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4 number exact to nighti

  • Exact - Benefit
    "Making MCs freeze and drop to their knees Like getting caught smuggling ki's to Caribbean seas At ease, I puff trees till I look Chinese And immigration says 'Can we see your green card please?' My rhymes"
  • Number 4 - Jettie
    "I dont know how to say, to act, to do, today are you the same? Somewhere out there your hands will feel the breeze I know for sure do you dare to try? Like a story, fingers are crossed for you Like a"
  • Toronto Number 4 - The Tragically Hip
    "Did you know you were the rock plug for all of us did you know in the conduit of Vesuvius You were far more unifying than you know Im not a judge of suitable but, you almost had it all. now youll have"
  • Right & Exact - Dilated Peoples
    "I push my levels to zero without distorting Compression enhances the message I'm recording Live from California, warning night to morning The illest squad this side of Earth is now forming itself into"
  • Black Sheep Boy Number 4 - Okkervil River
    "Bleeding black sheep boy, mirror in pieces. Turn the receiver, trace the police station. Line to my number and number my reasons for this paranoia, for these accusations. Each night the numbers paired"
  • The Exact Colour - Pure Reason Revolution
    "The night when she came, It's always been death to her honest words, always in love with her, Night when they came and bled. He was always in other worlds, In debt to their honest words. The columns lay"
  • Right and exact - Dilated Peoples
    "I push my levels to zero without distortin Boost two compression enhancers the message I'm recordin Live from California, warnin night to mornin The illest squad this side of Earth is now formin itself"
  • I am just a girl - Exact
    "Ref.: So I will already be forever. And even you won't change it. Nobody will change it. You will be doing anything, I so I will stay. I am just a girl And you should understand it. Always so I was "
  • Darkman (Exact Album Version) - Nana
  • Number One - Playgroup
    "You say you wanna be down I've seen you run with every fool in town What I see needs to be heard I'm the kind cat who always gets his bird Don't have to travel too far I see you bumping in my motorcar And"
  • Number One - Jamie Foxx
    ""Ay Foxx, we just livin our life right?" 4 & 3 & 2 & 1 (x2) "Weezy, Jus Blaze" Now everybody let's get dumb dumb de dumb dumb du dumb de dumb da dumb da de dum dum da dum de dum let me introduce"
  • Number - The Bear Quartet
    "come new year's day's morning now what did you promise this time? can you remember what accidentally slipped your mind? no more degrading or humiliating stunts? what were you saying before you pulled down"
  • Number - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "I got a number in my pocket Keep it in my wallet, right on my hip When my paycheck's steady, I'm damn good and ready I toll it up to my lip, and I go to the moon I got my foot down on the throttle Hands"
  • Exact Paperbacks / Happy Grey Or Black - Melvins
    "Joke For laughin' hunger It's what the people resign to. You picked and now you're stuck with her Digesting something you don't want. The powers I cancelling to me In the dream O.K. Seal the moves, say"
  • Lucky Number Thirteen - Cheez
    "I am a Jynx I am clumsy I live a life Harder than you think I don't get it Why me? I'll just keep rocking I can't see The lucky number 13 Has no luck for me Unlucky? A jynx? I don't beleive that It's"
  • The number one - Atmosphere
    "Uh Huh, her name was Stephanie somethingShe lived out in Richfield, Right off of PortlandI'm talkin' bout back in the 9th gradeStill had a ponytail, Couldn't grow a (hi fay?)Used to take the 5 way out"
  • This 4 - Solomon Childs
    "(Intro: Solomon Childs) New York... the finest, yup Yeah, uh-huh, here we go (Solomon Childs) Rule number one, never let bygones be bygones New York icon, kid Beneton Style is so violent, by Louie Faton From"
  • W-4 - Dead Prez
    "So much shit goes on it makes me doubt about a God -- you know, makes me ask well if there is a God then why am I in the situation that I'm in? Or why is my family going through certain situations when"
  • Billy 4 - Bob Dylan
    "There's guns across the river about to pound you There's a lawman on your trail like to surround you Bounty hunters are dancing all around you Billy, they don't like you to be so free. Camping out all"
  • 4 Eva - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. Jazze Pha) Good evening ladies and gentlemen, hehe (ladies and gentlemen) This is yours truly T-Double, and umm first of all I would like to introduce to y'all, one of my first cousins He go by"

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