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4 dreamers sumum

  • Dreamers - Fatima
    "All for me mazu wa issai gassai subete yudane (WHY?) kyousou!! koe wo shibari age (Yeah! Yeah!) SHIIN no naka de isai hanachi kono kensou wo idaku butai ni tachi sassou to shiki toru 4 2 1 Dive! kondou"
  • El sumum - Babasonicos
    "Moncho VIP sos el Sumum,Todos en el mundo somos grasas,no hago distinción de sexo y raza,sólo que unos lo disfrutan y otros no pueden evitarlo,nevado pinzado en lo zarpado,fumando un caón por el armado,suea"
  • Dreamers - Sarah Brightman
    "Dreamers have mountains they will climb There are dreamers who don't believe in time Only dreamers have worlds where they can fly far away. Certain dreamers have kingdoms they will build, Filled with"
  • Dreamers - Scorpions
    "Music: Klaus Meine, Rudolf Schenker, Eric Bazilian Lyrics: Klaus Meine, Eric Bazilian There's a place I know so well Behind closed eyes, theres a pearl inside a shell From time to time, I come to see If"
  • Dreamers - Edith Frost
    "Now that we've Started to find our calling In the half-light We close our eyes Letting everything slide Daylight's much too golden Let me melt into your starry eyes We're both lonely little dreamers"
  • Dreamers - Push Play
    "I'm wondering Aimlessly to get you off of my mind The city lights Shine so bright Brings back the look in your eyes Speechless Motionless Can you hear me? So here's your song For what I've done wrong How"
  • Dreamers - Sister Hazel
    "Just turn around Turn away from me Before I lose my head Just turn around But remember me And how you left me dead inside We were Gonna be different Now where did those Dreamers go I was the one who"
  • Dreamers - Jack Savoretti
    "There was a time and place Not far from here and now Maybe a brighter day Maybe they had it made somehow Living for there and then Under a psychadelic spell No one was listening Still they had so"
  • Dreamers - Tamaki Nami
    "Bokura wa kono basho de Yume wo mitsumete ita Kagayaku hoshi ni oitsukeru you ni Nani mo nai basho kara Hitasura aruite iku Tatta hitotsu no hikari wo tsukamu tame ni Ima susumu Mawari ni nagasare Tachidomaru"
  • Dreamers - Nami Tamaki
    "Bokura wa kono basho de yume wo mitsumete ita Kagayaku hoshi ni oitsukeru you ni Nani mo nai basho kara hitasura aruite iku Tatta hitotsu no hikari wo tsukamu tame ni ima susumu Mawari ni nagasare tachidomaru"
  • Dreamers - Oman Freestyle
    "I woke up from a dream Could not get back to sleep Wouldn't open my eyes cause I knew you weren't there next to me You came and held me in your arms And I tried so hard to cry But when the tears didn't"
  • Dreamers - Rizzle Kicks
    "I can find my place in my dreams (In my dreams, in my, in my dreams) Yeah I can find my place in my dreammms Yeah, it's that kid with the British accent, Still kicking and bringing us wicked raps"
  • Dreamers - Nora
    "I'm calling the sun It only takes a moment for you to realize You own it, it's yours It's massive and brilliant and it's mine I'll never look at the sky without it again Smiling faces I'll call the sun"
  • Dreamers Disease - Across Five Aprils
    "Tell me Im scared. Tell me youre brave. Dont care at all, cause Im the one youll never save Were building walls higher and higher. I sleep in ice, thats how you know who we are. Dreamers...Dreamers... Weve"
  • Army Dreamers - Kate Bush
    ""B.F.P.O.*" Army dreamers. "Mammy's hero." "B.F.P.O." "Mammy's hero." Our little army boy Is coming home from B.F.P.O. I've a bunch of purple flowers To decorate a mammy's hero. Mourning in the aerodrome, The"
  • Dreamers Island - Abraxas
    "Forgotten dreams lost inside Hide your tears from others pride Feelings so cold habits grow old Lost my mind in emptiness Dispersing questions not answered at all hunted by reality Faced with ordinary"
  • Beautiful Dreamers - Grant Lee Phillips
    "And gunning for a miracle One they can't take away And found it in a skinny girl Might have been half his age And Betty likes to push his buttons And Marco he lose his cool And call each other good for"
  • The Dreamers - David Bowie
    "Black eyed ravens They spiral down They tilt his head back To the flame filled sunset Rise their guns high As the darken falls These are the days, boys Shallow man Shallow man Eats in the doorways With"
  • Dreamers Dream - Tom Cochrane
    "If I was a sailor man If I was lost at sea I'd see your light shining there Off the rocks, off the sand That light would be all that I'd see And if I was the king of the world With all the world"
  • Lonely Dreamers - Steppenwolf
    "Words and music by John Kay and Rocket Ritchotte Running like bandits through the blinding dark of night There's nothing in sight Suddenly someone shines a guiding light Things start lookin' all right Clutching"

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