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5secEnds of sumers

  • Of Man - Son Of Sam
    "What is this that steals the breath? what is this that horrifies?, I've got an urge to kill I've got a will to die, And I'm creation I'm destruction, ohhh Where do they come from? where do they hide?, We"
  • Of Power - Son Of Sam
    "POWER CALLING and the frail shall turn to dust as the..., POWER rising within the few who find the will, It grows, I know it shows WHOAH- Within the heart there's a fury and IT GROWS within the eyes a"
  • Friends Of Mine - Of Montreal
    "When we're all in a crowd And you catch her eye And then you both smile I feel so good inside And when I'm with her She talks about you The things that you say The things that you do It feels so good"
  • Spoonful Of Sugar - Of Montreal
    "Sometimes I'm feeling bad and then again I'm sad But she makes me happy Sometimes I'm feeling wrong and that I can't go on But she makes me understand and see She's a spoonful of sugar to me So sweet"
  • Nonpareil Of Favor - Of Montreal
    "My lover, I've been donating time to review All the misinterpretations that define me and you I'm thinking about you In my secret language Cause I know you're the only one Who can help me take it easy Now"
  • Dreamy Day Of Daydreaming Of You - Of Montreal
    "You're my muse you're my silly goose and every day is a dreamy day of daydreaming of you. You're my one you're my honey bun and every day is a dreamy day of daydreaming of you. I can dream of you"
  • Death Of A Shade Of A Hue - Of Montreal
    "Over a sea of grief Scarlet died above her dying mind were fossilfied memory imprints of her favorite day for a minute I stayed watching this brilliant display until a god with a broom came and swept them"
  • Gods Of Steel - Cemetery Of Scream
    "I know the pain of insane which comes to my soul I see the streets drowned in rain the melody of sad Flag is tremblin' in my hands I'm beatin' out the paintings in rock the picture of the dying people"
  • Halo of Blood - Children Of Bodom
    "(6 czerwca do sklepów trafi nowy studyjny longplay Children Of Bodom, "Halo Of Blood". Promuje go tytułowy numer.)"
  • Ring Of Fire - Ring Of Fire
    "Ring Of Fire From the shadows of sorcerer's knights To the wizard with jewels of light Secret languages runes and spells Ouroboros is well From the alchemists immortal gold To the elves with their powers"
  • Landscape Of Sadness - Cemetery Of Scream
    "The blue eyes full of hues and sunshine the sad mouth full of longin'n'desires the puppets of the characters took out of fables they are making endless seas The eye, nothing but a soulless shape when the"
  • Lamb Of God - Lamb Of God
    "This is the lamb This is the lamb This is the Lamb of God So what the f**k Do you not like the lamb? The lamb The Lamb of God Where were you when I was the lamb? The lamb The Lamb of God What is up with"
  • Edge of Tomorrow - Guardians Of Time
    "They probe my mind, I am defenseless Brought back in time, out of controle Why am I here, what have I done here Close to despair, out of control Welcome to our way of life, at the edge of tomorrow Burning"
  • Dawn Of Flames - Gates Of Ishtar
    "After days filled with darkness Comes a dawn, the last in time It shall burn the wings of angels And desecrate the heart of man It will flood the shores of heaven And unleash the wrath of flames It will"
  • Sons Of Lucy - Army Of Lovers
    "Now we are angry Drums go bang in the jungleland Lucy's foot made a mark in sand Paint the walls in our cave saloon And draw the hunt like a rock cartoon We are the sons of Lucy oooh We are the sons"
  • Guardians of Time - Guardians Of Time
    "Father of dimensions hold The keys to our destinies Beyond the gates where time stand still The Guardians of Time you will meet They're immortal, always have been Protectors of mankind sins. In past and"
  • Rain Of Spring - Sea Of Desperation
    "I smell the rain of spring It brings me part of rest Sometimes I loose my mind And rain return me to the sanity The day is gone And bitter regrets are come Of choice, of love, of all Arise again... Tonight"
  • Death Of God - Crown Of Thorns
    "(Music & Lyrics: M. Olsfelt) And down comes the rain... God is dead - The sky cries tears of blood Whipping down hard - The proof of his demise This is the end - This is the Death of God The Death divine"
  • Children Of Bodom - Children Of Bodom
    "In the silence of darkness, among the shadows of the dead we hear a wolf howling hungry to wake up children of the graves Unripe Vengeance! The cult that serves as revenge has put forward it's fangs to"
  • City of dead - Ring Of Fire
    "City of golden desing Buried with unspoken treasure inside Nobody knows of the danger it hides Center of power and greed Deep in the tomb's where they planted the seed Waiting for victims Ready to feed"

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