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3 Sum

  • Lil Sum Sum - Do Or Die
    "Mic check Mic check Mic check Cmon I'm a professional, pimpin like rational Worldwide, but it's national You betta ask them hoes And ask them clothes Who dat smokin beeds Talkin bout she fast to go And"
  • Gimme Sum Mo - Dirty
    "Whooo!! Okay okay okay Check this out That's them Dirty slum boys finna lock it down this time And when we lock it down it ain't gon' be for a little while It gon' be for infinity Nigga that means now"
  • Time 4 Sum Aksion - Redman
    "(LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!) In this corner we have the funk bodysnatcher P Funkadelic and I gotcha hard enough That I can chew a whole bag of rocks Chew an Avenue, chew an off street and off block Then"
  • Sum - All
    "All Miscellaneous Sum Long time no see. so tell me, how are things? just cause i was wondering-what ever became of you? you dont look well, cant hide it, i can tell. i know you love to"
  • Sum - Ruben Blades
    ""Cansado del camino, sediento de ti Un desierto he cruzado sin fuerza se quedado, Vengo a ti Luche como soldado y a veces sufrir. Aunque la luche he ganado mi armadura es desgastado, Vengo a ti [2x] Sumrgeme"
  • Shake Sum Fo' A Boss Remix - Yung Prince
    "Featuring: Sheed Remix! Now shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Shake sum fo' a boss Come"
  • Lump Sum - Bon Iver
    "Sold my cold knot, a heavy stone Sold my red horse for a venture home To vanish on the bow Settling slow Fit it all, fit it in the doldrums Or so the story goes Color the era Film it is historical, ah My"
  • Homo Sum - Decapitated
    "Homo sum and hate humanity Despise the culture, spit on law Mongrels, scorpions, snakes and men Only species that bite their tails Ever since Nero burnt Rome All the good roads lead to hell So learn how"
  • Homo Sum - CzarnoBiałe
    "Klincz wymiana ciosów Ty to wszystko wytrzymasz Nie pożalisz na ot by przeciwnik cię powstrzymał Na twojej twarzy grymas Lecz zaciśnięte pięści Bojowe nastawienie nie dal twojej klęski gra się rozpoczyna trzeba"
  • Ergo Sum - Moonlight
    "Nie widzę... bo wzrok zamyka mi oczy duszy. Bo w głowie.... jak kruk pilnuje i myśli plącze Bym nie wyrzekła nic. A ja i tak słowa oblec w skórę chcę I pokazać Ci, jakimi są. Żeby ciało twoje"
  • Lump Sum - Mars Ill
    "Dear Dad, the class began, hands were held and arms were open Moments stolen from the globe and life's blood was always spoken One was chosen for another. Broke my will against your wisdom Pushed my face"
  • Sum 41 - Pieces
    "I tried to be perfect But nothing was worth it I dont believe it makes me real I thought itd be easy But no one believes me I meant all the things I said If you believe it's in my soul I'd say all"
  • Sum mo - Trina
    "f/ Dre Woooooooooo! C'mon, uhh + (Trina)Clap! One, two, three and to the fo'Girl drop ya body, break it down to the flo', whoa(Cool and Dre, y'all did it again, uh)Get naughty, go hisp' a lil' mo (wooooo,"
  • Sum a Sum a Rum - Pokahontaz
    "Sum-a-Sum-a-Rum nic pod przymusem Sum-a-Sum-a-Rum robię to co chcę, nie to co muszę Nigdy, przenigdy mi nie rozkazuj nie chcę słuchać nakazów, zakazów tego typów wyrazów nie znoszę na tym"
  • Losing the Sum - Pipedown
    "Reaching out, frigid in our Hearts we're found Lost in space, in our minds, in the clutch of society. We make a truth, we make a lie, valued matterial fantasy. It's all, such a vicious game We waste tommorows'"
  • Cogito Ergo Sum - Impaled Nazarene
    "Painted my world black Destroyed everything I had Burnt all the bridges behind I was prepared to die Ready for Armageddon Then nothing came Cogito Ergo Sum Waited for another date For this shit planet"
  • Sum Of Us - Jurassic 5
    "Sparklin' extreme spinnage Watchin' your scene plumett If lyrics were green vomit My vocals would clean stomachs Addicts wean from it Where dreams and green run it The faces on money change like the host"
  • Zero-Sum (Remix) - Nine Inch Nails
    "they're starting to open up the sky they're starting to reach down through and it feels like we're living in that split-second of a car crash and time is slowing down and if we only had a little more time and"
  • Odio Ergo Sum - Progress
    "Once every four long years we get to make a choice. But now they've gone too far it's time to raise our voice. They've abused our trust, our social structures lost and they'll say: We need to cut on this"
  • Sum 2 Prove - Lil Baby
    "you know Lil Ced, that’s my nigga I made him a millionaire fck it we all rich I ain’t tryna have babies right now so we fuck whit the rubble but I got a raw bitch know this mony bring envy you probably"

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