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77 walk the moon

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77 walk the moon

  • Electric 77 - Swervedriver
    "Sail away Over waves of electric oceans On a clear day you'll see Forever and back again Caroline tunes her dial Through electric wavebands She will hear the sweetest hum When the city sleeps Take me"
  • 77% - The Herd
    "''77% of Australians, um, agree with John Howards actions on the Tampa'' ''What happened to the others?'' ''The thing is, to use military force against refugees, isn't that a little overkill?'' ''A spokesman"
  • 77% - Herd
    "(Radio talkback...) (Cheers) Well I'm left sitting here staring into a beer shaking my head at the same ol' loathing and fear Stranger in my own land, can't understand How the very word Australian has"
  • 77 - One Less Reason
    "This happened once before Someone just like you I let my guard down and got devastated If you listen close, you might hear that sound I'm not sure but, I think it's my heart breaking (Chorus) Someday,"
  • 77 - Triquetra
    "Na godzinę 77 razy "nie" Na minutę 77 razy "tak" Rewolucja z godziny na minutę Rewolucja z minuty na sekundę Oto idę, oto zmierzam w każdą stronę dziś I wyruszam w każdym kierunku już Zjednoczone siły"
  • Moon walk - Rockets
    "What did I leave behind me, why did I leave foreverWhat did I leave behind me, why did I leave foreverWhy did I ever, why did I ever let it goWhat did I leave behind me, why did I leave foreverWhen will"
  • Walk the moon - Belasco
    "When they walk the moonI'll kiss myself goodnightI think they'll touch down soonWonder if she knewAs the crowd get high and singI look up through the glass and thinkFloating up thereWould i feel empty?I'd"
  • Idiot Box (Live 77) - Damned
    "I can turn you off Well I just tried & left you off Tumbling you may be art But you sure ain't a rock'n'roll People standing in the rain Just to see that screen Verlaine Supersonic I'll come back soon 'Cause"
  • Secret 77 - Bad Brains
    "Secret. Secret 77, another lesson in life secret 77. To their surprise with time to thrive Mr. Rhythm cut the jive. And to their belief under your wheel brother vibe dare not steal. He that oppress"
  • Spirit of 77 - Blanks 77
    "I'm caught in a fuckin' time warp the styles never changing the music all sounds the same what ever happened to the punk rock of the past well now here we are to bring it back at last (Chorus:) here's"
  • 77 Threat - Virus Nine
    "There used to be a time, way back in the day, when Skins and Punx would stand up to whatever's in their way they had to stick together thru the thick and thin, youth vs. authority until the bitter end,"
  • 77 Stelllites - Jimmy Eat World
    "It's allright to be held back by retro-man. it's far fetched fun when you're the one. The prize. I knew you would come through. I thought I could be right, number one, but it's a lie. It's televised in"
  • Winterborn 77 - Sirenia
    "There is a feeling deep inside as dreary as a winternight It darkens all my pride and drives away the light There is a feeling in my soul it feels marooned and far too cold I stand alone to face the wheel"
  • Walk To The Moon - Deine Lakaien
    "Setting out Restless motion Beyond the horizons Lands must be golden Sister by the hand Pure heart trusting in Shining eyes when she looked up at him Come on let's walk to the moon Come on let's walk"
  • Walk On The Moon - Great Big Sea
    "Is it just me, Or a message from above? Bells are ringin' Push has finally come to shove. The door before me now Has opened just enough. And I'm sick and tired of waiting For dreams that never come, And"
  • Walk On The Moon - Asobi Seksu
    "I saw the photograph, an image of you Things have never looked, looked like this It's never been like this I'm swimming in gray I'm just swimming in gray Let them all walk away, all walk away So there's"
  • The Walk To The Moon - Deine Lakaien
    "When I heard you calling my name I was drowned in the blue Blackbird sang on a tree I was drowned in the blue... 'Cause tonight we'll turn out all the lights The night of love... When I saw your face again I"
  • Moon - Sheena Easton
    "Sheena Easton Moon You know my heart so well Now only time will tell The secret language of our souls How you appeared to me caressing my broken wing You weren't afraid when I was cold So now I shed a"
  • Blizzard of '77 - Nada Surf
    "in blizzard of '77 the cars were just lumps on the snow and then later tripping in 7-11 the shelves were stretching out of control on a plane ride the more it shakes the more i have to let go now the signals still"
  • 15 in '77 - Antidote
    "Ramones and the Dead BoysAnd External MenaceSham 69 Jack and the RippersCockney RejectsThe Damned and The JamThe Boys and the UpstartsAnd what about MenaceI wish I was 15 in 1977The Users and the KilljoysSlaughter"

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