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2Pac - Redemption

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2Pac - Redemption

  • Redemption - 2Pac
    "Hahahahaha! (Thug Life bitch, goin out like that) Once again! Hahaha! Once again! Hahaha! (Thug Life bitch) [2Pac] Y'all can't kill me! (Goin out like that) Hahahaha! [2Pac] Y'all can't kill me! *lower"
  • MŁODY 2PAC - Szpaku
    "Paradoksalnie nie mam beefu tylko z Biggiem Kocham gdy mnie nienawidzisz Hejt jest blisko mnie jak Lil Kim Wale wiadra z pomyj, które cisną we mnie We mnie wątpią choragiewy Zaraz przyjdą znów do ciebie Młody"
  • Redemption - Jars Of Clay
    "We made it to a strange town Going down the wrong road Like any story retold Couldn't find a common ending We're way gone, be gone, looking for our own way We needed a distraction You said you were redemption We"
  • Redemption - Inside Out
    "Lost at a game, so easy to play. I lost my faith, I lost my stride. How can this be, I fought so desperately. Was too afraid to show what I had inside. But I believe in redemption. And I believe in redemption. And"
  • Redemption - Hurts
    "i never felt this far from god i almost feel like givin' up again in my bones in my blood there's sickeness i will change if i could bit the fire that rahge it's inside mie and rise to the goog Father"
  • Redemption - Common Children
    "Hey all you people out there The sun is burning colder Keep a light on if you're scared The night is almost over There will be laughter When the morning falls on our face We will be captured And these"
  • Redemption - Anouk
    "You walked in and dropped the bomb you're telling me You got sacked today Gambled away the money that I put aside And that Jill is having your baby Now you're sorry and you want to come clean, Well thank"
  • Redemption - Baxter
    "Did you really think we had the chance? Did you really think we would survive? Did you really think that we could try to break out? Did you really think we wouldn't die? This world falls down around me I"
  • Redemption - Buried Dreams
    "Bright as the sun Saved from the scum Lying in motion The path to redemption Hear the whispering Silence Skinning her off With the sacred knife Her soul is for the gods Staring in silence I wait this"
  • Redemption - Renfue
    "Come enter into this mind of plot-thickened hopes With stained photographs lying against cold walls And these broken chairs enter into reality Of deadly cinematic, it's casualty With winding roads of redemption Leads"
  • Redemption - Blessid Union of Souls
    "I've seen the shadows Of the corners of my mind And I go there all the time Am I missing what I might like I've tasted sin And it knocked my off my feet Like a girl I should not meet But, oh it tasted"
  • Redemption - Gackt
    "what else can I do besides avenge you? you told me live as if you were to die tomorrow feel as if you were to be reborn now face as if you were to live forever I had nothing to lose, nothing"
  • Redemption - Shadows Fall
    "Intimidation, I stand before you now. Hold my ground, You won't strike me down. A validation of all the blood I spilled, Survived of my will, There's nothing to say, Yourself you have betrayed, We must"
  • Redemption - Silentium
    "Now Look at Me Bleeding Thine Saviour so Blessed A Shrine for the Lustful So Scatheless My Wrists For No Man I'd Suffer A Thief, Liar Nor King Nor Walk Upon Flames Sing Dirges of Moarn A Fiery Throat"
  • Redemption - Back One Out
    "When winter comes in my life, Memories locked away, but they are always escaping. Like butterflies without wings, Falling down forever alone, passion's not alive without you. I will kneel down, I hope"
  • Redemption - Esham
    "Oh my god you came into my life And turned my world around I was lost i couldnt see my sight So i couldnt find my home So you know Ive smoked some weed And took some pills and even sniffed some blow"
  • Redemption - Imperative Reaction
    "My eyes grow tired Of trying to focus On lines that always change with time Blurred into nothing Words that have no meaning Another careless failure Comes to pass This pressure won't let me go It's buried"
  • Redemption - 3rd Strike
    "Would you let me take control if i told you that i would never love another build a prison for you soul with the shelter i provide surely we could live forever feel addiction take control i know no other"
  • Redemption - Useless ID
    "Run away. It's time to break the silence. You've been in decline for far to long Seven days you lie awake at night It's over when you reach the other side. Don't wait around for someone to leave behind"
  • Redemption - Tupac
    "Hahahahaha! (Thug Life bitch, goin out like that) Once again! Hahaha! Once again! Hahaha! (Thug Life bitch) Y'all can't kill me! (Goin out like that) Hahahaha! Y'all can't kill me! *lower pitch* "

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