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7 Young mówiłaś

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7 Young mówiłaś

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7 Young mówiłaś
  • Young Igi Mówiłaś
    "Mówiłaś, że będziesz całować Ja chciałem odlecieć daleko Do sufitu układam ten pieniądz Zobacz na co one wszystkie lecą Te stówy, te dwie, te pięć Jeśli cie denerwuje, mów który Które mam wybrać, ze wspólnych"
    "Mówiłaś kocham Mówiłaś ze mnie chcesz Mówiłaś Ale z kim innym bawisz się Wracam do domu by ujrzeć uśmiech twój Wracam zmęczony a jednak jest nas dwóch Po co te kłamstwa Że jednak kochasz mnie Po co to"
  • O.S.T.R. Mówiłaś mi
    "Mówiłaś mi, że mam się zmienić Lecz jak to zrobić, gdy od lat sami jesteśmy w sobie uwięzieni Komu mam wierzyć, co nazwać zaufaniem Czym jest - honor, szacunek, duma, prawda ponad prawem Nasza Wieża Babel,"
  • The Ramones 7 11
    "I met her at the 7-11 Now I'm in 7th heaven Tell me, tell me Can this be true I never though I'd ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the Space Invaders So i said can I see you later Yeah we went"
  • Ramones 7-11
    "I met her at the 7-11 Now I'm in 7th heaven Tell me, tell me Can this be true I never though I'd ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the Space Invaders So I said can I see you later Yeah we"
  • The Ramones 7-11
    "I met her at the 7-11 now Im in the 7th Heaveb tell me, tell me can this be true I never thought Id ever meet a girl like you She was standing by the space invaders so I said Can I see you later yeah"
  • Love Spit Love 7 Years
    "Damn all the days7 rainy day girlsWake at my sleep singingDamn all the days7 years ago todayThere was a young man in my placeI never stop to count the days7 years agoDamn all the daysThat there's no conversationWe're"
  • Kevon Edmonds 24/7 (Remix)
    "(AZ) Yeah, it's like It's like we locked in now Kevon, its AZ baby Twenty four 1 - (Kevon) I think about you all the time 24-7 babe The love I have inside for you Is more than any words can say Thanking"
  • Boogie Down Productions 7 Dee Jays
    "YES! Chillin in the place right now Harmony and Heather B, Ms. Melodie DJ Jamal-Ski, DJ Kenny Parker And of course we are gettin MUCH DARKER Because the Africanism is in EFFECT So check it out, MAN! And"
  • DiscoPogo 7 A. M.
    "I’ve been too young I’ve been too old I’ve been too tall I’ve been too short I’ve been too nerdy too I’ve been too cool Nothing is good enough I’m always screwed Nothing’s good enough, ‘cause to be yourself Nothing’s"
  • S Club 7 From 7 2 6 2 0
    "We were young and free Then we went a addition Only 7 made it through 4 girls 3 boys They were: Bradley......Hannah......Jo.....Jon....Paul.....Rachel....Tina We went from 7 2 6 2 0 It was a gr8 expiriance 7"
  • Mac Dre Young Playah
    "Kick back while I romp, rap, perk, and get keyed I got a fifth of heem and some hurt ya dick weed Taking fat sips of the hennesey And if I aint drunk now, I'm finna be Its the cold crest capper on the"
  • Trin-I-Tee 5 7:There He Is
    "If you're searching for joy And you haven't found it yet I wanna know Who is the man who said He could save And Who took my dark clouds away And who said that they would bring joy to my day And who"
  • Orange 9mm 7
    "Forget what I said and why I said it I don't think you ever wanted to know You'd wanna make an excuse on your own Rather decide who you could blame it on I get the picture you like to deceive Whatever"
  • Sunna 7%
    "I don't remember being dead I can't remember hell I don't remember heaven as well But a familiar smell If you're feeling trust you know who I am To be real is a must that's me if I can When I'm feeling"
  • Liquido 7
    "1. I wish I was a killer of every single day I get and I am a sinner Ive done it all by now with no regret and I like it by now I cannot strike it considering what life is - all for nothin` 2. ...and I"
  • Arctic Monkeys 7
    "Well I wrote my number down Never wrote it down before Was gonna bring it over like something from a film But I didn't have the bottle at all Well I'm looking and you kept staring Your thoughts bearing"
  • Prince 7
    "No! I'm going down 2 Alphabet Street I'm gonna crown the first girl that I meet I'm gonna talk so sexy She'll want me from my head 2 my feet Yeah, yeah, yeah Yes she will Yeah, yeah, yeah "
  • Tub Ring Self Discovery At 7-11
    "Down the street and over two blocks Is the local quickie mart Twenty four hours of convenience Be still my beating heart Iced tea, chili dog And a grape slushie Bag of chips, candy bar If I've got"
  • Lucky 7 We Were Young
    "17 and we were Strung out on nothing yet Cuz we were young Sitting around and getting high In back of my 55 When we were young If I could only be with her right now She'd know exactly how I feel"

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