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  • Southtown Girls - The Hold Steady
    "southtown girls won't blow you away but you know that they'll stay. take lyndale to the horizon. take nicollet out to the ocean. take penn ave out to the 494. meet me right in front of the fabric store."
  • La devise - Mc Solaar
    "Premire plaie dstabilisant le monde De la nature veut-on creuser la tombe Un linceul, cercueil recouvert de feuilles mortes Les pluies acides ont sem le deuil Fort amazonienne, paradis sur terre Vire sur"
  • Lights Out - Next
    "Lights Out (Print the Lyrics) (female) Baby... I can't sleep... Can you tell me a lullaby... Uh... Heh... A Lullaby... Excuse me sista wats up wit ya Let me holler at ya Try to paint a picture Of you"
  • School Mam - The Stranglers
    "A fine day for the classroom and the pupils are here Timmy's got a headache but the others don't care Sarah's got to stay behind and help with the drill Teacher's got his eye on her moves in for the kill Nobody"

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