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5 second of summwr and 1

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5 second of summwr and 1

  • 5&1/2 Minute Hallway - Poe
    "I live at the end of a 5&1/2 minute hallway But as far as I can see you are still miles from me In your doorway And oh, by the way, when the landlord came today He measured everything I knew he'd get it"
  • 1 minute 1 second - Epik High
    "I cant let go. eodil bwado ne moseubi boigo, muneojineun nae maeum sumgil suga eobseo. baby, dan 1bun 1chodo. I cant let go. eodil gado ne moksori deulligo, buseojineun simjang sum swil suga eobseo. baby,"
  • 1 - 800 - Spice 1
    "The number you have reached 4x [ verse 1 ] We used to piss on the floors in the bathroom In elementary I never thought you'd end up in the penitentiary Readin these letters you've sendin me Sippin hennesey"
  • Houston- Oxygene 5 - Jean Michel Jarre
    "5 seconds, we're still green. Channel 2. KPRC TV Houston. Well, Houston's skyline is about to be transformed into a backdrop for the biggest laser light show ever seen in America. 4 seconds. KRIB TV. Houston."
  • One Second Chance - Jeff Bates
    "It says here your from Houston Certified to drive a truck It didn't say what ou've been doing The last five years Then I watched his eyes keep readin Then I watched his eyes look up Mustive known the job"
  • Counting 5-4-3-2-1 - Thursday
    "5-4-3-2-1 Lets start a fire. We'll burn this town from inside out. Till no ones left alive. And you can't feel the rhythm of your steps when you hit the street. The city seems so far away from here,"
  • 2timothy 3: 1-5 - Sick Of Change
    "But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love,"
  • 5 Days - Patrick Nuo
    "It was love at first sightOn the second of julyMet her on the third floorFour times in one nightIt was a little bit of magicAnd the time stood stillShe took me to another sideShe got the key to my willTell"
  • Second chances - Veggie Tales
    "Singer 1: You're feelin' pretty blueYou didn't do what God requested!Singer 2: Yeah, I'd be mopin' too, if I was gonna be digested!Singer 3: This ain't a pretty picture, noI said, it ain't a pretty sight,"
  • 5 O'Clock - Nonchalant
    "(verse 1) It's really real, when I feel the way that I do right now I see all my brothers underground Pushing up daisies, man, it amazes me That you can't see where you gonna be A statistic, everybody's"
  • 5 Elements - Shyheim
    "Motherf**kin gp in the motherf**kin house With shorty shy (rubbabandz) Yo.. yo.. I raise all hell when i, start to stain Crab niggaz, I recon, you recognize the grain I bring drama to your earpiece, when"
  • England 5, Germany 1 - The Business
    "Was a sunny day in a Munich stadium All the beer in Munich cant console them As Oliver hit the turf It was English footballs birth It was there biggest loss since 1931 England 5 germany1 Michael Owen"
  • England 5 - Germany 1 - Bouncing Souls
    "Was a sunny day in a Munich stadiumAll the beer in Munich cant console themAs Oliver hit the turfIt was English footballs birthIt was there biggest loss since 1931England 5 germany1Michael Owen is number"
  • 1+1=2 - Bega Lou
    "Bega Lou A Little Bit Of Mambo 1+1=2 back on stage baby here i am I dont give a damn 'cause i enterin 'em I gotta mic in my left and a honey in my right and that is enough to make the vibes feel tight I"
  • 5 Free Minutes - Spirit Of The West
    "All packed up, the people gone. All tucked in, the TV on. Tonight a bedroom for myself. I'm gonna keep my mental health. I could burn this country down with the end of a cigarette. Why do you put up with"
  • Caller #5 - 5 Days Ahead
    "Alone in this room I sit. my radio sings to me in songs of regret. what friends do I have? its convienient when they go out. its me they forget. nice guys finish first. thats the biggest lie I ever heard. you"
  • Trapped In The Closet Part 1 0f 5 - R. Kelly
    "Chapter 1: Seven o'clock in the morning And the rays from the sun awakes me I'm stretchin' and yawnin' In a bed that don't belong to me And a voice yells, Good morning, darlin, from the bathroom Then"
  • Shine on you crazy diamond (Part 1-5) - Pink Floyd
    "Remember when you were young, You shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there's a look in your eyes, Like black holes in the sky. Shine on you crazy diamond. You were caught on the crossfire"
  • 5 x 5 - Ballard Ashley
    "Ballard Ashley Get In The Booth 5 x 5 All systems operational I'm so alive Everything is 5 x 5 Got me feeling like there's no gravity trying to look at the space between you and me boy just trying to"
  • 5 X 5 - Ashley Ballard
    "(All systems operational) (I'm so alive) (Everything is 5 x 5) Got me feeling like there's no gravity Trying to look at the space between you and me boy Just trying to get into your world I need"

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