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4non blondes lm my dreams

  • Blondes - Rod Stewart
    "(rod stewart / jim cregan) Is it a matter of opinion Or just a contradiction But from where I come from All the blondes have more fun Well just awatch them sisters on a saturday night Peroxide causin'"
  • Blondes - Everclear
    "You are a loser just like I was You are a loser like the rest of your friends You're a loser in the worst way I think you're losing just to make up Yeah I've seen the light All around your face I"
  • In My Dreams - Dreams
    "Puff Daddy: Ashley (Ashley...) Melissa (Melissa...) Diana (Diana...) Holly (Holly...) Dream (Dream...) Bad Boy baby, let's go! Don't know what I've got to do To get through to you You aren't trying way"
  • LM Niebieskie - Tondos
    "Pali LM niebieskie, pali LM niebieskie, ja widzę w ciemności jej oczy nieziemskie, ma oczy niebieskie jak paczka w torebce, ma niebieskie oczy jak szafir na ręce. Niebieski Bombaj I bletki, szafir"
  • Bye Bye Baby (From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes) - Marilyn Monroe
    "(Jane Russell's Solo Part) Marilyn: I'll be in my room alone every post meridian and I'll be with my diary and that book by Mister Gideon. Bye, bye baby remember you're my baby when they give you the"
  • Dreams - Sweetbox
    "Your cruel glances, your gaze hurts Evil dances behind your words You set the volume before I've spoken You took my heart to see it broken Let me hear my dreams (let me hear my dreams) Let me hear my"
  • Dreams - Beck
    "Come on out of your dreams And wake up from your reverie Time is here don’t go to sleep Streets are running on the brink They say that we’ve got nothing But a dollar for a life of sin Cos there’s trouble"
  • Dreams - King Diamond
    "The witching hour has arrived here too soon I know that all my dreams are inside this room Oh yeah, it's all in this tune Dreams in the night, they're falling like rain Dreams in the night, they drive"
  • Dreams - IC3PEAK
    "What is hidden in my dreams? What is hidden in my dreams? What is hidden in my dreams? What is hidden in my dreams? I touch your face, I touch your face I touch your face, I touch your face I touch your"
  • Dreams - Nits
    "The break of day - I lift my head I leave the bed and go to work Bycicle - Streets in town Rainy day is falling down It's maybe impossible But I've got dreams dreams I may be an optimist But I've got dreams"
  • Dreams - Silent Circle
    "Dreams Made of memories Bridges Between you and me Faces From another world Faces Like a mascarade Dreams Made for you and me Bridges To my destiny Dreams (Dream like a child) Mirror of memory (That's"
  • Dreams - Enya
    "You're everything my dreams have seen. But, what are dreams? I'm walking where my dreams have been. But, what are dreams? Can I believe these spells I feel? I'm wary now. Can I believe, or is this real? I'm"
  • Dreams - Grace Slick
    "Oh I, I believe in magic and I believe in dreams Until I heard the thunder rumble I saw the mountains crumble Then came the circus so I followed its parade With all the fancy lion-tamers, high-wire fiery"
  • Dreams - Isole
    "Relentless ground under my bare feet Quicksand to sharp rocks Fierce yet soft as I wish to be That's what this world demands The mirror uncovers my soul Naked and left out The world devour me instantly There"
  • Dreams - Appleton Nicole
    "Appleton Nicole Fantasy Dreams Here I go again got a broken heart. this time I'll get stronger. no grieving till the break of down. aint falling easily no longer ... Dreams are dreams. will they at"
  • Dreams - The Kinks
    "When I look so far away Please don't wake me from my dreams I'm just wondering who I could be If I lived inside my dreams I could be a king or a football star Drive around in a big sports car An"
  • Dreams - King's X
    "my dream is to be a lover i don't mean sex in a can my dream is to be a brother not the kind that separates man dreams do come true, yeah dreams do come true, yeah my dream is to see changes in the heart"
  • Dreams - All Saints
    "Here I go again, got a broken heart This time I'll get stronger No grieving 'til the break of dawn Aint falling easily, move over Dreams are dreams, Will alas come true Skies are clear, leaving me bright"
  • Dreams - Dua Lipa
    "Last night, my fantasies become oh-so true You said you wanted me as much as I want you If I said it hadn't crossed my mind Then, oh baby, I'll be lying It just got complicated, I don't know what to do Can"
  • Dreams - Recon
    "(DeRoque / Ochoa) Cold places Empty faces stare at me In my dreams I see them looking The things that haunted Scaring me with my past I wonder if I'll make it I wonder how this could be Will I ever get"

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