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35 taco hamingway

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35 taco hamingway

  • 35 - Taco Hemingway
    "Zanurzam się w twoich perfumach Nie mogę oddychać Zrzucam ortalion I nawet zapytać nie zdążę co słychać Kiedyś na Mokotów jeździłem tramwajem 35 Tyle mam pragnień I tyle tych wspomnień I tyle twych zdjęć Kropla"
  • 35 - Diffuser
    "Momma holds my dreary head When a splinter digs my skin Money ain't tight when the money's gone She rights me when I'm wrong All alone On your own Now You're 35 All alone Cold as stone Now you're 35 Crafty"
  • 35 Jahre - Die Toten Hosen
    "Er sitzt die meiste Zeit am Fenster mit einem Kissen unter'm Arm. Ist ein Fahrrad auf dem Gehweg, ist ein Wagen falsch geparkt? Er ist allzeit bereit und schlgt Alarm. Vor einem Jahr ging er in Rente, nun"
  • Firehouse 35 - Phil Ochs
    "I've often wondered why, as a fireman races by, How often have I said, "why are fire engines red? " Just ask the boys in firehouse 35 (chorus) Singin' firehouse thirty five, firehouse thirty"
  • Asunto 35 - Egotrippi
    "Ohi koulun ja kirjaston Polkupyrll matka taittui Varttitunnissa korkeintaan Huoneessasi kaikki muuttui Kolmannessa kerroksessa Asunnossa 35 Oli meill paikka jossa Harvoin todellisuus vallitsi Tiedtk"
  • 34+35 - Ariana Grande
    "You might think i am crazy the way i've been craving If i put it Quite plainly Just give me tchem babies So what you doing tonight Better say doing you right Watching movies But i ain’t seen a thing"
  • Southbound 35 - Pat Green
    "What the hell am I doing up in Kansas City Know damn well it ain't where I belong, no no Think I'll quit my job come five o'clock Find my lonely way back home Well, my baby said just what are you trying"
  • 40/35 - Sonny
    "Barely breathing, slowly burning, this fireplace inside. Lay me across a ditch and walk on my lips as they just melt away. Dripping from what I felt from days before and it's still fresh to me. Silence"
  • 35 Heures - Sniper
    "6 heures du matin que c'est dur de s'rveiller Assez de ce mme chantier et de ce boss qui m'prends pour un chien Bon voila, l'air de rien l'heure la pointeuse Caf calva, prends le marteau piqueur et"
  • 11:35 - Aesop Rock
    "Some cats grow by the laws of the wild Some learn slower and lag in the mud Some stand up in defense of a style Some let the big dogs eat them up At exactly 11:35pm on January 21st I fell asleep sound At"
  • Club 35 - Kaolin
    "Tangue autour de moi, Berce mes yeux je sens ma tte lourde, Tomb entre tes bas, Pour remonter la pente des courbes. Refrain : Tu te laisses emporter, Par tant d'adresse, Tu en as beaucoup trop fait, Et"
  • Taco Tuesday - Migos
    "this is it Taco Tuesday where is it Taco Tuesday?"
  • Taco Bell - Camel Bait
    "Wednesday night minute hands pointing downwards As we bow our heads and close with a thank-you prayer to Jesus For this time we've gathered amen Look up everyone has sparkles in their eyes Taco Bell Where"
  • Taco Shop - Chingo Bling
    "I'll Take You To Tha Taco Shop(Vamonos) Big Chile Is What I Got(Chingo Bling) Its Cheaper Than Any Spot(Uh Huh Uh Huh) My Tacos They'll Make You Fart Ill Take You To The Taco Shop(Uh Huh Uh Huh) Big"
  • Taco Song - Never Heard Of It
    "No burritos just tacos no (x4) no no no no... can i have a burrito? no can I have an enchilada? no one fajita an 2 quesedillas? no no no no no no no... no enchiladas, no tostadas, no quesedillas, only"
  • Song No. 35 - Subhumans
    "Working class hero? No such thing Put on your Martens. you still can't sing No organised class, it's out of control Your mates are so young, you feel so old No new religion follow yourself Plastic fashions"
  • Mayonnaise Taco Monday - Five Iron Frenzy
    "Mayonnaise taco Monday, it smells like underwear Mayonnaise taco Monday... And something over there Mayonnaise taco Monday, I put it on the dog Mayonnaise taco Monday, it tastes kind of like log Mayonnaise"
  • Lasting Child [7:35] - Angra
    "Angra Angels Cry Lasting Child [7:35] (Matos) I- The Parting Words [4:02] Years gone by - Awake again In a glowing star - That shines so far Lasting child - Remains inside Playing around - A future denied High"
  • Illuziok Nelkul (2:35) - Moby Dick
    "/T. Schmiedl/ ------------------------------- Felnottel, nem vagy gyerek Illuzioid nincsenek Tanultal a leckebol Eleged van az egeszbol Felelmed allati Nem hagynak jatszani Uveggolyod elgurult A jatszoter"
  • 4:35 a.m - Gemma Hayes
    "Driving so slowStreets are empty as we goBack over the canalWe've all had a long day and we're going homeWe all got big tears in our sides And the city salt doesn't helpBut it sure cleans them outIn little"

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