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4HIM - Why

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4HIM - Why

  • Why? - 4HIM
    "They say that into every life Some rain must fall For the pain is no respector Of the mighty or the small But sometimes It just seems so Unfair To see the One whos had More than His share Oh it makes"
  • The Only Thing I Need - 4HIM
    "Eyes closed in a veil of tears When I hear the sound Once more You've come to me You've calmed me down You still the raging sea inside of me My Lord has come for me, so why.... Why is it so hard for me"
  • A Strange Way To Save The World - 4HIM
    "Im sure he must have been surprised At where this road had taken him Cause never in a million lives Would he have dreamed of Bethlehem CHANNEL And standing at the manger He saw with his own eyes The message"
  • This Time - 4HIM
    "What is this gently piercing my heart? Why is this aching so familiar? I must confess I long for You more Strange as it seems Im faithlessly bored Lord, You know Im tired of playing the prodigal REFRAIN Cause"
  • Lay It All On The Line - 4HIM
    "So don't go wastin' your time Holding on to your life There are treasures that I have possessed Meant the world to me But they never fill the emptiness I needed something more than these In the middle"
  • Window With A View - 4HIM
    "Sometimes I'm caught in a struggle But you go straight to the hurt Before I call out Your name I find your mercy is already at work Where could I hide from Your spirit Why should I run from Your love For"
  • Shelter In The Rain - 4HIM
    "How long have you been Waiting on a little sun to shine To take away the night Hold on for you are never alone Through the darkest skies There is a guiding light For our God is a refuge Where the weary"
  • City Of Refuge - 4HIM
    "In the land of the free So many are living in chains All around us is fear We push and we pull In our longings for love Here in the home of the brave But in the real world right now You're weary you're"
  • All The Evidence I Need - 4HIM
    "Well I've seen the news And I've heard the questions Seems the thing to do Is to keep second guessing The one who made the earth and sky I guess it's okay just to wonder why But I know the truth, and I"
  • Obvious - 4HIM
    "What are we trying to hide? What are we trying to conceal? When we hold this treasure inside Of heaven that is evidently real It's time to say the words And live the words we say We are a testament of"
  • The Hand Of God - 4HIM
    "I cry for hope I long for peace To fill the void of reason that my heart can only see There is a pull there is a need I see in part I search for more I long to know the mysteries of why and who we are of"
  • Can't Get Past The Evidence - 4HIM
    "You broke into this world of mine Stole my heart, you robbed me blind While I wasn't looking at all, Without a warning or a sign, It seems You caught me by surprise Now I know the reason why Love is the"
  • Psalm 112 - 4HIM
    "We only get so many times To ride around this sun And so many times To see a full moon shine When day is done If anything's worth doing Then it's worth doing right So I looked for wisdom On how to"
  • The Final Word - 4HIM
    "Chorus Love knows my name, sees my need Gives me hope and covers me Even through the middle of the storm Love has no fear, finds no blame The truth will never change After every voice is heard Love has"
  • Visible - 4HIM
    "Sometimes I feel so inadequate I start to question am I ready for these things you ask My words are not so eloquent But if I speak the truth in love Even simple words are equal to the task Oh Lord let"
  • When It's Time To Go - 4HIM
    "Nothing new in this old town The sun comes up and heads back down Working hard from dawn to dusk again Seventeen and a heart for change The byways calling out His name But not yet, theres too much going"
  • Why Why Why - Kelly Family
    "Walkin' down the streets You look into a dump You look into a dump and you say Why why why why why why Running down the highway As fast as you can You throw a tin can and you say Why why why why why why Tell"
  • Why Why Why - The Kelly Family
    "Walkin' down the streets You look into a dump You look into a dump and you say Why why why why why why Running down the highway As fast as you can You throw a tin can and you say Why why why why why why Tell"
  • Why, Why, Why - Billy Currington
    "I've been your lover, I've been your friend I've been your faithful one-woman man I've been your diamond in the rough Now you say you wanna polish me up Why, why, why do you wanna change me now? Ain't"
  • Why, Why, Why? - Foxy Brown
    "Hook 1: Why, why, why, why? I'ma in love, I'ma love with this man. Why, why, why, why? I'm in love, I'm in love... 1st Verse: PIMPIN'! Don't you get enough pussy at home? Tell me. What really make this"

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