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77 Bombay Street - OKO TOWN

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77 Bombay Street - OKO TOWN

  • OKO TOWN - 77 Bombay Street
    "I didn't sleep well last night I dreamed I was with Ben Roy in a fight He punched me right in my head I thought I'll be dead But I wasn't dead so I got back to my track I stood up and hit him he turned"
  • Bombay rain - Caedmon's Call
    "The rain in bombay fall on the righteous and the wrongAnd there is no way for me to understandFaces pull towards me like the sea to the moonEyes like diamonds in the sunAbraham's grains of sand spilling"
  • 77 Threat - Virus Nine
    "There used to be a time, way back in the day, when Skins and Punx would stand up to whatever's in their way they had to stick together thru the thick and thin, youth vs. authority until the bitter end,"
  • Long Way - 77 Bombay Street
    "It's time for waking up now, it's time to take my rags I'm living my own town now I'm living with my bags I close the doors behind me into the hills I go If you could only see me 'cause I want you to know It's"
  • '77 - ADHD Syndrom
    "77 grzechów, które uczyniłem 77 razy sumienie zabiłem 77 litrów wypitej gorzały 77 lat będę niedojrzały 77 razy straciłem nadzieję 77 razy głośno się zaśmieję 77 bluzg skierowanych do ciebie, 77 gwiazd,"
  • Bombay - Golden Earring
    "From the Albums: * Contraband * Naked II Bombay seems lost in dreams When the pipes let off steam In a backroom Somewhere, anywhere in L.A. Next payday comes, I'll be gone By boats and planes, it's pre-arranged You"
  • Bombay - Bel Canto
    "I've been to Bombay I've seen what a man can do He climbs up a straight rope Right up to the clear full-moon And "boom", he is gone Yeah, heaven is not that far And limbs from a body are falling down"
  • 77 - Triquetra
    "Na godzinę 77 razy "nie" Na minutę 77 razy "tak" Rewolucja z godziny na minutę Rewolucja z minuty na sekundę Oto idę, oto zmierzam w każdą stronę dziś I wyruszam w każdym kierunku już Zjednoczone siły"
  • Bombay - Timbaland
    "Pum Pum Pum Pum Pum Pum Pum Pum. '''Amar + Timbaland''' Mere Zindagi Tere Hoe gayhe ''Come on'' Mere Gaan ''My life or My Love'' Mere Gaan Come on. Ye Diwanagi (Huh?) Na roke kubi ''May this infactuation"
  • Bombay - For The Fallen Dreams
    "I am terrified of life, without all of you. You have defined who I am and what's inside and what I am made of. I know you've been pushed off to the side. Just hold on for one more night, I'll make things"
  • 77 - Peso Pluma
    "Nos fuimos, viejo Con los plebones en TJ yo aquí ando Voy cruzando Jale blanco Los mafiosos y los cholos son aliados 77 Muy mentado Y en la capi' o en GDL ruleteando Y en el low-low Voy gastando Pacas"
  • 77% - The Herd
    "''77% of Australians, um, agree with John Howards actions on the Tampa'' ''What happened to the others?'' ''The thing is, to use military force against refugees, isn't that a little overkill?'' ''A spokesman"
  • 77% - Herd
    "(Radio talkback...) (Cheers) Well I'm left sitting here staring into a beer shaking my head at the same ol' loathing and fear Stranger in my own land, can't understand How the very word Australian has"
  • 77 - One Less Reason
    "This happened once before Someone just like you I let my guard down and got devastated If you listen close, you might hear that sound I'm not sure but, I think it's my heart breaking (Chorus) Someday,"
  • '77 - Zbeer
    "Mam swastykę na rękawie, zakazany znak Na rękawie dwie siódemki, symbol pięknych lat Humor często mi się zmienia, mam pomysłów sto Dziś obejrzę film wojenny, jutro kupie czołg Bo ja jestem taki, siedemdziesiąt"
  • Angel - 77 Bombay Street
    "Tell me where to go tonight I'm walking down a lonely row of lights I'm whispering to a picture on my phone And it's you I'm waiting for I'm sitting on a sidewalk and I grow my hair It's only five o'clock"
  • Every street in town - Greg Brown
    "Knew a woman,She was my friend,When we met I felt like I'd been born againAh, we spent all our time outside'Cause people say small things when they stay too long in little rooms.In the sunshineIn the rain"
  • Toughest Street In Town - Thin Lizzy
    "Outside the window the neon flashes In the morning light Down on the sidewalk there's a woman with a problem But she don't know how to fight She's destitute and broken down She softly whispers is there"
  • Lonely Town, Lonely Street - Bill Withers
    "You can live your life in a crowded city You can walk along a crowded street But the city really ain't no bigger Than the friendly people, friendly people that you meet You might be a sweet young, sweet"
  • Lonely Town, Lonely Street (Live) - Bill Withers
    "You can live your life in a crowded city, You can walk along a crowded street. But the city really ain't no bigger than the friendly People, friendly people that you meet. You might be a sweet young, sweet"

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