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4HIM - Visible

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4HIM - Visible

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4HIM - Visible
  • 4HIM Visible
    "Sometimes I feel so inadequate I start to question am I ready for these things you ask My words are not so eloquent But if I speak the truth in love Even simple words are equal to the task Oh Lord let"
  • Sugarplum Fairy Visible Karma
    "When you light the morning sun You can look all over town And you won't see me No you won't see me You can call my loving ones Doesn't matter how fast you run 'Cause you can't catch me No you can't catch"
  • Meathook Seed Visible Shallow Self
    "Hatred floods your veins, lessening self worth, hatred floods your veins, lessening self worth, chunks of demolished mind put to waste. Visible Shallow Self. Brainwashed into submission, narrow minded"
  • Lacuna Coil In Visible Light
    "How can time still drain every little beat of my heart? In my time of need I want to destroy anything you are Grief is the light I can''t deny I''m afraid of you Grief is the light I''m not afraid"
  • Vicious Crusade Arm Of The Visible
    "(lyrics by D. Basik & Al. Vertel) Master's the one who pays, I'm the that imposes his sight, His lie I turn to truth-bribes are always right. Inconstancy I maintain, perjury, flattery are admired, Just"
  • Corey Hart So Visible(Easy To Miss)
    "good night sister moon been here waiting for you put my blue shirt on, grew my hair out long I don't mean to be coy, if I say I'm a fool Just can't find the water when I jump in the pool easy to miss so"
  • Of Machines Things Too Visible To See
    "Start over clean and just empty this plate Sweep up the guilt and learn to survive Because when it ends, You won't be alive Would you notice, If these eyes where closed? Cause from every direction comes"
  • 4HIM Lay It All On The Line
    "So don't go wastin' your time Holding on to your life There are treasures that I have possessed Meant the world to me But they never fill the emptiness I needed something more than these In the middle"
  • 4HIM Let The Lion Run Free
    "I can dream the dream The dreamer lives inside of me It's just that way And I can only reach What I believe cause I can't reach Beyond my faith No, I'm not limited By what has always been It's time to"
  • 4HIM Signs And Wonders
    "We don't need a psychic line To tell us what is on your mind We don't need to search for what is Hidden in the stars We don't need a horoscope To bring us life to give us hope You are God So we just need"
  • 4HIM That Kind Of Love
    "Happiness in view Please let it be true How I've waited in line Longing for a love To come hold this heart of mine Promises unkept Boundaries overstepped Left alone with the hurt Feeling like my life Couldn't"
  • 4HIM Mystery Of Grace
    "A solitary picture Hanging on my wall The same familiar scenery We all have seen before And I can't help but wonder Staring at Your face Just what You must have been like As You visited this place God"
  • 4HIM Obvious
    "What are we trying to hide? What are we trying to conceal? When we hold this treasure inside Of heaven that is evidently real It's time to say the words And live the words we say We are a testament of"
  • 4HIM Voice In The Wilderness
    "I stand among the millions And I can't help but feel so small I am just a speck of dust A particle existing On this great big spinning ball The part of me that's human It tells me I am not that strong There's"
  • 4HIM Who's At The Wheel
    "Out on this narrow road Eyeing every exit sign I wanna take control Running this race through my mind A constant struggle just to sit on the side My own ambition tells me I gotta drive But the key that"
  • 4HIM The Hand Of God
    "I cry for hope I long for peace To fill the void of reason that my heart can only see There is a pull there is a need I see in part I search for more I long to know the mysteries of why and who we are of"
  • 4HIM The King And I
    "The sun is rising and once again The morning finds me on my knees On the days horizon I have got An invitation to see the king Far away from the worries that weigh me down I am taken to holy ground To"
  • 4HIM Window With A View
    "Sometimes I'm caught in a struggle But you go straight to the hurt Before I call out Your name I find your mercy is already at work Where could I hide from Your spirit Why should I run from Your love For"
  • 4HIM All The Evidence I Need
    "Well I've seen the news And I've heard the questions Seems the thing to do Is to keep second guessing The one who made the earth and sky I guess it's okay just to wonder why But I know the truth, and I"
  • 4HIM A Lot Like You
    "We're living in this world But are we making a difference Maybe the salt in us is out of season They look into our eyes I wonder what are they seeing Has Jesus been disguised by our religion And the nations"

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