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6ix9ine blood walk

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6ix9ine blood walk

  • Blood To Walk - King Diamond
    "Sitting in the cellar, watching all the others It was only yesterday, needles in my skin THEY turned my last remains into this Puppet thing Blood to walk, blood to see Blood to walk again and Blood to"
  • DRIP (ft. 6IX9INE) - Lil Pump
    ".. you think you can take me? to your fucking army you gonna take me come on I … all my bitches come go go look like a mission blow whistle you gon; me crack and the don’t pistol . .drip ‘em fiji .. doctor"
  • Blood - Gardens Of Gehenna
    "You'd better stayed at home tonight. You'd better locked your door and prayed. You'd better listened to their warnings. You'd better never crossed my way. Moonless nights fraught with desaster are baleful"
  • Blood For Blood - Killarmy
    "chorus: Blood for Blood without rewards a bullet hears my true love sign in life's young dreams to all Blood for blood Blood for Blood without rewards (Dom PaChino) Deep in the hot sands of Savannah,"
  • Walk The Walk - Sean Slaughter
    "(Chorus) I'm a Disciple for Christ Walk the walk, talk the talk, so what's ya life He died then came to life I feel it's only right that we walk toward the light But to get there, we gotta fight, so get"
  • Rebirth In Blood - Blood Red Throne
    "Weeping, those who strive. Mortal, you will die. We march, no more. Waiting for the dead to show. I will see them burn in their own flames. I will hunt them down with their own sword. I will spill their"
  • Blood Out - AMB
    "Watching you with red eyes (Walk through the wire) Follow you through lifetimes (Never expire) Without fear we face them (We stand together) Blood out, blood out.(We stand forever) Once you're inside There's"
  • Fresh blood - Gabriel Mann
    "All the Neighbours Never See Me But They Wonder Why I Walk Around At NightHe Gets Hungry - I Go Hunting In the Moonlit Streets For Somebody That's RightFresh Blood, a Sanguinary Feast Is All He's Living"
  • Blood Nigga - Jay Rock
    "I'm Jay Muthafuckin Rock Nigga What It Do All Red Chucks Yellin Out SUWOOP Known By Them Niggas That Be Wearin All Blue Thats Why I Get A Pass Everytime I Ride Threw. Eastside Bounty On The Watts Thats"
  • Young Blood - Bad Company
    "I saw her standing on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair I couldn't keep myself from callin' Look a there, look a there Look a there, look a there Young blood, young blood, young blood I can't get"
  • Fresh Blood - Alice Cooper
    "All the neighbours never see me But they wonder why I walk around at night he gets hungry - I go hunting In the moonlit streets For somebody that's right Fresh blood, a sanguinary feast Is all he's living"
  • Blood Brothers - Iron Maiden
    "(Harris) And if you're taking a walk through the garden of life What do you think you'd expect you would see? Just like a mirror reflecting the moves of your life And in the river reflections of me Just"
  • Outlaw Blood - Altaria
    "Gazing out, through the bars of your window, At the world that's passing you by. You used to be, the one with all the answers, And now, you're the mighty king of fools. You had the crowd inside you hand, You"
  • Young Blood - Beatles
    "I saw her standing on the corner (Yip yip boom) A yellow ribbon in her hair (Yip yip boom) I couldn't stop myself from calling Well look a-there, look a-there Wow look a-there, well look a-there Young"
  • Blood Relations - Sinner
    "i walk alone - through the shadows of dawn my heart tells you why what i'm going through, the nights without you i was prepared to die there is an open flame burning the game sea of emotion - blood"
  • Young Blood - Bruce Willis
    "I saw her standin on the corner A yellow ribbon in her hair All my boys could not help cryin Looky there, looky there Thats tough, shes diggin me Young blood, yes, it is Young blood Young blood Cant get"
  • Flesh & Blood - Bee Gees
    "I'm not that someone who's got what you want I can do nothing but watch what you do You just want someone to kiss you good night But lips are never enough to get you through You stole my nights and you"
  • Blood Tide - Nekromantix
    "See those women lying in a twisted pile of blood and bone See those spirits flying by and everything is good Take a walk on a beach of mine, enjoy the setting sun Seems like everything around, you know"
  • Bad Blood - Bastille
    "We were young and drinking in the park there was nowhere else to go and you said you always had my back oh but how were we to know That these are the days that bind you together,forever and these little"
  • Blood money - Bon Jovi
    "Hey Patty Garrett that's what I used to call you they tell me you want me but I hear they've got you they made you a lawman with a badge made of silver they paid you some money to sell them my blood But"

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