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36 i6 huczu hucz

  • 36 - System Of A Down
    "We fought your wars with all our hearts you sent us back in body parts you took our wills with the truth you stole we offer prayers for your long lost soul your remainder is an unjustifiable egotistical"
  • 36-22-36 - ZZ Top
    "What, what, what chu you want? My thing is a real fine thing It's a thing it's a real fine thing It ain't broke, it don't need a fix 36-22-36 I got a gyroscope goin' round and round Got a thunderbird take"
  • 36 22 36 - ZZ Top
  • 36-24-36 - Violent Femmes
    "see a girl walkin' down the street just the kind of girl that I'd like to meet it ain't her hair, her clothes, her feet somethin' much more discreet now I ain't loud baby I ain't proud I just want what"
  • 36 Degrees - Placebo
    "We were tight, but it falls apart as silver turns to blue. Waxing with a candlelight, and burning just for you. Allocate your sentiment, and stick it in a box. I've never been an extrovert, but i'm still"
  • 36 Seconds - Whorecore
    "36 Seconds, the niche between mortality and rage I am a varmint out of its cage Prediction of my coming, perdition of values and moral sense Pieces of shit, merely casualties of my mortality rate A clausible"
  • Discotheque 36 - Black Francis
    "At Discotheque 36 on the Richter Scale I'd seen you pouring out the ale My triple sec, feeling like my first skin pop You tasting like salty drop Isn't that something how I thought that I'd seen Every"
  • Sapato 36 - Raul Seixas
    "Eu calo trinta e sete Meu pai me d trinta e seis Dói, mas no dia seguinte Aperto meu p outra vez Eu aperto meu p outra vez Pai, eu j t crescidinho Pague pra ver, que eu aposto Vou escolher meu sapato E"
  • 6:36 - Mustasch
    "I'm piled up high the morning light a giant silver screen I'm waiting for my mind to land I'm living in a dream YEAH I'm a wizard I got magic sticks I'm drinking liquid gold The taste of metal in my"
  • Dia 36 - Os Mutantes
    "Esquece no pensa mais Leno azul a apertar Em branco o seu pensar Toda uma vida embaa o seu olhar E andando v passando Tudo aquilo que errou Hoje dia vinte e seis Quem sabe vive outra vez Ela se foi sem"
  • 15-36 - Edge Of Sanity
    "Let me invite you to my nether-world I'll show you sights you've never seen You still my hunger You're an easy prey Your flesh is ripe Your mind is weak And dark is the path where I'll be your guide and"
  • 36 i 6 - Janusz Radek
    "Znów normalnie, znowu stanZaleczonych pięknie ranJuż nie razi słońca blaskSerce chłodne niby głazBo gorączka mija w nasTeraz trzeba będzie znieśćZnów 36 i 6Porachować pare bliznZrobić plan następnych dniI"
  • S.O.36 - Killing Joke
    "one man limited room to think move with the lines in soft fat red phase one environment experiment this is your city with miracles spent so dead crime of flesh control is joyless blue white shells will"
  • Passing Stranger (4:36) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "Passing stranger you don't know how longingly I looked upon you you must be he I was seeking or she I was seeking I have somewhere surely lived a life of joy with you All is recalled as we flit by each"
  • Fat City (4:36) - Happy Head
    "(Bryn Burrows/Bill Clift) we're going to fat city we're gonna hit town we're going to fat city...fat city hard rain washed away sweet love like a bird of prey mixed emotions overgrown psychedelic to the"
  • Watching Me (Rule 3:36) - Ja Rule
    "Yea Rule Are you a figment of my imagination? Or am I one of yours? Believe me baby, an hear me, fear me, feel me That's why they all wanna kill me dead True in the head but nigga not As soon as I get"
  • Blues For Niki (3:36) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "Where have you gone little sister How we laughed you and me I've been waiting for you I relize it's in a vain You've run away with that black haired boy You don't care where Why are you gone little sister How"
  • Ever The Wind (3:36) - Bobo in White Wooden Houses
    "As I went a walking way diwn by the green wood Down where the ivy and laural entwine I heard a bird singing his sad plaintive love song He mourned for his true love a s I mourned for mine I brought my"
  • Missing Person (N Finn) 3:36 - Split Enz
    "Home to sweet home, it just occured to me To be on my own, in search of bitter treats I get so removed but you never notice it Step in my shoes, you'll see that I don't fit I walk home, the wrong"
  • Choć burza huczy wkoło nas - Szanty
    "Choć burza huczy wkoło nas, do góry wznieśmy skroń! Nie straszny dla nas burzy czas, boć silną przecież mamy dłoń. weselmy, bracia się, choć wicher w żagle rwie. Kto pracą każdy święci dzień, ten smutku"

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