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6IX9INE "Kooda

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6IX9INE "Kooda

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6IX9INE "Kooda
  • Lil Pump DRIP (ft. 6IX9INE)
    ".. you think you can take me? to your fucking army you gonna take me come on I … all my bitches come go go look like a mission blow whistle you gon; me crack and the don’t pistol . .drip ‘em fiji .. doctor"
  • Camper Van Beethoven Sweethearts & Quot ;
    "'cause he's always living back in dixon Circa 1949 And we're all sitting at the fountain, at the five and dime 'cause he's living in some b-movie The lines they are so clearly drawn In black and white"
  • Candlemass Tot
    "Dark clad waters, still warm shrouds Doomsday warning from the men in the clouds Lily's weep over light that fled Words were carved in my arm by the dead Grim like war, foul like tar Corroded fragments"
  • 6IX9INE Gotti
    "got me got me rollie ya can;t even afford it through Gotti, gotti Gotti, gotti Gotti, gotti came up blood gang 30 bang, Scum Gang Big choppa, big thang let your nuts hang who taat? don’t say BBA change"
  • 6IX9INE Tati (Feat. DJ SpinKing)
    "hold up let me get it started B.B. with the Robins looking all retarded B.B. saggin’ fly like a dragon bitches suck myt dick cause I’m fly like Alladin Scum Gang! the bitches think I’m stupid I ain’t"
  • 6IX9INE BEBE (Ft. Anuel AA)
    "Haciendo el amor a la misma que tu te toca Bebe no te pasa nada vuélvete loca Y tu novio te trata mal el no te controla He said: ella sep one pornografica en la intimidad Y su marido no la valora"
    "bitch, I;m silly! up the chopper shot your shit up let’s get busy! drink’ henny goin’ brazy poppin’ pilles! sex, money, murder, shootout all my blazing Billy we in you’ city! shoutout myt apes un the"
    "i tella nigga don’t dick ride don’t blick ride leave it ot the double thick things twin sisters drop it down and wobble wobble up mami booted up she get down and gobble gobble up cause my money up slide,"
    "Se pinta los labios Hoy no tehne horario Quiere que la busque en el lambo Esta noche coronamos Dale Parate terminar lo que empezomas Baila morena /5x Una nena asi me hacia falta Que matiera mo mano"
    "Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Shake it back Punani-nani Fat , Punani-nani Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani That Tsunami-nani, That Tsunami-nani Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani That Tsunami-nani,"
    "I get money when i want to I get bitches when i want to Tote this pistol when i want to Moeny dance step hit the 1, 2 You can’t bop like this Everybody want my swag Everybody want my drip Had to tell"
  • 6IX9INE NINI (Feat. Leftside)
    "limitless yes! Take your time Take your time Take your time now GAK me wnanh Know we you haffi wine so Look att you Nature a must Be God fine Yyuh! Me well wann Get beside you beside you sexy lady dam’e dam’e"
    "Got my mind on my money can’t loose now only win take a nigga like FEFE i don’t really want noe friends and if i don’t move rright i can’t lose my life (Official Lyric Video)"
  • Napalm Death Per Capita
    "Countless opinions - a hotbed of riches Last remaining entitlement Feeling valued? Or devoutly subdued? Per Capita All placated and humoured A billion voices shall all register - they say Diversity for"
  • De Kift Tot Slot
    "Ik begreep dat je niet m'n moeder was, maar m'n dochter, nu houd ik je stevig vast en over je hoofd heen kijk ik ver uit het raam naar daar waar ik jaren her als snotneus rondhing, met om me heen het gajes"
  • Impaled Nazarene Gott Ist Tot
    "Gott ist tot, es ist tot, Judean Gott Gott ist tot, es ist tot, Judean Gott Sohn ist tot, er is tot, Judean Sohn! Gott ist tot, Judean Gott, ist tot Heil! Heil! Heil! Heil! Gott ist tot, Judean Gott,"
  • Zaunpfahl Liebe Ist Tot
    "Ich schaute in die Zeitung Drehte jede Seite dreimal um Dann machte ich die Glotze an Zappte stundenlang herum Dann schaute ich bei eBay Doch keiner bot dich an Und ich frage mich, wie du einfach so Verschwinden"
  • Zaunpfahl Klaus Ist Tot!
    "In der Zeitung stand's geschrieben Und im Radio kam es auch Das Fernsehen fragte mir Lcher in den Bauch Was war er fr ein Kerl Wie viel Frauen hatte er War er stndig breit Hatte er es in der Schule schwer Klaus"
  • Giulia Liber la Tot
    "Lumina stinsa, Nu cu mine Baby, nu intelegi Ca vreau sa vezi tot Un cub de gheata ar prinde bine Simt ca ard dupa tine Sexy dar nu usoara Crazy dar nu vulgara Ma intind ca o chitara In mina ta Refren:Hey,"
  • Umberto Tozzi Capita di nuovo
    "Vedrai se vuoi rinasce Con poco il gioco riesce se lo vuoi Guardandosi a lungo in fondo agli occhi cos Vedrai se vuoi rinasce Con poco il gioco riesce se lo vuoi Profondamente in fondo agli occhi Capita"

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