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  • Balzac The Slaughter House
    "Better way (Go!) That you go (I know!) Your shadow and it covers on my Halloween You remember nights when you slip away Run away (Go) Down this road (I know!) Your shadow and it covers on my Halloween You"
  • Montgomery Gentry While The World Goes Down The Drain
    "some kids grow up on mean streets dealing with the crypts and bloods but me i was born on a back road in a 4x4 rollin through the mud the street kid deals with the dealer and hes always watchin his back me"
  • Bijelo Dugme 'Ala Je Glupo Zaboravit' Njen Broj
    "Bijelo Dugme Miscellaneous 'Ala Je Glupo Zaboravit' Njen Broj Ja nikad ne zaboravljam I bolje pamtim tudje a i svoje Ali sam glup da zapamtim njen broj Ja nikad ne zapisujem Sta mi je danas O ala je glupo"
  • Guttermouth A nice place to visit
    "I take a look aroundthink of places I have beenthere really aren't too manyI would like to see againI've been to 308 of 50 statesmost of them I'd shut down3 or 4 of them are greatback on the east coastdc's"
  • Toby Keith Upstairs, Downtown
    "Route 14 Box 308 She said goodbye at the cattle-guard gate Hoping she would find her a place in the world With her mind made up and tears in her eyes It almost made her daddy cry He said don't forget to"
  • Robert Burns The Battle Of Sherramoor
    "The Battle of Sherra-moor (Robert Burns) 'O, cam ye here the fight to shun, Or herd the sheep wi' me, man? Or were ye at the Sherra-moor, Or did the battle see, man?' 'I saw the battle, sair and teugh, And"

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