Hehehe, wordIt's like all we got left - teardrops and closed caskets(throw it up fool, hey nigga, haha)Tell me how you feel homey(Yeah, it took a week to go down)You recollects and"
  • Lookin' Out For #1 - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
    "Every day is an endless train You got to ride it to the end of the line Be a troubleshooter, blow the bad luck away And you will make it to your station on time And you'll find out every trick in the book And"

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