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60 cent candy shop

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60 cent candy shop

  • Candy Shop - 50 Cent
    "(feat. Olivia) Yeah... Uh huh So seductive [50 Cent] I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the lollipop Go 'head girl, don't you stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah) I'll take"
  • Candy Shop - Andrew Bird
    "day before the fires of hell You let me in your house You let me in your house You let me in your house with a hammer Set to tile or set to stone Tit for tat and bone for bone I'm goin' to set fire to"
  • Candy Shop - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    "Well, piece by piece and nail by nail It'll all come down someday before the fires of hell You let me in your house You let me in your house You let me in your house with a hammer Set to tile or set to"
  • Candy Shop - Madonna
    "See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore Don't pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before I've got Turkish Delight, baby, and so much more Get"
  • ŁAPY ale to 50 centów cukierkowy sklep (candy shop masna przeróbka) - Masno
    "Lecę sobie dalej mocno bije bo mam skalę idę po miksować to zakładam komininarę jest nas tutaj trójka chociaż nie jest to Mam Talent stopa taka szybka że prześcigam se ferarę hejka, mówi Ted robię napad"
  • 60 Talsmedley - Carola
    "LOCOMOTIONEverybody's doing a brand new dance nowCome on baby, do the locomotionI know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance nowCome on baby, do the locomotionMy little baby sister can do it with"
  • Fuck 50 (50 Cent Diss) - Fat Joe
    "Yeah, that'll do it Yeah, I love hip hop I love this muthafuckin hip hop game This nigga here is a little nigga man Stay in your motherfucking lane nigga You fucking with the Don nigga Folow me Fifty"
  • Raymond's shop - Stereophonics
    "Going down la la la Going down la la la la la I used to buy my sweets and candy treats at Raymond's shop I used to pass there everyday The time I as come to buy a gun and hold up Raymond's shop It looks"
  • Candy Rap - 50 Cent
    "(Eminem) This gettin outta hand;Forget the Hook, staright spittin (50 Cent) I got ya Come On... Yo Ja quit it, your raps are ova You aren't even good friends no more with homie J-Hova We all hate u,"
  • 60% - NOFX
    "I'm not here to entertain you I'm here to meet my friend the Russian The Irish, the German, the Columbian I don't care how bad I fuck up I care about how fucked up I get I'm not your clown I'm your dealer And"
  • Candy man - Christina Aguilera
    "Tarzan and Jane were swingin' on a vineCandyman, candymanSippin' from a bottle of vodka double wineSweet, sugar, candymanHey, uhI met him out for dinner on a Friday nightHe really got me working up an"
  • Curtis (50 Cent Diss) - Cam'ron
    "The truck or the Lamb b, Cam be stuffed in some candy This ain't a label CURTISSS, you fukkin with family See my squad dun waited, right behind them bars that's gated Hopped out the casket, bastard, reincarnated Yep,"
  • Bull In A China Shop - Barenaked Ladies
    "I'm a kid in a candy store I'm a bull in a china shop I'm a tired old metaphor For everything you can't afford And everything you can't afford to be I'm a public embarrassment I'm a bottle of diet poison I'm"
  • I Want Candy - Mc Chris
    "I want candy Bubblegum and taffy Skip to the sweet shop with my sweet hot Sandy Got my pennies saved, so I'm her sugar daddy I'm her Hume Cronyn and she's my Jessica Tandy I want candy Put it in a pop Split"
  • Killer likes candy - I Am Ghost
    "Like sugar the sweetest thing I ever tastedLike a fine merlotAnd white pills cut on glass and lips of dollsI'm told there was beauty in our silenceSo hold me angel, love me angelKiss the sun and burn our"
  • 60 Seconds - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous 60 Seconds 60 seconds what could happen now? He could end up going down 60 seconds what could happen then? He could end up changing again He was dreaming softly in his bed He woke"
  • 60 Revolutions - Gogol Bordello
    "60 revolutions per minute this is my regular speed So how do you want me to live with it? How do you want me to live with it? Without ringing all alarms! Without overthrowing czars! Without emptying the"
  • 60 Steps - Anasarca
    "{{Cover| |Artist = Carlos Santana |Title = 60 Steps }} The man of the struggle, In his search for solace, He tries to focus on and rest in the eye of the storm. He sees no future for himself, only an"
  • 60 Miles - Exit
    "I've got so much to do And so little time My life's a million miles an hour I feel like I'm losing my mind And I'm 60 miles from you But I'm on my way And you're the only one that Makes my worries go"
  • 60 bars - Miss Nana
    "Holt Miss Na... 60 Bars,Newarkilly,Questionmark,Souldiggaz listen Ladies Walk With Me, Kids Talk To Me, Fellas Its A New Beginning Part In Me. i Never Curse In A Verse,My Style Clean Im Not That Tall B-Ball"

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