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5 second summer

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5 second summer

  • 5 More Days 'Til Summer - Lenny Kravitz
    "I’ve worked in this factory far too long can’t remember when I last had some time to breathe and be on my won and to do things just for a laugh tyo be clown, to paint the town where the sunshine can heal"
  • Summer - Make It Pop
    "School's out, you know what I mean 104 days to do anything Canon balls into the pool All our friends are looking cool I've been countin' down the months, countin' down the days Countin' down the minutes,"
  • Summer - Imagine Dragons
    "If only for a second Let me have you Tell me all your secrets Let me know you Paint me all your pictures Hang them on my wall Show me all your colors Show me all Open up your eyes Open up your mind Fall"
  • Mach 5 - The Presidents of the United States of America
    "I will survive in my mach 5 In my mach 5, I will survive Yeah, yeah I will survive in my mach 5 In my mach 5, I will survive Yeah, yeah I bring the hammer down A tiny crushin sound And I'm in the yard Smashing"
  • 5 Days - Patrick Nuo
    "It was love at first sightOn the second of julyMet her on the third floorFour times in one nightIt was a little bit of magicAnd the time stood stillShe took me to another sideShe got the key to my willTell"
  • 5:30 - Robert Downey Jr.
    "I'm around I figure it out So far, so sad There's a thorn A cupid's eye No sides In landside That's my love All falls down That's why I won't fold Under fire Under ground That's why love don't wash Been"
  • 5 Bucks - Anarbor
    "Keep quiet sweetheart don't say another word, Let your body do all the talking And let mine take yours for granted. Because I'm thinking the worst And you brought this on yourself My heart is beating"
  • Coming Second - Elbow
    "Found a hole and slipped on through Kissed the stone and learnt the lines Jumped the cue all the time forgetting you Best dishevelled lover 3yrs running Coming second to A picket fence white 9-5 whos Just"
  • 5 Funerals - Bomb The Music Industry!
    "I went to about five funerals this year And I felt so empty that I couldn't even shed a tear. I felt so fucking selfish, all I thought about was me And how I'd love to lay down on my back and just float"
  • 5 Elements - Shyheim
    "Motherf**kin gp in the motherf**kin house With shorty shy (rubbabandz) Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when i, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece, when"
  • Second Chances - October Fall
    "I'm sick of second chances Cigarettes turn to ashes I'm standing under street signs To know the places I've been my whole life I watch the hours pass us Another one burns to ashes I'm waiting for"
  • Who Do You Love (ft. 5 Seconds of Summer) - The Chainsmokers
    "Who Do You Love now I wanna know I wanna know who! premiera utworu 7 luty 2019 roku."
  • Second Hand - Colony 5
    "I always see you as my queen I could do everything for you to make you pleased I saw you as the most precious thing I could have I thought you were reflecting the same feelings I do for you But, I was"
  • Houston- Oxygene 5 - Jean Michel Jarre
    "5 seconds, we're still green. Channel 2. KPRC TV Houston. Well, Houston's skyline is about to be transformed into a backdrop for the biggest laser light show ever seen in America. 4 seconds. KRIB TV. Houston."
  • 5 Ela Remix - Slum Village
    "(feat. 5 Ela, Jay Dee) All of y'all, is on our diiiiiiiiiicks Stop ridiiiin, you might get penetrated And I'd sho' hate it, if you end up impregnated Well at least 4 out of 5 niggaz in the place know"
  • Eno Ambient #5 - Lisa Loeb
    "Turn up the record barely I won't let you sit lonely Play the second note gently Before the first disappears Insomniac trends The night never ends Sweep the dimes off the bookshelves Draw the shades"
  • Arrival (5:26) - King Diamond
    "LEAD INTRO: Mike "That must be it" THEME: Andy. SOLO: Mike. Through the summer rain of 1845 The coach had finally arrived To the valley where the crossroads meet below And where all darkness seems to grow People"
  • 5 Free Minutes - Spirit Of The West
    "All packed up, the people gone. All tucked in, the TV on. Tonight a bedroom for myself. I'm gonna keep my mental health. I could burn this country down with the end of a cigarette. Why do you put up with"
  • One Second Chance - Jeff Bates
    "It says here your from Houston Certified to drive a truck It didn't say what ou've been doing The last five years Then I watched his eyes keep readin Then I watched his eyes look up Mustive known the job"
  • Jackson 5 Medley - 'N Sync
    "Oh Ohhh Ohhh I'm gonna tell you now, oh, oh When I had you to myself I didn't want you around Those pretty faces always make you stand out in a crowd But someone picked you from the bunch one glance is"

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