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?Heaven Beside You

  • Heaven beside you - Alice In Chains
    "Be what you wanna be See what you came to see Been what you wanna be I don't like what I see Like the coldest winter chill Heaven Beside you...Hell within Like the coldest winter chill Heaven beside you...Hell"
  • Beside - Jon & Vangelis
    "I have seen the compass turning Round and round my heart The senses are yearning For a possible change of heart That is coming to you Coming to you You stand upright You are different Why the spinal"
  • Beside - Vangelis
    "I have seen the compass turningRound & round my heartThe senses are yearningFor a possible change of heartThat is coming to youComing to you.You stand upright, you are differentWhy the spinal shock the"
  • Beside you - Dean Martin
    "To be beside you could I ask for more Each thrill beside you so worth waiting for Such lips never have been I'm in a spin when we touch lips I go dancing in the sky I sigh beside you through winter's storm"
  • Beside You - Iggy Pop
    "I been hungry way down in my heart waiting for a reason i been hungry like a lot of guys i want to be beside you lonely people pass me in the street waiting for a reason beslde you grey is turning to blue you"
  • Beside You - Van Morrison
    "Little Jimmy's gone Way out of the backstreet Out of the window Through the fallin' rain Right on time Right on time That's why Broken Arrow Waved his finger down the road so dark and narrow In the evenin' Just"
  • Beside You - Tal Bachman
    "Throughout the passing years As all the world seems ever changing We share the smiles and tears Of life, with love that's so far ranging And after all is said and done I'll be the one beside you I'll"
  • Beside you - The Stooges
    "I been hungry way down in my heartWaiting for a reasonI been hungry like a lot of guysI want to be beside youLonely people pass me in the streetWaiting for a reasonBeside youGrey is turning to blueYou"
  • Beside you - Via Mistica
    "I give up everythingAnd laying beside youI want you to know thatI am hereWith my tears I polishYour body's exhaustedWhen breath is movingYour chestTrembling allWhen I feel the touch of your handDelicateBrushing"
  • Beside you - 5 Seconds Of Summer
    "Within a minute I was all packed up I’ve got a ticket to another world I don’t wanna go I don’t wanna go Sudden words are hard to speak When your thoughts are all I see “Don’t ever leave”, she said to"
  • Beside You - Marianas Trench
    "When your tears are spent on your last pretense And your tired eyes refuse to close and sleep in your defense. When it's in your spine like you've walked for miles And the only thing you want is just"
  • Beside You - Nick Black
    "So, this is how it ends, and you know... I can`t be just your friend And you`re seeing... this is not how you thougth it would be and you cannot pretend now... Why? Why? All of the stars fall from the"
  • Beside You - Queensryche
    "Take your children down to the water wash their heads and sing .. holy holy Last night I dreamed you were standing there, strong and tall beside me. All my life ... behind me. You gently took me by my"
  • Beside You - De/Vision
    "Drei, vier I do I try I live I die I'm know I'm not alone I'm wide awake Got what it takes I give as good as I get In a distance Faraway Where my spirit lives And my lone heart grieves I feel you I take"
  • Beside You - Somehow Hollow
    "you know i hardly say the right things, but my heart is always listening. to me you're the sweetest thing to sing about, and i hope you always miss me. tonight i'm missing you so bad, tonight tonight."
  • Beside You - Simply Red
    "Buenas noches, mucho gusto Eras una chica mas Despues de cinco minutos Ya eras alguien especial Sin hablarme, sin tocarme Algo dentro se encendió En tus ojos se haca tarde Y me olvidaba del reloj Estos"
  • Heaven - Amy Sky
    "When the sky starts to darken The thunder starts to roll And the rain falls on me Like pebbles on my soul There's a lantern that's burning bright Like the moon shining in your eyes And it pulls me closer Until"
  • Heaven - Luna Halo
    "How could I forget Things that You have done And how could I ignore The place You brought me from But when I make it through the darkness It's so easily forgotten Heaven shines so bright on You,"
  • Heaven - D-Moll
    "life , life was once so lonely heartbreak was the only thing you left for me my life, my life was so empty and love was the furthest furthest thing from me I got used to starting over’s being good, but"
  • Beside Me - Forty Foot Echo
    "I see how the ocean tide rose, From a young boy, I have been waiting, Just to see my ordinary day, It's far away from me. It seems like a mystery me, So many times I had to fall out, Just to see my orginary"

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