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5 days of summer

  • 5 More Days 'Til Summer - Lenny Kravitz
    "I’ve worked in this factory far too long can’t remember when I last had some time to breathe and be on my won and to do things just for a laugh tyo be clown, to paint the town where the sunshine can heal"
  • 5 Days - Patrick Nuo
    "It was love at first sightOn the second of julyMet her on the third floorFour times in one nightIt was a little bit of magicAnd the time stood stillShe took me to another sideShe got the key to my willTell"
  • Summer Days - Ace Of Base
    "Summer days (Summer days) Lost in another way (uh yeah) I was lost in another way (oh yeah) Who was the man behind the mask Exploring your secrets is no easy task 'Cause it happened long ago (oh yeah) You"
  • Summer Days - Do As Infinity
    "Summer days, I can't stand the summer days Frozen cocktails and night fireworks What's so great about them anyway? Summer day, let it be some other day Seaside motels and sex on the beach, Don't be thinking"
  • Summer Days - The Partridge Family
    "I feel the sunlight on my face when I just close my eyes and I trace the footpath to your daddy's summer place where we spent our early summer days The hill we climbed that went on forever we reached"
  • Summer Days - Bob Dylan
    "Summer days, summer nights are gone Summer days and summer nights are gone I know a place where there's still somethin' going on I've got a house on the hill, I got hogs out in the mud I've got a house"
  • Summer Days - Phoenix
    "I've spent all summer days driving I'm tired of holidays ruined No more take-away's, expired food I need a real day Time runs faster when you're loaded Bright lights blind me all weak Living in the"
  • Days Of Summer - Paisley Brain Cells
    "If I told you in a simple way We can't last forever, would it be okay And would you love me, here anyway Keep the fire burning till the light of day All night long you turn me on and baby you're the one Till"
  • Days Of Summer - Ana Johnsson
    "Remember a time when the summer'd never end The whole world was waiting for me and my best friend We'd sneak out, n' mess around, made up silly tunes We sat by the bonfire staring at the moon Where are"
  • 5 Funerals - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "I went to about five funerals this year And I felt so empty that I couldn't even shed a tear. I felt so fucking selfish, all I thought about was me And how I'd love to lay down on my back and just float"
  • Lazy Summer Days - Elcho
    "Memories of yesterday Can't think about it ...nothing but you Never gonna fade away... Even if you disappear from view... Sweet distraction...you're always on my mind Sweet distraction...same feeling"
  • Long Summer Days - EMF
    "Long hot summer days Travelling out far This driving music, makes us feel More than we ever are Trying hard to get away from you Trying hard to get away from you Long hot summer days Travelling out far This"
  • Endless Summer Days - Diesel Boy
    "It was a sunny summer day of sophomore year Derek, Marc, and I on highway 55 Surfboards on the rack, ate breakfast on the way Its days like these that make me glad to be alive Surfs a crashing, bronze"
  • Dream Of Summer Days - Nicotine
    "Sunday morning I wake up at sunrise I was my face hard For my first date At the station she ignores me To my face she just says goodbye In your life time Will you have the same scene That I came"
  • Last Days Of Summer - Silverstein
    "The bright light beams From her eyes Like broken glass. Or a broken heart, Who would have guessed? You'd leave me here. Beneath my eyes I feel the tears, I hold back. I won't leave, leave this way again. I"
  • Weekend (5 Long Days) - Wildhearts
    "Monday comes crashing in and all the world looks grey again Faces on the train seem grim, when yesterday the same were smiling Another week to kill, another week where time stands still And shuffling masses"
  • 5 Days In May - Blue Rodeo
    "They met in a hurricane standing in the shelter out of the rain She tucked a note into his hand later on they took his car drove on down where the beaches are He wrote her name in the sand Never even"
  • The last days of summer - Jennifer Rush
    "There are times I can visualise Lonely nights without you in my life Took a long time to see Want to make you believe I know our love will survive The last day of summer Sitting here now I see the pouring"
  • Caller #5 - 5 Days Ahead
    "Alone in this room I sit. my radio sings to me in songs of regret. what friends do I have? its convienient when they go out. its me they forget. nice guys finish first. thats the biggest lie I ever heard. you"
  • Summer - Christine Dente
    "We had sandwiches and apple juice On that sweet afternoon in the summer And you only wanted me to play You had no time to waste in the summer So you only ate half I had to laugh There will always be time"

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