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700 main street

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700 main street

  • Main Street Rag - The New Main Street Singers
    "Walkin' down the main street, everybody's gonna sing... The mothers and the brothers, everybody let freedom ring... I'll put - your hand in mine. Gonna have us all ONE FINE TIME We're the Main Street Singers and"
  • Main Street - Chris Gaines
    "Chris Gaines In The Life Of Chris Gaines Main Street one light blinkin' off and on, The blood of life in this town is gone Lost all it's pieces but the pawns Tomorrow stopped comin' with the dawn... Chorus: In"
  • Main Street - Warren Zanes
    "I used to stare into apartment nine to catch my neighbor naked one time I'd wait for hours as if someway sometime but they tore her building down for a subway line I'd take the subway past the metro towers to"
  • Main Street - Garth Brooks
    "One Light Blinkin' Off and On, The Blood of Life In This Town is Gone Lost All it's Pieces but the Pawns Tomorrow Stopped Comin' With the Dawn... Chorus: In My Dreams, I've Seen Things That Only Seem"
  • Main Street Eyes - Iggy Pop
    "This whole country is scared of failure. My head keeps trying to sell me ambition, But in my heart, I want self-respect. There's a conflict. Boy, I feel so outgunned today But I'll get up and fight back,"
  • Main street wizards - Guided By Voices
    "The main st. wizards, how can you see them, and stand up to them, and you make out alright, and do you better to go and see them, pretend to be them, its true. can you exchange the past, nothing is meant"
  • North Main Street - Ani DiFranco
    "The warmth of north main street Shows me how I took myself through Illogical landscapes with you Scribbling on napkins in foreign ports All sorts of sidewalks I don't traverse anymore All kinds of people"
  • 700 Mile Situation - Res
    "Now for all the times you must go Notice all the things you leave So what's behind that stare Am I there with you And as you turn to walk away I can't help it I can't help but feel those instincts"
  • 700 - Scream Maker
    "Can you remember the times we had ‘cause I remember, girl Feelings we shared were so true But time has stained them well Now our lives are ships that sail Completely different way Funny to think that"
  • Main Street Electrical Parade - Reel Big Fish
    "*Robotic Voice* Ladies and Gentleman Boys and Girls, prepare yourself for a musically maniacal adventure of acoustic and sound, the MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE! *End Robotic Voice* La la la la la la"
  • Main Street Saturday Night - Carole King
    "See them drivin' by - look at them fancy wheels Headlights winkin' checkin' each other out The Great American Pastime is still the automobile Cruisin' on the white line Is the only way to make time Down"
  • The Main Street Wizards - Guided By Voices
    "The Main Street wizards How can you see them And stand up to them? And you make out all right And do you better To go and see them Pretend to be them It's true Can you exchange the past Nothing is made"
  • Waitress At Main Street Cafe - Bobby Bare
    "I know they all know that I love her they don't say a word I can tell The people who live here on Main Street know and respect me too well Each morning she brings me my coffee thank you good looking I'd"
  • Main Man - The Ramones
    "When I start movin', you see a blur. Get hooked on me baby, there ain't no cure. I've always been able to laugh at fate. Two brown eyes filled with hate. I'm the man who makes the street his home"
  • Main Man - Ramones
    "When I start movin, you see a blur. Get hooked on me baby, there ain't no cure. I've always been able to laugh at fate. Two brown eyes filled with hate. I'm the man who make the street his home. And"
  • In France the kiss on main street - Joni Mitchell
    "Downtown My darling dimestore thief In the War of Independence Rock 'n Roll rang sweet as victory Under neon signs A girl was in bloom And a woman was fading In a suburban room I said, "Take me to the"
  • Main Attraction - DJ Unk
    "I knew it from the start I knew that I could make it happen Lights, camera, action, shawty I'm the main attraction Step right up, you wanna hear this nigga snappin' Lights, camera, action, shawty I'm the"
  • Fourth & Main - Jackson Browne
    "I'm here at fourth and main Been standing in the rain I feel no joy, I feel no pain I got nothing to lose, nothing to gain I'm at fourth and main Been down at city hall Been writing on the wall The grass"
  • 700 Tage - Schweisser
    "wir sitzen rum glotzen auf die Uhr schlagen Kfer tot es ist heiss die schwle Nachtluft ist so feucht das man in ihr ertrinkt in den Strassen streunen Katzen streunen Hunde streunen Menschen und haben keine"
  • My Main Roni - Field Mob
    "My main girl, aint that some shit I aint with it Niggas aint shit, bitches aint either All that fallin in love and all that It don't work, it aint never work Adam and Eve couldn't even true to each other So"

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