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  • 7 Minutes - Noir D
    "Between skies and fields this land in midnight lights cold summer, cold summer till the end of time the earth's like a belly an heavy sleeping beast but with her big eyes open and cities are inside still"
  • 7 Minutes in heaven - Fall Out Boy
    "I'm sleeping my way out of this oneWith anyone who will lie downI'll be stuck fixated on one starWhen the world is crashing downI keep telling myselfI keep telling myselfI'm not the desperate typeBut you've"
  • 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen) - Fall Out Boy
    "I'm sleeping my way out of this one With anyone who will lie down I'll be stuck fixated on one star When the world is crashing down I keep telling myself I keep telling myself I'm not the desperate type But"
  • 15 Minutes - Marc Nelson
    "15 minutes-Marc Nelson Damn, What time is it All snap, I gotta go to work Hold up a minute CHORUS All I got is 15 minutes, and I wanna get up in it Ain got no time to talk, just come and break me off Ain"
  • 24-7 - Kevon Edmonds
    "Baby it's no mystery You're bringing out the best in me And though I've been in love before I've never had the kind of love that made me feel secure I never thought that give and take Mentality was right"
  • 25 Minutes To Go - Pearl Jam
    "They're buildin' the gallows outside my cell I got 25 minutes to go And in 25 minutes I'll be in Hell I got 24 minutes to go Well, they give me some beans for my last meal 23 Minutes to go And you know..."
  • 8 Minutes To Sunrise - Common
    "(feat. Jill Scott) Yeah, yo, yo, yo-yo, yo, yo Yo, a touch of jazz y'all, yeah, yeah ?? y'all, yo they got us on the run, like 8 minutes to sunrise Oh baby now, what are we gonna do? (I don't know..) Pressure"
  • 8 Minutes to sunrise - Jill Scott
    "{Common}Yeah, yo, yo, yo-yo, yo, yoYo, a touch of jazz y'all, yeah, yeah?? y'all, yo they got us on the run, like{Jill Scott}8 minutes to sunriseOh baby now, what are we gonna do? (I don't know..)Pressure"
  • Minutes - Jebediah
    "Don't take my love away It's the only thing I've got. Take this throat instead, Coz it isn't worth a lot. And I'll write it in the sand, Just so you understand That the ground that I walk on Won't be"
  • 13 Months In 6 Minutes - Wrens
    "not yet 21 with introductions done a first slow dance just ends I was at my best we ignored the rest (my band and your friends) but as better night became best day we left the party while last records"
  • 24/7 (Remix) - Kevon Edmonds
    "(AZ) Yeah, it's like It's like we locked in now Kevon, its AZ baby Twenty four 1 - (Kevon) I think about you all the time 24-7 babe The love I have inside for you Is more than any words can say Thanking"
  • 7 - Orange 9mm
    "Forget what I said and why I said it I don't think you ever wanted to know You'd wanna make an excuse on your own Rather decide who you could blame it on I get the picture you like to deceive Whatever"
  • 7% - Sunna
    "I don't remember being dead I can't remember hell I don't remember heaven as well But a familiar smell If you're feeling trust you know who I am To be real is a must that's me if I can When I'm feeling"
  • 7 - Liquido
    "1. I wish I was a killer of every single day I get and I am a sinner Ive done it all by now with no regret and I like it by now I cannot strike it considering what life is - all for nothin` 2. ...and I"
  • 7 - Arctic Monkeys
    "Well I wrote my number down Never wrote it down before Was gonna bring it over like something from a film But I didn't have the bottle at all Well I'm looking and you kept staring Your thoughts bearing"
  • 7 - Prince
    "No! I'm going down 2 Alphabet Street I'm gonna crown the first girl that I meet I'm gonna talk so sexy She'll want me from my head 2 my feet Yeah, yeah, yeah Yes she will Yeah, yeah, yeah "
  • 8 Minutes To Sunrise (feat. Jill Scott) - Common
    "(featuring Jill Scott) Yeah, yo, yo, yo-yo, yo, yo Yo, a touch of jazz y'all, yeah, yeah ?? y'all, yo they got us on the run, like 8 minutes to sunrise Oh baby now, what are we gonna do? (I don't"
  • Five Minutes - Buffalo Daughter
    "I'm only asking for five minutes of heaven I'm only demanding this sweet sweet treat for five minutes of heaven I need to have it now five minutes of infants dream I need to shut it down in five minutes"
  • 3 Minutes - The Busters
    "3 Minutes to put notes and words together that sound like a tender love letter to draw closer to each other 3 Minutes to explain you some good story that makes you think ,you feel sorry to ignore about"
  • 17 Minutes - Johnta Austin
    "17 minutes... 17 minutes... 17 minutes that's all it's been, But it feels like a lifetime has passed me by The room keeps spinnin even though I'm still sittin And my heart just caught fire And with every"

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