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A Perfect Murder Prophet On A Lie

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A Perfect Murder Prophet On A Lie

  • Prophet On A Lie - A Perfect Murder
    "Spreading your lies And preaching like a prophet For all those gone beyond (For you) I'll never sacrifice my life. I should be in fear of your judgment But for now and ever I rise above them. I won't hear"
  • Perfect Murder - Glove
    "Move inside my daydream Like fingers in a glove Twisting round and round and round Round and round and round with love The meeker sleeker circle girls dressed in docile white Spinning on a hill they follow"
  • Perfect lie - Milk Inc
    "Everybody makes mistakes when they are young I've had my chance to learn Time to move on Thought of you as more than just a friend But some stories Were meant to end You're not perfect, you're not flawless,"
  • Perfect Lie - Sheryl Crow
    "Burn like a cigarette All inside my head Reminding me not to forget Words, words I'd never say Things along the way Their telling me that I'm the best 'Cause your face it doesn't look like it did You"
  • Prophet - Jude
    "I guess I make my way ok, I guess I do, I guess I get by just like you, I'm keeping to myself though, if you don't mind, I don't want to leave any fingerprints, Movin down the boulavard, the walk of fame, the"
  • Prophet - Rizzle Kicks
    "I'm lurking in your pocket, better watch it, rizzle kicks, HA!" What! I'm last on the heaven list, Cuss I couldn't give a ras what angelic is. Even my laughter is venomous Dennis is, not even half"
  • Prophet - King Princess
    "you call when you want it everybody wants something form your soul on the molly someone’s friend is talking like they know you’re on lit I just want to be your pretty girl when you want it cause I can"
  • The Prophet - Emperor
    "... and as if awaken from eternal sleep he sought a mentor for he no longer knew his position "It is time after miracles and I am its prophet I have not come to cure but to bear witness decease" "It"
  • Prophet Posse - Three 6 Mafia
    "Prophet posse, the posse bitch It's mafia time Lord infamous' mind It just ain't stable My actions are even more shocking and dockin' Than murder between kane and abel So stick 'em up Everybody catch"
  • Murder - General Public
    "what made the truth sound like a lie led step by step into desire choose to be understanding say you don't care when i know you do i can sleep at night, but each time i try you know i dream of you it's"
  • Murder - Nostradameus
    "Deep in the chambers where time's standing still There's mixtures and potions for all of his needs The prophet is glaring with eyes cold as ice A horrible laughter escapes from his mouth Raving in madness"
  • Murder - Alana Davis
    "There's a bleeder in my kitchen And he's pouring on my floor There's a killer in my hallway And he's scratching at my door I think I might have heard some screaming I might have heard somebody cry Now"
  • Son Of A Prophet - New Amsterdams
    "All your hangers-on Watch with anxious eyes Watch your mouth to speak Words mistaken wise Can you explain away everything That I know to be true? Will you flinch if I criticize Anything about you? Anything"
  • Perfect lie - Wet Wet Wet
    "Got away with my ambition And all I ever wanted girl Has been given, lately But take away all of my chains And say They broke away, yeah, they broke away Do you lead a better life And even when the sweet,"
  • Murder Inc. - Murder Inc
    "More than a feeling Sitting on an instinct, Breaking out fast, No time to think if it's live- Is it living in my own mind Forced to the ground when I bring it on down, It's a farce, It's unsurpassed, Too"
  • Prophet - Scream Maker
    "We’ve come here to fight To win or to die The light that will lead us Is stronger than night We’ve got the faith We’ve got the steel, yeah! And break! And blow! And tear asunder! Beware! No time to think"
  • Prophet - Cindy Alexander
    "Six a.m. it's a cinnamon dawn All burnt out and I never made it home I don't wanna go home You're fixed for a fight but I'm rock-a-bye gone I love you but I wanna be alone Is it O.K. to be alone?"
  • Lie For A Lie - Built To Spill
    "I can see a storm awaiting Quietly anticipating Don't deny, it no debating A lie for a lie A truth for a truth Cruel, but everybody does it I thought by now I'd rise above it You complain but don't discuss"
  • Little Perfect Murder - Camden
    "Hope is a madman's dream When he finds out he's alone It's the poison that he takes It's the cancer in his bones 'Truth or dare' he wispers Though it knows the ice's too thin It was hope that killed him But"
  • Another Prophet Song - Psychotic Waltz
    "the seekers of a stellar race have disappeared without a trace could they have found the distant place they have longed to go opposite four corners lie rise to kiss to meet the sky in images the secrets"

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