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  • 72 - James
    "Youre going to murder in the name of God What kind of God you dreaming of A God of blood not love So you can get your 72 Virgins to abuse I hope they kick like mules War My Gods bigger than your God He"
  • Emergency 72 - Turin Brakes
    "Well all my colours bleed for you Cant you see them running? My hazy hills glow green for you You could just call me, you know? On my mobile number cause Im always in And I was just thinking about"
  • Hotel 72 - Phantom Planet
    "Glad I got out Havin' one thing on my mind Gotta get back to my baby You know it's been the longest time Fight? sleep me back To the old LBnR As the golden sun was shining Through the windows of my car I"
  • 72 dziewice - kukon
    "na iphonie 72 dziewice i nie muszę się wysadzać kur* w metro aby zrobić je na starcie powiem ze jej nienawidzę zobaczę co się stanie jak się dowie na iphonie 72 dziewice i nie muszę się wysadzać kur*"
  • Moment #72 - Appleseed Cast
    "Appleseed Cast Miscellaneous Moment #72 secrets of. curtains love. blinds. a hideaway. long hand falls. the moment slows down. and nothing moves. count the seconds passage. lies concealed your"
  • Psalm 72 - Big Tent Revival
    "My Lord will soon be coming down Like the rain on new mown grass Showers falling on the thirsty land The righteous man will flourish in those days And for as long as the moon runs 'round Peace will abound I"
  • 72 Virgins - Shitdisco
    "All you dancing whores With your flesh on show Drink your alcopops With your men in tow All your hair and your legs And your painted faces I've watched them go To unholy places I'll take you all with me Do"
  • Rocznik'72 - Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz
    "Nie liczę na fanfary. Gdy mówią: Jest szczęśliwa. Ja odpowiadam: Nie jest, Czasami tylko bywa. Przez szybę świat ogląda. Przez sino bure smugi Bezradne dziecko rocznik Siedemdziesiąty drugi. Twój poligon,"
  • Back In 72 - Bob Seger
    "Words and music by bob seger Went out in norfork hung on a short short Livin' with a bottle of wine To music, ladies and burned out babies I was tryin' to write a couple of lines Sherriff gribbs with"
  • 72 Hour Hold - God Lives Underwater
    "I lost some time and I wasn't on vacation I lost my mind like a hundred times before Unlike the time I spent in Pasadena They tied me down and then they closed the door What did I do to deserve this Oh"
  • 72 Hour Daze - Taxiride
    "It's a lovely day today So why do I feel strange Wasted away, I am dry 3 feet to either way Can't help to think what may Will be left around me When I die And the sunlight in my eyes ain't helping me Cause"
  • 72 (This Highway's Mean) - Drive-By Truckers
    "Don't know why they even bother putting this highway on the map Everybody that's ever been on it knows exactly where they're at Hells on both ends of it And no where's in between This highway's mean Seems"
  • 72 (This Highway's Mean) - Drive By Truckers
    "Don't know why they even bother putting this highway on the map Everybody that's ever been on it knows exactly where they're at Hells on both ends of it And no where's in between This highway's mean Seems"
  • 72 Hours 'Til Friday - Close To Home
    "Tonight under the moonlight Your smile will shine brighter than the stars I'll wait for you on top of my roof And I'll get lost in your eyes again The summer air catches your hair You caught my heart...[??] And"
  • I Need You ('72 Vintage Reissue) - America
    "We used to laugh, we used to cry We used to bow our heads then, wonder why And now you're gone, I guess I'll carry on And make the best of what you've left to me Left to me, left to me I need you"
  • Stranded 72.5 - Kevin Max
    "I've hit the earth a hundred times And still I haven't found the right to live with myself and do it without fright We live the moment out all day We touch the vibe and give it space But still we dance"
    "Siedzę w paranoi W myślach gwałcę prostytutkę Sam gotuję cracka I nabijam nim lufkę Planuję jak wyjebac swoją matkę na 100 Zjadłbym własne dzieci Tylko pokaż gotówkę W świat potwornie ciężkich dragów Wprowadził"
  • To Live And Shave In L.A. - To Live And Shave In L.A.
    "{{Album |star=Green |Artist = To Live and Shave in L.A. |Album = 30-Minuten Mnnercreme |fLetter = 0-9 |Released = 1994 |Genre = Avant Garde |Length = 72:00 |Cover = To Live and Shave in L.A."
  • Working For Vacation - Cibo Matto
    "Working for vacation Walking for meditation Watching television for as long as I want People got science but makes no sense, Still can't do anything for cutting out violence When I think of something,"
  • History - Atmosphere
    "Welcome aboard ladies and gentlemenThis is Northwest Airlines flight 7-7-7-7 Real loveIt's the real loveIt's the real love What is history when it's being made?C'mon help me make it, you come here help"

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