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: The Light of Rome

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: The Light of Rome

  • Rome - Novalis Deux
    "It's an honour and wonderful to live Don't praise this Breath the air, it's sick Don't praise this This is the end Glory, power, eternity, Rome No mistake This empire can't exist Breath the air, it's"
  • Rome - Novastar
    "Of all the faces that I've seen there isn't one that stays with me we may be dead but you're not gone forever here inside of me don't get me wrong I feel so free I feel so free in here of all the places"
  • Building Rome - Mercury Rising
    "Broken dreams and wasted time stain yesterday From the aftermath we climb We found a way to beat the odds turn darkness into light ascending from the fire again . From winds of change and sacrifice"
  • The Glory Of Rome - Avantasia
    "(Falk:) Jesus Christ I'm coming - terrestrial home. I'm allowed to guide their train to visit you in Rome. I am sick of preachers telling to be plain while you got it nice in here. They'd better feel ashamed. (Johann"
  • Rome Munich Rome - Robbie Williams
    "Rome Munich Rome All the women and the money I've blown Rome Munich Rome There's still a shitload of seeds to be sown And I've been stunned I plan to have it all while I'm still young And I know you're"
  • As Rome Burns - Primordial
    "We are falling over the ends of the earth So gather your children before you And tell them that these are final days of all Preach to the paupers And sing to the slaves I see youve chosen to loose your"
  • When In Rome - Phil Ochs
    "A In the fire blue forests, faded and forgotten I crawled through the cotton fields, picking for cotton D The overseer sneered, his whipping was rotten A With ecstasy. F#m Im child-like terror"
  • Imperial Rome - Aska
    "They were rulers in name of the greatest empire ever known on earth Centurions and soldiers, patricians and killers of noble birth They held sway over lands; the Sahara to northern Britannia Barbaric Germania"
  • Greedy Rome - White Skull
    "First of all I wanna talk about the Roman hero Yeah, Caesar was indeed He was known as son of Rome who have hanged heroes And enemies Caesar knew the army cult he was born to win all wars Oh, he never"
  • Gladiator of Rome - Human Fortress
    "(L: Parcharidis / M: Tammen, Wolf, Zaios) Into the arena they were sent to fight Some used spears, swords or might While the spectators roared A combat so fierce, heated blood smelled everywhere Between"
  • Fall Of Rome - James Reyne
    "Every morning when I wake from my bed I find I'm yawning just a'scratchin' my head I face the dawning and I feel like I'm dead I been sleeping all alone Well every daybreak as I wake from my sleep I find"
  • Heart Of Rome - Elvis Presley
    "In a little while you're leavin' Starting on the journey home Soon I'll be alone, the one who loves you La la la la la, somewhere in the heart of Rome I'll make a wish in every fountain Say a prayer that"
  • West Of Rome - Jeff Finlin
    "Well the pillars they tower Lions cower Behind maidens without any clothes The people they flourish Souls are nourished Seeing life through the gardening hose Caesars just a salad The poets sing"
  • Fall Of Rome - Stuck Lucky
    "Savage must die with words untrue I see your propagating hate like the Hitler Youth Never burn in hell with the likes of you You've got the same rat voice like the crank fools Wanna be be there when Rome"
  • West of Rome - Vic Chesnutt
    "West of Rome, just east of the borderin a static-y ramada innpolishing his boots and pummeling his liversteeped in the dark isolationjust what business does he have around herecredentials are wearing out"
  • Rome - Dermot Kennedy
    "so, what’s the past for ? I’ll need it if love don’t last long you can run around infinite in my head you can’t see i’d stay if you asked me now you know I care but it’s hard to tell when you’re scared but"
  • The King Of Rome - June Tabor
    "(David Sudbury) In the West End of Derby lives a working man He says "I can't fly but me pigeons can And when I set them free It's just like part of me Gets lifted up on shining wings" Charlie Edson's"
  • Back To Rome - Frank Black And The Catholics
    "One day it's the morning Another day it's the afternoon light On day, baby, without warning Well, I tend to think we're going back to Rome Back to Rome We had a dream it was behemoth I'm so sorry that"
  • Back To Rome - Frank Black
    "One day it's the morning Another day it is the afternoon light One day, baby, without warning Well, I tend to think we're going back to Rome Back to Rome We had a dream it was behemoth I'm so sorry that"
  • When In Rome - Barbra Streisand
    "When on foreign shores I am Very truly yours I am But if inclined to play I am Sweetheart, that's the way I am.... When in spain for reasons I don't explain I remain enjoying a brew Don't deplore my fondness"

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