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    "i tella nigga don’t dick ride don’t blick ride leave it ot the double thick things twin sisters drop it down and wobble wobble up mami booted up she get down and gobble gobble up cause my money up slide,"
  • DRIP (ft. 6IX9INE) - Lil Pump
    ".. you think you can take me? to your fucking army you gonna take me come on I … all my bitches come go go look like a mission blow whistle you gon; me crack and the don’t pistol . .drip ‘em fiji .. doctor"
  • Gotti - 6IX9INE
    "got me got me rollie ya can;t even afford it through Gotti, gotti Gotti, gotti Gotti, gotti came up blood gang 30 bang, Scum Gang Big choppa, big thang let your nuts hang who taat? don’t say BBA change"
  • Tati (Feat. DJ SpinKing) - 6IX9INE
    "hold up let me get it started B.B. with the Robins looking all retarded B.B. saggin’ fly like a dragon bitches suck myt dick cause I’m fly like Alladin Scum Gang! the bitches think I’m stupid I ain’t"
  • BEBE (Ft. Anuel AA) - 6IX9INE
    "Haciendo el amor a la misma que tu te toca Bebe no te pasa nada vuélvete loca Y tu novio te trata mal el no te controla He said: ella sep one pornografica en la intimidad Y su marido no la valora"
    "bitch, I;m silly! up the chopper shot your shit up let’s get busy! drink’ henny goin’ brazy poppin’ pilles! sex, money, murder, shootout all my blazing Billy we in you’ city! shoutout myt apes un the"
  • YAYA - 6IX9INE
    "Se pinta los labios Hoy no tehne horario Quiere que la busque en el lambo Esta noche coronamos Dale Parate terminar lo que empezomas Baila morena /5x Una nena asi me hacia falta Que matiera mo mano"
    "Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Nasty, Nasty, Nasty Shake it back Punani-nani Fat , Punani-nani Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani That Tsunami-nani, That Tsunami-nani Fat Punani-nani, Fat Punani-nani That Tsunami-nani,"
  • TUTU - 6IX9INE
    "I get money when i want to I get bitches when i want to Tote this pistol when i want to Moeny dance step hit the 1, 2 You can’t bop like this Everybody want my swag Everybody want my drip Had to tell"
  • NINI (Feat. Leftside) - 6IX9INE
    "limitless yes! Take your time Take your time Take your time now GAK me wnanh Know we you haffi wine so Look att you Nature a must Be God fine Yyuh! Me well wann Get beside you beside you sexy lady dam’e dam’e"
  • AVA - 6IX9INE
    "Got my mind on my money can’t loose now only win take a nigga like FEFE i don’t really want noe friends and if i don’t move rright i can’t lose my life (Official Lyric Video)"
  • ZAZA - 6IX9INE
    "Boom Boom Uhh Hear that hot shit we really pop shit When we shopped shit you copped it We really drop shit Who got the keys to the locks We gon’ bring the fuck shit T’all be all upon my dick Like its"
  • GINÉ - 6IX9INE
    "They be sayin' this and that, all that shit is cap Pull up on 'em real life, like where the energy at? I shot you, I robbed you and y'all ain't do nothin' back Remember that? Niggas lacked Y'all ain't"
  • Aulos Reloaded - Vladimir Cauchemar & 6IX9INE
    "I want her she ain’t want me now she want me I don’t want her girl on my phone can’t stand her if it ain’t money don’t call me big bank, chase bank, Billy’s gang face tats, scum gang finna game off if"
  • TROLLZ - 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj
    "Watch, mhm Glock, mhm Cocked, mhm Got it, mhm You need that i got it That’s cash in my pocekt That’s cash one hunnits You need that i got it Need it i got it Cash pockets Bands on me Sticks on me You need"
  • FEFE - 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz
    "pussy got that wet,wet got thet drip drip got thet super spoaker hit that , she a Fefe Hun’ and Keke she eat my dick like it’s fri fri I don’t even know like “why I did that?” I don’t even know like “why"
  • FEFE PARODY - 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj, Murda Beatz
    "all my music garbage i record it inside of a dumpster hit that if she 13 I’ll take snapchats while she suck my best friend’s pee pee I’m the biggest troll to ever make rap look like a rainbow mixed with"
  • International Gangstas - Farid Bang, Capo, 6IX9INE, SCH
    "(WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)"
  • Don't You Just Know It - Amazulu
    "Baby, baby, when you take me out strolling (Don't you just know it) You got me rocking when I ought to be rolling (Don't you just know it) Ha ha ha ha (Ha ha ha ha) Hey, oh (Hey, oh) Ha gooba gooba gooba"
  • Red Pill - Kacper HTA
    "Kiedy byłem młody chciałem nosić ciuchy jak Fendi, Vi, Crips I mieć codziennie nowe dupy tak jak Johnny Sins jarałem szlugi wagonami sam nie wiedząc nic pytasz czy jest git? to nie klick, klick, robimy"

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