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5 angel's

  • Eye-5 - Jawbreaker
    "In unbearable traffic. Radio and it's deafening static. I got my dick in my hand. Super sanitary garbage man. Bearing down the interstate. Feeling hate for hate's sake. The gun felt good in my hand. Like"
  • Angel's night - E-Rotic
    "Oh, it's an angel's night Hold me tight, and I will blow your heart of delight Cause it's an angel's night Treat me right, and I will take you on a flight Cause it's an angel's night Be my angel, girl"
  • Angel's Wings - Westlife
    "I would die for you Lay down my life for you The only thing that means everything to me 'Cause when you're in my arms You make me prouder than Than anything I ever could achieve And you make everything"
  • Angel's Eye - Aerosmith
    "What ya gonna do when the angels come Get movin', yeah movin' I'm gonna get your kicks from the 911 It's groovin'...so soothing Your passions deplete, it's just looking to feed Your own fantasy The"
  • Angel's Son - James Lynn Strait
    "Life is changing I can't go on without you Rearranging I will be strong I'll stand by you You were fighting everyday So hard to hide the pain I know you never said goodbye I have so much left to say One"
  • Angel's crying - E-Type
    "I've got all systems go nothing standing in my way I should be far down the road but I'm not Something's holding me back like a wild boar attack and I've got you by my side but you're not Do you remember"
  • Angel's Lullaby - Richard Marx
    "I was never alive Til the day I was blessed with you When I hold you late at night I know what I was put here to do I turn off the world And listen to you sigh And I will sing my angel's lullaby Know"
  • Angel's Romance - BE.MY
    "I broke an angels wings, And left her on the side of the road, She said: "Don't leave me here on the cold floor Where it's snow" I don't, I don't, I don't, I don't Help the cheaters I won't I won't,"
  • Angel's Tale - Hyde
    "Mune no oku tojikometa Tooi hi no taisetsu na Angel's tale Eien no koi wo shita Tameiki mo azayaka na omoi wo... Iki wo tomete mitorete ita Afureru you na kagayaki Ano furisosogu yuki no veeru"
  • Angel's Doorway - Suzanne Vega
    "Angel comes home His clothes in a cloud Of the dust and the dirt and destruction She waits inside She knows he's arrived She feels this with no introduction At Angel's door You have to leave it on the"
  • Angel's Gone - Royal Hunt
    "Can't go on without knowing How to make it through another day Can't be blind yet keep on going Tell me why you've left me here to stay All alone... on my own... it goes on and on Lift me up and bring"
  • Angel's Lullaby - Reba McEntire
    "Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face One sweet angel sleeping in my arms You are the promise I knew God would keep You are the gift that makes"
  • Angel's wings - Kathy Kelly
    "He explodes his love Like an angel's wing Towards my heart And it soothes me so sweet It soothes and covers me Like a warm blanket on Open wounds and it Soothes me so sweet I was down and almost"
  • Angel's Son - Sevendust
    "Life is changing I can't go on without you Rearranging. I will be strong I'll stand by you (You were fighting everyday) (So hard to hide the pain) (I know you never said goodbye) (I had so much"
  • Angel's Wings - Social Distortion
    "You say you're down on your luck Hey baby, its a long, long way up Hold back now, hold back your fears You say you're really down and out And you feel like there's no way out now Let go now let go of your"
  • Angel's eyes - Jan Wayne
    "Angel? Eyes... On a cold and lonely morning Rainclouds over my head Blooming memories in my mind No way seems to lead out Then suddenly a shine came through Rainbow high in the sky There he was, dressed"
  • Angel's Tombstone - Before The Dawn
    "Dreamworld so dark Where I follow your trace Only place where I can see your face Feel your touch Fell your skin So long I have been waiting To feel you in my arms And I wish to be Buried inside the abyss Where"
  • Angel's Hands - Rodney Atkins
    "She said i've been up all night and half-scared to death i can smell the liquor on your breath i payed for your rehab with my ira boy your daddy'd be turning in his grave she said son i've done all"
  • Angel's Decay - Samael
    "You Know My Friend I've Been Walking On A Really Strange Path Lately I'm So Glad You Were Not There To See My Fall, To See Me Passning On My Wound So Deep My Veins Open Wide Letting Flow My Distress Letting"
  • Angel's Song - Ayumi Hamasaki
    "Hitoribotchi nanka ja nain da to Yoru ni nige konde iikikaseta Kekkyoku sore wa jibun no kodoku wo Hi ni hi ni ukibori ni shiteku dake datta Kensou kara hanareta kaerimichi Itsumo to nanimo kawaranai"

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