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A dell hello

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A dell hello

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A dell hello
  • Andrea Bocelli Dell
    "Parla al mio cuore digli che sai Dei miei dolori che non dormon mai Parlami o stella e dimmi se lei verr Notte dagosto e dei desideri Cerco amore e vorrei che savveri Lei che sorride passando per"
  • Mason Jennings Dewey dell
    "My galveston girlI hold you like a childAnd kiss away your tearsMy sweet dewey dellYou've always been my girlYou have nothing to fearTwisted like flower stemsWe fall asleep till morning comes againI'll"
  • Hello, Dolly! Hello Dolly
    "Dolly Hello, Harry Well, Hello Louie It's so nice to be back home where I belong You're looking swell, Manny I can tell, Danny You're still glowin', you're still crowin' You're still goin' strong For the"
  • Antonella Bucci Dal Centro Dell
    "Antonella Bucci Miscellaneous Dal Centro DellAnima Mai dire "mai"...non potrai vivere a fondo chi ti gira intorno... ...se non vuoi sei come sei in questo mondo che ti prende il giorno. Pioggia o no,"
  • Flying Postmen Hello
    "(A. Nicula/E. Bojescu) I'm telephoning my sweetheart 'Cos she is deeply hurt Once more hello, hello, hello Why does she not reply? She has picked up the blue phone "Listen dear, I'm wrong" Once more hello,"
  • Candice Alley Hello
    "Daddy's working day and night, Gotta keep the world running on time, Says he keeps the family fed.. Mother's got a boyfriend, Sees him on the weekend, Tells her friends "he's dumb, But at least he's good"
  • Joy Hello
    "Hello... Hello... Hello...When I saw you at the partyYou were talking to a girlfriendI just walked across the room and said "hello" (hello hello)While we danced I felt your body,Touched your face and dared"
  • Superbus Hello Hello
    "Hello, hello J'ai trouv ce matin Hello, hello Que ton visage m'allait bien Refrain Hello, hello Don't let go Hello, hello Don't let it go Hello, hello J'ai pens ce matin Hello, hello Que"
  • Maryla Rodowicz Hello
    "Hello, Hello Pora żyć slow Niespiesznie trwać Wolniej niż było Hello, Hello Pora żyć slow Nie dziwić się że wolna miłość Trochę jak koala miś Spokój śnic Na leciutkiej bańce drzemać I uśmiechać się przez"
  • Christina Aguilera Hello
    "Does it ever feel like no one is with you no one sees it your way everyone's against you But its your life Gotta keep the faith hold your vision you will find your way I may not fit the mold may not do"
  • Beloved Hello
    "Beloved Happiness Hello Hello (NOTE: A pretty sizeable chunk of these lyrics are the names of ----- people who I have never heard of, so I am strictly guessing at the names. If you know the correct"
  • Toby Keith Hello
    "I was hangin' out in Mexico, I had a beachfront bungalow I know I should have gone home, but I was doin' that Caribbean thing I was listenin' to a Spanish guitar, drinkin' margaritas under the stars With"
  • James Hello
    "You and me Play this song, the vision Hope to make this love stretch forever Don't let go in this now or never Hope there's change enough to say... Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello It's over Hello You"
  • Crashd?et Hello
    "Hello! We're looking for a lucky fellow We're waiting for the next big thing Is anybody in? Hello! Ever seen Marilyn Monroe? We need another star like that I wonder where she's at. It could be anyone Could"
  • Guy Sebastian Hello
    "I've been alone with you inside my mind And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times Sometimes I feel that my heart will overflow (yeh yeh) Hello, I just got to let you know I can see it in"
  • Prince Hello
    "Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello I tried 2 tell them that I didn't want 2 sing But I'd gladly write a song instead They said okay and everything was cool 'Til a camera tried 2 get in"
  • Blackfield Hello
    "Through a different kind of silence I'm waiting, I'm wasting Into the road of sadness I'm walking without you Hello, hello, hello, hello Is it gonna last? Why don't you come and take me with you? And"
  • Take That Hello
    "i'd watch the world go by in the morning loose myself in the the news, looks like the cost of houses are falling but i dont notice i'd write a long love song with no meaning and hope nobody would hear,"
  • Babes In Toyland Hello
    "I know somewhere we could go Better than you could ever know Hello Go shove yourself I know someone we could be Out in disguys a tree Hello Go show yourself goal I know You and me I am the worst one yet"
  • Rollins Band Hello
    "hello, hello, hello hello darkness hello pain welcome back my friends so good to see you again why did you leave me all by myself? without you what would I do? how would it feel to have to be real?"

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