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2pac all eays on me');

  • Still Ballin (Feat. 2pac) - Trick Daddy
    "Straight motherfuckin ballin Part two, still ballin Westside Now ever since a nigga was a seed Only thing promised to me was the penitentiary, still ballin Ridin on these niggaz cause they lame In a"
  • All Eyez On Me (feat. Big Syke) - 2Pac
    "['Pac talking] Big Syke, Newt, Hank Beugard, Big Sur (yeah) Y'all know how this shit go (y'know) {All Eyez On Me} Motherfuckin O.G. Roll up in the club and shit (is that right?) {All Eyez On Me} {All"
  • Why U Turn On Me - 2Pac
    "(Ol' switcheroo-ass, bitch made motherfuckers..) Outlaw nigga, Westside, throw it up Hahaha.. had love for 'em, but why you turnin on me? Why me? Westside, how you do it boy? [2Pac] I went from, nothin"
  • All Out - 2Pac
    "(feat. Outlawz) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out (aiiiite) We goin all out, watch ya motherfuckin mouth niggaz (That's right, fuck these fag niggaz) Do it, do it, do it [2Pac] Come hell"
  • All Bout U - 2Pac
    "(feat. Dru Down, Nate Dogg, Outlawz) [2Pac] Ahh yeah Yeauhh! [2Pac] It's all about you, one time! I'ma say it's all about you baby, yeah [2Pac] Haha, for the bitches that think it's all about"
  • Out On Bail - 2Pac
    "Oh, I posted bail? I'm out this motherfucker? I can go? Oh, fuck y'all eh, fuck the judge Fuck the motherfuckin' district attourney and the prosecutor (fuck you!) And fuck you motherfuckers in the jury"
  • Fuck Em All - 2Pac
    "You a what? Bad Boy Killaz (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Hahaha yeah nigga, fuck em' all (That's right bitch, Fuck em' all) Fuck all you muthafuckers Ay Yo Biggie Put your hands up Now"
  • Fuck All Y'all - 2Pac
    "Ha ha ha...fuck all y'all...fuck all y'all...I don't need nobody Fuck 'em...Fuck all y'all Money gone fuck friends I need a homie that know me when all these muthafuckin' cops be on me I got problems"
  • Against All Odds - 2Pac
    "One love, one love, one thug One nation, twenty-one gun salute I'm hopin my true motherfuckers know This be the realest shit I ever wrote Against all odds, up in the studio, gettin blowed To the truest"
  • All About You - 2Pac
    "You probably crooked as the last trick Wanna laugh about how I got my ass caught up with this bad bitch? Thinking I had her but she had me in the long run Its just my luck I'm stuck fuckin with wrong one,"
  • Can't See Me - 2Pac
    "Intro: George Clinton The blind stares of a million pairs of eyes lookin' hard but won't realize that they will never see the P (You must be goin' blind) Verse One: 2Pac give me my money in stacks and"
  • Picture me rollin - 2Pac
    "{2Pac}Yeah -- clear enough for ya? (Is that right?)(Hahahahaha) Yeah(Hehehehe) Why niggaz look mad? (Is that right?)Y'all supposed to be happy I'm free!Y'all niggaz look like y'all wanted me to stay in"
  • All on me - Eightball
    "Come and sense better tell you to grind and hustle Hit the streets like a mad, use your mind and muscle We be all about the cream, living space age phantasies Tryin to make my wallet green as a canapee"
  • Enemies With Me - 2Pac
    "(feat. Dramacydal) [2Pac] Young Thugs in this motherfucker Don't break up the fight, let 'em rumble Don't make enemies with me I Try to tell these motherfuckers they ain't see Don't make enemies with"
  • All On Me - Sean Paul
    "(feat. Tami Chynn) Back again et the trendt was me the great SP Alongside Tamicgirl...I all on you girl...anytime.... I all on you.... Anyplace Any gal weh want it it tell them come right now you know Cause"
  • Life Goes On - 2Pac
    "How many brothas fell victim to tha streetz Rest in peace young nigga, there's a Heaven for a 'G' be a lie, If I told ya that I never thought of death my niggas, we tha last ones left but life goes on..... "
  • On Death Row - 2Pac
    "Death Row That's where motherfuckers is endin up Dear mama, I'm caught up in this sickness I robbed my adversaries, but slipped and left a witness Wonder if they'll catch me, or will this nigga snitch Should"
  • MŁODY 2PAC - Szpaku
    "Paradoksalnie nie mam beefu tylko z Biggiem Kocham gdy mnie nienawidzisz Hejt jest blisko mnie jak Lil Kim Wale wiadra z pomyj, które cisną we mnie We mnie wątpią choragiewy Zaraz przyjdą znów do ciebie Młody"
  • Me Against The World - 2Pac
    "(feat. Dramacydal) [2Pac] It's just me against the world Oooohhh, oooohhh [2Pac] Nuttin to lose.. It's just me against the world baby Oahhhh, oahhhahh [2Pac] I got nuttin to lose It's just me"
  • Smile for me now - 2Pac
    "There's gonna' be some stuff that your gonna' see That's gonna' make it hard to smile in the future (No Doubt) But whatever you see, through all the rain and pain You gotta keep a sense of humor Gotta"

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