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  • 40 - Proceente
    "Przyszedłem na ten świat grzeszyć Oblizywać bletki, pisać mocne piosenki Przyszedłem grzeszyć tka jak ty Mieć dużo pieniędzy, pieprzyć i pić Przyszedłem na ten świat grzeszyć Oblizywać bletki, pisać mocne"
  • 40 - U2
    "I waited patiently for the Lord He inclined and heard my cry He brought me up out of the pit Out of the miry clay I will sing, sing a new song I will sing, sing a new song How long to sing this song How"
  • 40 - Bono
    "I waited patiently for the Lord. He inclined and heard my cry. He brought me up out of the pit Out of the miry clay. I will sing, sing a new song. I will sing, sing a new song. This is our song. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah "
  • 40 - Vineyard
    "I waited patiently for the LordHe inclined and heard my cryHe brought me up out of the pitOut of the miry clayI will sing, sing a new songI will sing, sing a new songHow long to sing this song?How long"
  • 40 - Dave Matthews Band
    "Tables turned again And you my friend You and I face each other Oh time and time out I know it's sometimes hard But knowing just doll That we will get along ?Til we're old and gray And huddled up We're"
  • Już mi minęło szesnaście latek - Teresa Werner
    "Już mi minęło szesnaście latek. Pora się wpisać w grono mężatek. /Dalej chłopcy, dalej żywo w tę porę, Niech ja sobie z was jednego wybiorę Murarza nie chcę, bo glinę depce, Zwala koszulę, mnie się prać"
  • 40 - 40 Home - Haircut 100
    "Think in time Early evening light will start to fade And we'll be called inside To wait for chance to say Can I stay out late or maybe just an hour But when you call I know that all I have to say is... Forty"
  • Top 40 - Pizzicato Five
    "(Tajima) Translator: Kirk Cumming nerae top 40 sore wa fifty fifty kore wa top 40's song ikasu top 40 sore wa fifty fifty kore wa top 40's song utae top 40's rock top 40's song uta wa top 40's rock top"
  • 40 Days & 40 Nights - The Enemy
    "I Took A Walk To The Supermarket It Was So Cold I Could'nt Get Back Home Through All Of The Snow Took A Vacation To The Petrol Station They Were Sold Out I Could'nt Get Back Home They Did'nt Want To Know She's"
  • 40 Days & 40 Nights - Tim McGraw
    "(tommy barnes) (track 9 - time 2:59) Well it's been rainin' on and on Ever since you've been gone Those dark clouds keep rollin' in And every time I think I might catch myself a glimpse of sunlight The"
  • 40 Days, 40 Fights - Badly Drawn Boy
    "Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed the Fish 40 Days, 40 Fights You look a lot, lot better tonight You and I should go out for a fight We need a holiday But not today, another day You need eyes in the front"
  • Interstate 40 - John D. Loudermilk
    "Walkin' down the shoulder of Interstate 40 just a cussin' every rock that I kick Since I lost everything in the last depression I just give up and I quit But I'm happy though I ain't had nothing since"
  • 40 Ans - Arno
    "Tu te mets les yeux dans la poche T'as tout vu Mais t'as rien vcu Dieu n'est pas un DJ, c'est une femme de mnage au chmage Je sais t'as 40 ans Et tu t'ennuies, La vrit, Ne fais pas de bruit Tu te bats"
  • 40 Days - Mark Schultz
    "Lord, I came to the mountaintop To be with You I felt Your grace falling down like rain And I was made new But there are times like now when I'm all dried out (Chorus) And it's like 40 days out in the"
  • 40 Lignes, 40 Balles - Sinik
    "(2006, Les Ulis, S.I.N..I.K, Malsain l'assassin, Rim-K, 6o9, pah) C est l'heure de dclancher l'alerte, n'essayez pas, c est pas la peine de me calmer: j ai trop la haine; n dans l'alle pas dans la laine A"
  • 40 lignes 40 balles - Sinik
    "2006 les ulysses, s i n i k, malsain l'assassin, rim'k, sixo nine, c'est l'heure de declencher l'alerte, n'essayez pas c'est pas la peine, de me calmer j'ai trop la haine, et dans l'alle pas dans la laine, a"
  • 40 Years - Counting Crows
    "I was born in the jungle With the sickening smell of cinnamon in the air I was born in a white hole and I can't believe the colors here today Stalk on a circle Well I've never been blessed with elephant's"
  • 40 Ft - Franz Ferdinand
    "As I glanced once upon the foam 40 feet beneath my feet The coldest calm falls through the molten veins Cooling all the blood to slush, congeals around again And forty feet remain Salt scales upon my"
  • 40 dni - Wini
    "Musze iść na pustynie Tam gdzie Jezus już był Pytanie czy wytrzymam całe 40 dni Musze pościć jak Chrystus Musze pościć i… Pytanie czy wytrzymam całe 40 dni Bez snu i bez chleba Bez wina, bez kobiet Bez"
  • 40 Days - Third Day
    "Here I am at what feels like the end So I come to you, my Lord, again With this burden buried deep within This heart that you have made And in this trial that I'm going through I don't question 'cause"

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