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A Perfect Circle Fiddle And The Drum

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A Perfect Circle Fiddle And The Drum

  • Fiddle And The Drum - A Perfect Circle
    "And so once again, My dear Johnny, my dear friend, And so once again you are fighting us all, And when I ask you why, You raise your sticks and cry, and I fall, Oh, my friend, How did you come?, To trade"
  • The Fiddle And The Drum - Joni Mitchell
    "And so once again My dear Johnny my dear friend And so once again you are fightin' us all And when I ask you why You raise your sticks and cry, and I fall Oh, my friend How did you come To trade the fiddle"
  • Perfect Circle - Katie Melua
    "A mask is easily placed, On a betrayed and broken face. A disguise to hide the past, When you mapped out my skin and made the memories last. Some things are never erased, And I have run when I've been"
  • Perfect Circle - R.E.M.
    "Put your hair back, we get to leave Eleven gallows on your sleeve Shallow figure, winner's paid Eleven shadows way out of place Standing too soon, shoulders high in the room Standing too soon, shoulders"
  • Fiddle - Cracker
    "Gm-f-dm Gm-f-dm Gm when I was a boy there were fifteen a-people in the world F fifteen a-bound for dm heaven, and gm fifteen a-bound for hell Gm and the devil come 'round, yeah he jump on my bed Say you"
  • The Perfect Circle - Pride And Fall
    "Here we stand At the end of line Its here we split What you taught me, will be taught to mine Your thoughts I bring Your words I spread Ill be your voice Every day and every night The joy of life We build"
  • Drum -
    "[?] What we have is good I'll always remember Now we are changing direction, I'll never forget you I, I want it every day I was [?] You, always going left I was gone but we We gotta take a break And we"
  • Circle - Glitter Kicks
    "Who broke the circle first Well that's a pointless question We both know a circle can't be broken You thought you told me something new but you were wrong Sometimes the loudest words are unspoken You ran"
  • Second Fiddle - Hank Locklin
    "Seems I'm always right behind never first in line A winner maybe I'm not meant to be Number one would be just fine but I guess I'm not that kind Second fiddle seems to be the role for me Second fiddle"
  • Second Fiddle - Buck Owens
    "I'll play second fiddle to your new love while it lasts Just like all the others I've played for in the past Why can't I be a leader and play your leading part? Why must I always have to play second fiddle"
  • Circle - Siouxsie and The Banshees
    "Pretty girl of 16 -- has fun and runs crazy Ruined girl of 16 -- now a mother grows lazy Next a 16-year old baby -- like mother grows lazy And her stomach is churning -- whilst her eyes keep on turning Round"
  • Second Fiddle - Kristy Thirsk
    "(Thirsk) maybe i got caught in the middle playing notes on your second fiddle so you had a songbird on the wire if you get stoned, i can always go higher 'cause i do know how to be true i don't think"
  • Fiddle Riddle - Frank Black
    "Once stood a man on my face Ooh yeah, on my face Gobbled him up 'cause my taste Leaves nothing to waste Hear the riddle that I say Hear the riddle that I say What is fair is fair That is fair and square"
  • Circle - Big Head Todd And The Monsters
    "It seems to me, you and me, Are chasing something, yeah. What it is does anybody here want to know? It seems to you, you and me, Are forgetting something, yeah, When love is so easily forgotten. And if"
  • Vicious Circle - Vicious Crusade
    "(Lyrics by Dmitry Basik & Alex Vertel) I can see nothing through my blurried sight... Just hear the pain growling from inside... I feel the needle tapping my vein... I try to drop it but hear it calls"
  • A drum - Sodastream
    "Because i like the place where the river's brown and the season's kind to the weatherman and the sunny days won't break a record and i wouldn't want to leave this town though i didn't need the fever that"
  • Circle - Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians
    "Me, I'm a part of your circle of friends And we notice you don't come around Me, I think it all depends On you touching ground with us, but CHORUS: I quit -- I give up Nothing's good enough for anybody"
  • Circle - Roy Orbison
    "(Larry Gatlin) Try to keep from thinking, thinking means remembering Remembering means hurtin' hurtin' ain't so funny Funny how it hits you, hits you out of nowhere Nowhere to hide from it, it will last"
  • Fiddle And The Bow - Porter Wagoner
  • Circle - Aerosmith
    "Aerosmith Nine Lives Circle Yeah If I could change the world Like a fairy tale I would drink the love From your Holy Grail I would start with love Tell ol'Beelzeebub To get outta town 'Cause you just lost"

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